Do Raccoons Eat Pears? Health Benefits of Pears for Raccoons

Do Raccoons Eat Pears

Pears are considering a powerhouse of several nutrients and essential minerals. As this food is not only delicious but also full of healthy nutrients for humans. However, not only humans but animals and birds can also eat pears. As in the wild several animals and birds they are also used to eat them. But in animals, what about raccoons? As they are omnivores, that’s why do raccoons eat pears? Let’s dig into it.

However, raccoons can eat pears as there is nothing wired in eating pears for raccoons. As, pears are not only healthy and delicious fruit for us, but raccoons can also eat them. Not only this, in the wild, raccoons are used to eat pears if they get them.

Now let’s have a complete look at the fact that what benefits can pears offer to raccoons as well as to other birds and animals. And if you are excited to know it, then explore this article.

Do Raccoons Eat Pears?

Raccoons are well known due to their almost and everything eating habits. As they are also known as opportunistic omnivores animals because they are used to eat both animal and plant base matters. Not only this, but they can eat food after scavenging from the trash.

However, they are most likely to live around the water bodies in the wild because they eat clams, fish, frogs, snails, crayfishes, etc. Moreover, they can eat insects, bugs, slugs, birds, and even bird’s eggs as well.

And if there is less food available or the opportunity to catch a rodent present, they indeed take advantage of it. But, moreover, in fruits, they can eat almost every kind of fruits, not only this but they can eat nuts as well.

As they can eat such a variety of food, that’s why they are also known as natural foragers. And for them, eating pears is also a part of their edible food items. However, pears are a good source of healthy nutrients and minerals for them. So let’s have a detailed look at the nutritional value of pears.

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What Are the Health Benefits of Pears?

Pears are not only a delicious fruit but also full of nutrition and minerals. As they are the good source of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamin C, K, fiber, potassium and copper.

However, one of the best facts about pears is that they are low in calories that’s why they can be your favorite during your weight loss journey. Not only this, eating pears don’t let you gain weight due to the high content of fiber.

Source Of Good Gut Health:

Pears can boost the health of your gut because they are enriching in fiber. As fiber is necessary to relieve constipation, and also it helps to regulate bowel movements.

Helps To Reduce the Anti-Inflammatory Properties:

As pears are enriching in several types of flavonoids that help to reduce the inflammatory effects in the body. However, not only this, but pears contain vitamins C and K, which are also fighters against inflammatory effects in the body.

 Booster of Heart Health:

Being enrich in potent antioxidants pears help to boost heart health by lowering the tension in the tissues of the heart.

Not only this, pears are the source of lowering the bad cholesterol in the body and a source of increasing good cholesterol in the body. In this way, pears are helpful to keep the blood pressure at a normal level.

How To Keep Raccoons Out of Fruit Trees?

As raccoons are good eaters, that’s why they can be a nuisance for you in your fruit garden and for your fruit tree as well. Not only this, raccoons can also create a mess in their surroundings in search of food.

And they are also the carriers of several diseases that they can transfer to humans. So that’s why keeping them away from your yard or garden is necessary. And for that, you can use the following measures.


To keep raccoons away from your pear tree, you can use ammonia for it. Because raccoons don’t like the smell of ammonia. That’s why you can use ammonia as a raccoon repellent. However, you can spray it around your pear tree or you can leave some rags after soaking into ammonia.

Bird Netting:

Usually, bird netting is helpful to keep birds away from your pear tree. Because not only raccoons but also birds love to eat pears, that’s why birds away from your pear tree is also necessary.

But you can use bird netting to keep raccoons away from your pear tree. As raccoons are intelligent animals, they don’t like to get trapped and thus try to avoid it.


Raccoons are also repellent from the smell of citrus, and it doesn’t affect which type of citrus you use to keep them away. As all flavors of citrus act as a good repellent for raccoons. However, to keep raccoons away from your pear tree, you just have to spray citrus around your pear tree.

A Final Thought:

In conclusion, if you are curious to know that do raccoons eat pears? Then a precise answer to this is that yes, raccoons can eat pears. As pears are not only healthy for them but delicious as well to eat.

However, not only raccoons but several other birds also like to eat pears. So to keep safe your pear tree, you have to take some safety measures. For example, you can use raccoon’s repellents, birds netting, etc., to keep raccoons and birds away from your pear tree.