Chicken Behavior with Humans? Do Chickens Like to Be Petted?

Family With Chickens at Small Home

Chickens are social birds and used to live in flocks with only one rooster. However, they have great importance in our lives as chickens fulfill our eggs and meat need. That’s why numerous people around the world keep them for their eggs and meat needs. But before having these birds in your yard, you have to know about their behavior towards humans. That’s why this article will look through it in detail.

And if you want to know about the chicken’s behavior towards humans, then navigate this article. As this article will give you all the detailed views of chicken’s behavior so that you can deal with your chickens according to it. Not only this but understanding the chicken’s behavior helps you to give them a proper environment.

However, the behavior of chickens or any other bird depends upon the factor of how chickens see humans. For example, if chickens consider you as their feeding source, they will surely like to have you around.

But if chickens see you as their predators or a threat, then they will surely try to run away from you and also don’t like your presence around them.

Chickens Behavior with Humans?

Chickens are birds that we use to fulfill our needs of eggs and chickens. That’s why several people prefer to keep chickens in their place. But to keep them in a better way, we have to understand their eating and behavioral habits.

As both things matter for the best growth of chickens. However, good food for chickens is necessary for their better meat growth.

But the behavior of chickens depends not only on their food but also on the environment in which they see their owners. For example, if chickens are more domesticated, then they will behave more friendly towards their owners. And thus, they like their presence and want to sit in their lap.

But the chickens that are not much domesticated will see humans as a threat. As humans are large in size than chickens, that’s why some breeds see them as a threat. However, there are several other reasons that can affect a chicken’s behavior. So let’s dig into it.

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Lack Of Trust:

However, a lack of trust arises when chickens see humans with respect to their size. Or when you make fast and noisy movements near them. However, rapid and loud movements can make them afraid of you.

But you can build trust with chickens by making slow and more minor movements around them and also avoiding chasing them or catching them.


Chickens are social birds, unlike several birds that like to live in solitary, like hawks, etc. As they are used to living in flocks, and a flock consists of several chickens, including only one rooster. Because more than one rooster in the chicken’s flock can cause fighting among them.

However, if there is a human, they can see him as a threat to their flock and become rube towards him. Or they can consider humans as the head of the flock and show their friendly nature.


However, when chickens know that humans are a good source of food for them, then they will indeed show their affection towards humans. And offering food to chickens make them less afraid of you, and they would like your presence.

But make sure that you are feeding them a portion of healthy food, including their chicken feed, fruits, vegetables, insects, etc.


Moreover, our affection towards chicken’s matters, as they are intelligent enough to differentiate between affectionate behavior and rude behavior.

However, there are also chickens breeds that are more friendly and loving to humans, like barred rock chickens.


This is a process that chickens like to do to clean themselves. However, chickens are used to doing this to their fellows, which shows that they preen to those they love. That’s why if chickens do preening in front of you, then it means that they are comfortable with your presence.

Do Chickens Like to Be Petted?

Like many other birds, chickens also like to be petted. But chickens only allow you to touch themselves when they are not afraid of you. However, if you pet a chicken, you have to make sure that the movements are gentle and lower in speed.

However, there are several ways with which you can pet your chickens to gain their attention. So, let’s discuss in detail that what are the correct way of chicken’s petting.

  • Firstly, crouch down in front of chickens, so they don’t see you as a threat or their predator. After that, offer some food to chickens, as offering food make them less afraid of you.
  • Secondly, feed them in your hands, as it also makes them comfortable around you.
  • After that, reach the chickens slowly and pet their back. However, you can do this with the other hand while feeding them with your one hand.
  • Thirdly, you can grab their body gently with both hands, but make sure that you are not holding it tightly. And also, try not to grab them from their wings and legs.

Do Chickens Feel Bad When You Take Their Eggs?

However, the answer to this question varies according to the experience of different people. As, sometimes chickens mind if you take their eggs and if you did this in front of them, they can avoid laying at that place.

But as laying is something natural act for chickens, that’s why sometimes they don’t mind if you take their eggs or not. However, chickens mind their eggs only when nature sprout out from them.

Furthermore, chickens feel bad if you take their eggs away during their brooding period. Otherwise, they don’t mind if you take their eggs.

A Final Thought:

Chickens are extraordinary for us as they fulfill our meat and egg’s need. And this is the reason because of which people prefer to keep chickens. But to understand their behavior towards humans is also necessary so that you can give them a proper environment for growth.

However, the chicken’s behavior towards you depends on whether they see you as the head of their flock or a threat.

Moreover, you can make them comfortable around you by petting them, feeding them with your hands, sitting in front of them, etc. Because our big size than chickens is a reason that chickens can consider us as a threat.

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