Can Chickens Eat Artichokes? What Can Chickens Not Eat?

Artichoke hearts in the sunshine

Being low in fiber and rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, artichoke is an edible thistle bud. For us, this thistle is nutritious and provides us several health benefits including, blood pressure control, enhancing liver health, etc. Not only humans but this food is healthy for animals and birds. So let’s have a look at the fact that can our backyard flocks eat this thistle? Means that, can chickens eat artichokes? This article will explore this.

Chickens can eat artichokes, as they are habitual to peck on every available food. But pecking on artichoke is not bad for chickens, as it is a food with numerous health benefits for chickens as well. However, cooked artichoke would be easy for chickens to consume.

Can Chickens Eat Artichokes?

Chickens are omnivores birds and can eat both plant and animal matter. These opportunistic critters would like to forage food their selves to full fill their nutritional needs.

Even during foraging, they are used to swallowing small stones which help them to grit their food. As chickens can eat that variety of foods then why not artichokes?

Not only cooked artichoke but they can eat raw artichoke whenever they get a chance to peck on it.

Health Benefits:

The crucial part of feeding chickens is that we have to be well aware of the nutritional value of the chicken’s feed. As, chickens can eat what they get and don’t have any idea about what is healthy for them and what is not.

And to feed them healthy food let’s have a detailed look at what health benefits artichokes offer to chickens.

Artichokes are rich in fiber and thus it is a good source of fiber for chicken. Fiber helps improve bowel movements and proper digestion in chickens.

This thistle helps to improve the immune system in chickens as it is enriched in vitamin C. Strong immunity helps chickens to recover quickly from any illness as compared to those chickens who are deficient in vitamin C.

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Cooked Artichoke or Raw:

Like us, chickens are unable to chew food, that’s why they have to swallow it. And their food at the first store in crop (a pouch under their neck) rather than in the stomach.

So, chickens have to swallow food but in small pieces.

Raw artichoke is hard for chickens to swallow. And if they swallow hard food it can cause crop impaction because they would be unable to grit it properly.

But a cooked artichoke wouldn’t be hard for chickens in eating and digesting it.

That’s why it is better if you feed them cooked artichoke to chickens. As it is easy for them to eat and digest.

However, if you want to offer them raw artichoke then make sure that it is in fine tiny pieces.

Can Chickens Eat Too Many Artichokes?

artichoke flower

Moderation is the key to good health, is all which I want to say about this topic. But how in the case of artichoke, as it is packed with several essential minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants.

Along with too many vitamins and minerals, artichoke also contains a tiny amount of solanine, which is a toxic compound.

In chickens a large intake of artichoke can cause joint pain, inflammations, diarrhea, arthritis, etc.

That’s why not only artichoke but avoid feeding any food in large amount to chickens.

As, chickens can eat a variety of foods, including fruit, corns, nuts, seeds, insects, worms, etc., that’s why to feed them other foods as well.

The best food for chickens would be the commercialized chicken feed, which is made according to the nutritional need of chickens.

Not only for chickens but our continuous intake of the artichoke is not healthy and can lead several digestion and inflammation issues.

Can Chickens Eat Artichokes Leaves?

Artichokes Leaves

Yes, chickens can eat artichoke leaves. However, these leaves are also beneficial to chickens.

Like raw artichoke, its leaves are hard and will be tough for chickens to eat.

So the best way is to cut them into fine pieces so that it would be easy for them to swallow and digest.

And also make sure that you are not offering them too much amount because they would take time indigestion due to their hard nature.

What Can Chickens Not Eat?

Being omnivores and foragers bird’s chickens can eat a variety of foods including artichokes, but not all foods are healthy for them. As several foods are poisonous to chickens and we have to avoid them. For example,

Sugary and fatty foods are harmful to chickens. Beans, especially raw beans shouldn’t be offered to chickens because raw beans contain a toxic compound that is harmful to chickens.

Similarly, chocolate and coffee are also poisonous to chickens due to the presence of caffeine.

Moreover, the avocado peel and pit shouldn’t be served to chickens because they contain persin compound which is toxic to chickens.

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A Final Thought:

If ever you curious to know about can chicken eat artichokes? Then yes, they can. But as a treat not as their primary food.

Although it is nutritious to chickens it’s too much feed can cause arthritis and inflammatory issues in chickens.

And also don’t offer raw artichoke to baby chickens as they are unable to digest it due to its hard flesh.