Can Guinea Pigs Be Gay? – Why Guinea Pigs Show Homosexual Behavior?

Can Guinea Pigs Be Gay

Our earth contains more than 1500 species and the wonder related to them. As every specie is unique and shows unique habits towards different situations of life. However, the behavior of different animal species depends upon their environment as well. And the guinea pigs are one of such animals that are affected by their environment the most. So if you keep two same-gender guinea pigs together then they might show homo-sexual behavior. But can guinea pigs be gay? Or this behavior is just their surrounding’s effect? Let’s explore it.

However, not only guinea pigs but the numerous other animal species show homo-sexual behavior when the same genders live together. But that doesn’t make them gay. Because several other factors affect their sexual behavior.

Can Guinea Pigs Be Gay?

Guinea pig belongs to the species of rodents with chubby bodies and short legs. Naturally, they have social nature and would like to live with other members of their species. That’s why the seclusion of male guinea pigs from females or the females from males can lead to a change in their sexual relationship.

And the cases like male guinea pigs trying to mount on the other male pigs arises. And the same goes for the female guinea pigs. But why do guinea pigs show such kind of behavior? Can guinea pigs be gay?

However, not only guinea pigs but the numerous other animals also show the same behavior under different situations. And the same goes for guinea pigs. As they are not gay but they try to show this behavior under the following circumstances.

Seclusion From Female Guinea Pigs

This could be the main reason that guinea pigs show home-sexual behavior. As they have social nature and would like to live with other female guinea pigs. And seclusion from them leads to this behavior in guinea male pigs. Moreover, this behavior becomes dominant during the mating season. Because in this season the female guinea pigs become busy with dominant guinea pigs.

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A Prove of Dominant Member

To show its power is also one of the main reasons because of which male guinea pigs show homo-sexual behavior. Because, where two or more than two male guinea pigs live they try to show their power to others. And this is the best method to defeat other guinea pigs. As according to them the individual who mounts other’s back would be the more powerful.

As numerous other species show the same behavior to show dominance. So you don’t have to worry about the homosexual behavior of your guinea pigs. But if you really want to stop them then you can use the following methods:

  • To stop or minimize their homosexual behavior let them live with female guinea pigs.
  • But if you don’t have female guinea pigs and you also want to stop their homosexual behavior then you can separate their living spaces.


According to science, this could be the reason that guinea pigs showing gay behavior. Because, when specific hormones become dominant in guinea pigs then they might trigger towards male pigs more than the female pigs.

However, changes in certain genes also make the guinea pigs homosexual.

Use Of Mercury

According to the scientific study use of toxic metals like mercury enhances homosexual tendencies in guinea pigs. And thus even they are not born gay but they can start showing gay tendencies. However, not only guinea pigs but any other animal may start showing gay tendencies with the use of certain substances like mercury.

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Are Guinea Pigs Born Homosexual?

However, the answer to this question could be no. But as we already discussed that guinea pigs’ homosexuality could be genetics. So there is no certain deny that they cannot be born gay. But it is also realty that they never show homosexual behavior at their young age.

As they only show this behavior when they have to declare that they are dominant and the boss of the territory. Moreover, they show this behavior during their mating season when they are unable to get a female guinea pig.

How Long Does Guinea Pigs Dominance Last?

Like several other animals, guinea pigs also want to be the boss of their territory. And thus they try to be dominant to other cage fellows. During the process of showing dominance to other guinea pigs, they try to hump or mount on other pigs. However, this behavior is not sexual and you don’t have to worry about it.

But the question is how long their dominance can last? However, it depends on the situation. For example, if there are two young guinea pigs then they keep fighting for dominance. And if they are unable to decide the dominant one then the fighting can be serious and dangerous.

But if they already decided on the dominant and submissive one then they start living peacefully. And in this case, they will don’t show homosexual behavior. So also their dominance might be of a longer period.

However, female guinea pigs also try to be dominant on the weaker female guinea pigs. But their dominant behavior is not wild like the male guinea pigs. As the female guinea pigs don’t through the fight to show dominance. However, humping and mounting to other female guinea pigs can be observed in this process.

But make sure that if they are constantly trying to fight and mount other fellows then don’t let them stay together. As it leads to distress in their behavior.

Closing Words

Can guinea pigs be gay is a debate because numerous animals and birds show homosexual behavior under certain situations. And guinea pigs are no exception. As they also try to mount other male pigs to show their dominance.

However, homosexuality in guinea pigs can be genetics or due to the consumption of mercury or any other similar substance.