How Often Do Guinea Pigs Pee? – Is It Normal for Guinea Pig to Pee a Lot?

How Often Do Guinea Pigs Pee

Peeing is the natural process that we all living things have to do on daily basis. And how often we pee depends on our drinking water and eating habits. It means that if we drink more water or eat a portion of food with more water content then we have to pee more frequently than if we drink less water. As our earth is filled with numerous different kinds of animals so they all have different peeing habits. So let’s discuss the nitty and gritty of guinea pigs’ peeing habits. How often do guinea pigs pee?

As we know that after normal drinking of water we have to pee after every 3-4 hours. And the same goes for animals because the processing of water and extraction of water from food takes time. But you might be surprised after knowing that guinea pigs can pee after every 15-20 minutes. Now let’s explore more about the peeing habits of guinea pigs.

How Often Do Guinea Pigs Pee?

Guinea pigs are rodents and belong to the family of Caviidae. Numerous people around the world used to keep them as their pets or for farming purposes. So you can call them domestic guinea pigs as well. However, they have cute and chubby physic that makes them look cute. And this is also the reason that people want to have them on their farm.

But the peeing habits of guinea pigs might be unexpected for newbies. Because guinea pigs have a really strong and fast metabolism that affects their peeing habits. And under normal circumstances, your guinea pig can pee after every 15-20 minutes.

So at this rate, a guinea pig can pee 96-72 times per day. This might be shocking for you if you were unaware of the fact how often actually guinea pigs pee. And because of their so frequent peeing habits sometimes it becomes hard for their owners to train them for peeing places.

Not only this, but if you kept them in a cage or a farm then it would be a huge task for you to provide dry places for their rest. And as they are rodents so they can carry the risk of several diseases that can spread with their pee and poop. Surprisingly, the thin guinea pigs might be more frequent in peeing than the chubby guinea pigs.

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Why Do Guinea Pigs Pee a Lot?

Now, as we know that guinea pigs pee a lot. But for a person who owns them, handling their peeing habits might be a huge task. So let’s have a look at the fact that why guinea pigs pee a lot? And let’s also put light on all such factors that make their contribution for making guinea pigs pee a lot.


What guinea pigs eat in a day make their diet. And this can be an important factor to influence the guinea pigs peeing habits. Because the water content of their food also lets them pee more even they drink less water.

For example, if your guinea pigs eat more vegetables and fruits then their body receives more water content. And which ultimately let them pee more.

It means that if you don’t feed water enriched foods to your guinea pigs then they will surely pee less. So it is clear that the peeing frequency would be different for every guinea pig.


You might be wonder after knowing that guinea pigs have a really good and fast metabolism. And this is also one of the main reasons why they urinate so much. As guinea pigs keep themselves in constant motion so it also helps their metabolism to work effectively and quickly.

Natural Eating Habits:

As guinea pigs are rodents so they keep nibbling on the small bites of foods. And thus they keep taking water content even without drinking regular water. And this is also the reason for their frequent urination. So a combination of all-time eating with fast metabolism lets them pee more.

Is It Normal for Guinea Pig to Pee a Lot?

How frequent guinea pigs pee might be surprising for you. But at the same time too much peeing might be disturbing for several owners. So let’s have a look at the fact that is it normal that guinea pigs pee too much?

However, the answer to this question is yes. As this is completely normal that guinea pigs pee too much. Because their peeing frequency is highly influenced by their diet and fast metabolism. So under normal circumstances, the guinea pigs pee a lot. And there is no cause to worry about it.

When Should I Worry About My Guinea Pigs Peeing?

As a lot of guinea pigs peeing is not concerning but several factors can show some abnormalities about their health. For example, the following peeing conditions will show their potential illness.

  • You have to worry about your guinea pigs if they are not peeing at all.
  • The unusual color of your pig could be the sign of any internal issue so you don’t have to ignore it if your guinea pig’s pee is not yellow.
  • If there is blood in the urine of a guinea pig, then you should have to worry about it. As it could be a sign of internal bleeding.
  • Too much smelly urine is also not a sign of good health.
  • The gritty nature of guinea pigs pee is also a sign of their bad health.

A Final Thought:

Peeing is a natural and necessary phenomenon for humans and animals. But some animals like guinea pigs pee a lot in a day. So if you are also want to know how often do guinea pigs pee, then this article is for you.

However, guinea pigs under normal conditions can pee after every 15-20 minutes. But this frequency can be different for different pigs. Because it is highly affected due to their diet and water intake. But as they have a good and fast metabolism and also they are used to nibble on food all the time so they that’s why they pee a lot.