Do Chickens Eat Cockroaches? Are They Healthy For Chickens?

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Finding cockroaches at your place, isn’t it scary to you? It is possible to have several other insects around you but cockroaches are one of them who aren’t very welcome at anyone’s site. Not for humans but these can be a healthy and delicious meal for several birds. As your flocks are also birds so do chickens eat cockroaches? Ever this question pops up in your mind? If yes, then here is the answer.

Chickens not only can eat cockroaches but they would like to eat whenever they get a chance to consume them. Moreover, having a meal with cockroaches is not a bad deal for chickens as they offer several nutrients to chickens.

Do Chickens Eat Cockroaches?

Chickens are omnivores and can eat both plant and animal-based flesh. But different kinds of insects make a primary part of their food. As chickens get sufficient part of essential nutrients from insects.

And you may say that this is the reason which makes chickens forage for insects if they are not getting enough from your side. So, if you offer them cockroaches or chickens get them by their selves then why they don’t like to have a meal on them?

Above all of it, cockroaches can offer several nutrients and minerals to chickens, like proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, magnesium, potassium, fat, etc.

Being insects and enriching in several beneficial nutrients, there is no reason for chickens to not enjoy these pests.

So, if ever you have cockroaches at your place then warmly welcome them for your flocks to have a meal on them. However, you have to make insects including cockroaches a part of their daily food.

As I earlier said that insects offer several amounts of nutrients to chickens that are good for their growth including meat and egg production.

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Do Chickens Coop Attract Cockroaches?

Shocked to see cockroaches frequently in your chicken’s coop, and think why only your chicken’s coop? If yes, then you are at the right place because here we are on our way to explaining this.

Firstly, your chicken’s coop offers almost all the favorite living circumstances that cockroaches would imagine to have. For example, a chicken’s coop could be a great source of shelter, food, and moisture for cockroaches.

Not only a chicken’s coop can attract these insects but they can grow inside a chicken’s coop. As chickens love to eat them whenever they get a chance. Then how can cockroaches grow inside a coop?

However, the main reason is their active period for food. As chickens are diurnal birds and cockroaches are nocturnal insects means that they are active for food at night.

And in the daytime when chickens are looking for food they hide inside the cracks of coops. Because of it both of them rarely cross their way and can easily live at the same place.

How To Get Rid of Cockroaches in Chicken Coop?

There is nothing bad if chickens eat cockroaches but having cockroaches in their coop is annoying. So if you want to remove them and want a cockroach’s free chicken’s coop then here are some ways to do this.

Use of Boric Acid:

Boric acid is a combination of boron and water and is available in powder form. This acid is highly effective to remove and kill cockroaches.

Because, when cockroaches come into contact with this acid it can attach to their body and get into their body if they eat it directly or during preening, and thus cause their death.

The point of worry is that boric acid is not only fatal to cockroaches but it also harmful to chickens.

That’s why try to place this acid where your chickens are not used to going.

Use of Diatomaceous Earth:

DE or diatomaceous earth is also a healthy way to kill cockroaches offering no potential harm to your flocks. And this can also be a secret of your chicken’s happy living.

However, DE is in the form of a fine powder with no chemicals as it is made of fossilized remains of tiny aquatic organisms.

This powder absorbs oil and moisture from the exoskeleton of cockroaches which is made of chitin. As they need moisture and fats for their chitin and a deficiency due to DE causes cockroaches’ death.

Cleanliness of Coop:

As chickens’ coop can attract cockroaches, that’s why its cleanliness is the effective way to keep them away. Because, cockroaches are always attracted towards garbage, left out food, excess moisture, animals feed, dirty dishes, etc.

And thus, a dirty coop could be a fine place for cockroaches to live. So, make sure that you are frequently clean your flock’s coop to provide them a healthy living environment.

A Final Thought:

Having cockroaches frequently inside your chicken coop makes you wonder that do chickens eat cockroaches? As they are insects and one of the common pests with more than 50 species.

However, chickens can eat numerous insects including worms, beetles, centipedes, termites, etc. And cockroaches are not an exception for chickens as they are insects as well.

Moreover, cockroaches offer several beneficial nutrients to chickens including proteins and calcium.

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