Can Chickens Eat Apple Cores? Can Chickens Eat Apple Skins?

Can Chickens Eat Apple Cores

Apple is a fruit with numerous health benefits for all. And it doesn’t matter that either it is human, bird, or animal, who is eating that fruit. That’s why if you want to offer this delicious fruit to your chickens then you can do this without any other concern. However, apple cores are a bit harder to eat than the remaining flesh of apple fruit. So can chickens eat apple cores? Let’s dig into it.

However, chickens can eat apple cores, but it should be without apple seeds. As we know that apple cores are a bit different from the rest of the apple flesh, but still, chickens can eat it. But they shouldn’t have to eat apple seeds as they are harmful to them.

Moreover, many people suggest that chickens don’t have to eat apple cores because of certain other reasons. So now let’s discuss in detail that why chickens have to avoid eating apple cores and apple seeds. And if you are curious to know about it, then navigate this article. As this article exploring about this topic.

Can Chickens Eat Apple Cores?

A chicken is a domesticated bird that makes a preferable part of our lives as people are used to eat it on a large scale around the globe. And to fulfill their meat and eggs needs, people prefer to raise chickens at their sites as well.

However, like several other birds, chickens prefer to eat different kinds of seeds, insects, fruits, vegetables, etc. Moreover, many people think that seeds will be enough diet for chickens to fulfill their body needs.

But this is not true because seeds cannot fulfill all their nutritional needs. So if you are feeding chickens, then make sure that you will add some fruits and insects as well in their daily food. And in fruits, all fruits are healthy for them to eat rather than avocado.

But many people may get confused upon feeding apple cores and seeds to chickens. As apple seeds can cause poison to chickens and cause their death, while apple core contains those seeds.

That’s why many people suggest that they don’t feed apple cores to chickens. And give them an apple after removing their cores. But you can offer apple cores to chickens with some precautions. As you have to take some extra steps for that.

  • Firstly, offer apple cores to chickens after removing apple seeds. Because apple seeds contain cyanide amounts, which is a poison for chickens. As cyanide stop blood from providing oxygen to the body tissues. And can cause sudden death due to the deficiency of oxygen.
  • Secondly, make sure that after removing apple seeds, you cut the apple core into edible pieces. So that chickens can easily eat them without any issue. Because large pieces can cause choking in chickens that could be fatal for them.

Can Baby Chickens Eat Apples?

However, Apple is a healthy fruit for all of us, including animals and birds. But make sure that you are offering apple seeds to any bird. Moreover, you can feed apples to baby chickens, and they also love to eat them. But make sure that you chop an apple into fine pieces before offering it to a baby chicken.

Because baby chickens are unable to eat big slices. Furthermore, don’t offer apple cores to baby chickens because apple cores are a bit harder than the remaining flesh of an apple.

And baby birds’ stomach is not strong to digest hard food. That’s why it is better not to offering them apple cores.

Are Apple Skins Fine for Chickens to Eat?

However, there is no harm for chickens if they eat apple skins. Because apple skin is also healthy for them as it contains several nutrients and minerals. But you have to take care of several things before offering apple peels to them.

Because apple peels are that part of apples that bear several pesticides on it. As, we sprayed pesticides to keep them safe from insects and pests, which is also necessary. But we cannot offer such apple peels to chickens because they can harm them.

That’s why you have to take care of it and get an organic apple from the market if you want to offer their apple peels to chickens.

What Foods Are Toxic to Chickens?

As, chickens cannot eat all kinds of available foods because several foods are not suitable for them. And they can cause severe harm to them. If you have chickens or are used to feed them, then you surely have to know about such foods. And for that, let’s dig into such foods.


Several plants are toxic to chickens includes the member of the nightshade family. In this family, tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplants are included. However, these plants have a compound called solanine, this compound is toxic to chickens.

But, you can give these plants the cooked form, for example, cooked potatoes and tomatoes, which are safe for chickens to eat. Because this compound broke down when you cook it.


For us, avocadoes are tasty and healthy to eat, but this is not the case for birds. However, not only chickens but avocadoes are not safe food for all birds. Because avocadoes contain a compound named persin, which is toxic to chickens.

However, the avocado’s plant produces this compound to save its fruit from insects and several other pests.

Uncooked Beans:

Liked uncooked potatoes and tomatoes, uncooked or raw beans are also toxic for chickens. Because uncooked beans contain a compound named hemagglutinin which is toxic to chickens. But cooked beans are perfectly fine for them.

Salty And Moldy Food:

However, salty foods shouldn’t be given to any birds because they can cause dehydration in them. Not only this, but it can cause constipation in chickens as well.

Moreover, we have to avoid feeding moldy foods to chickens. Because such foods can cause illness in them and even be fatal for them.

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A Final Thought:

This article is all about the fact that can chicken eat apple cores? However, a precise answer to this is yes, chickens can eat apple cores but without apple seeds. As apple seeds can cause cyanide poisoning in chickens.

However, don’t offer apple cores in large pieces as they can cause choking in chickens. Instead, make sure that you cut them into fine pieces before offering them to chickens. However, there are several other foods that chickens have to avoid, for example, avocadoes, salty, and moldy foods.