Do Raccoons Eat Snakes? Are not Snakes venomous to raccoons?

Raccoons Eating Snakes

Each and every animal in the ecosystem make the food of other animals. And it does not matter that how powerful an animal is or how venomous is. Similarly, snakes in the wild are also the food of many other animals. As snakes are venomous that’s why not every animal can eat and hunt them. But, some animals like raccoons can eat a large variety of food. That’s why this article explores do raccoons eat snakes?

Raccoons can eat smaller and medium sized snakes. As, large snakes are able to eat raccoons. However, raccoons are on the list of those few animals that can eat and hunt snakes.

And for that, they use some hard object to subdue the head of snakes so that snakes cannot harm them.

Do Raccoons Eat Snakes?

Before jumping into the topic let’s talk about the eating habits of raccoons. Raccoons are omnivores animals and thus they can eat both plants and animals matter like us.

But, there is something more interesting about raccoons, as they are opportunistic feeders as well.

It means that they always look to get a portion of food with little effort or free food. That’s why they are good scavengers along with good eating habits and can scavenge food from your trash bins as well.

As, raccoons eat such a variety of foods so why not snakes? So if you are not sure about raccoons eating snakes or not. Then I would like to inform you that not only raccoons eat snakes but they can hunt them.

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Why Raccoons Hunt Snakes?

As raccoons can eat plants and they are always looking for a free meal or a meal with less effort, then why do they have to risk their lives for hunting and eating snakes?

Let’s try to solve this mystery. Raccoons are animals and they need proteins for their body’s good health.

As for us, protein is essential for raccoons to make new body cells and also to maintain body functions. Protein is necessary for the survival of raccoons.

Because of proteins raccoons have to hunt and eat animals. And being an opportunistic feeder, if they get a snake, then they would surely like to have a meal on it.

Now let’s have a look at the fact that how raccoons hunt a venomous animal like a snake?

This is done by the hands of raccoons which have a similar shape to humans with 5 long tapered fingers.

With their fingers, they are able to hold things, and thanks to them, because raccoons can use tools for hunting other animals including snakes.

To hunt and eat snakes, raccoons subdue their head with some hard object, so that snakes couldn’t harm them. And in this way, they can eat snakes without any worry.

Are not snakes venomous to raccoons?

If this question pops up in your mind, then congrats you are not the only one. But I’m here to explain this.

Raccoons are wild animals and omnivores as well. That’s why their stomach juice is able to digest the meat of a venomous animal like a snake.

Because, of their stomach juice, raccoons can digest whatever they eat including the food of your pets and from your trash bins as well.

Do Raccoons Eat Snake Eggs?

A precise answer if this question is yes. Yes, raccoons eat snake’s eggs. Not only snake eggs but raccoons can eat the eggs of other animals including birds.

As eggs are the efficient source of protein, that’s why raccoons like to feast on them. Rather than this, eggs are a free meal with plenty of nutrients for raccoons if the mother snake is not near them.

And the same goes for the eggs of the other animals and birds. As raccoons can grab eggs in the absence of their parents to enjoy a meal.

Do Baby Raccoons Eat Snakes?

Until the age of almost six weeks, baby raccoons cannot eat snakes. Because, they are dependent on the milk of their mother.

After the birth of baby raccoons, the mother raccoon has to fulfill the milk needs of its young ones. For that, she has to eat more food to produce more milk for baby raccoons.

However, after the nursing of almost 12 weeks, baby raccoons start foraging food and can eat solid foods including snakes.

And after the age of nine months, raccoons become independent in foraging food and surviving.

What Are the Predators of snakes?

Not only raccoons are the predators of snakes, but several other animals can also prey on snakes, whenever they get a chance to eat. Following is the list of snake’s predators:

  • Birds Of Prey
  • Mongoose
  • Crocodile
  • Fox
  • Tiger
  • Bobcats
  • Honey Badger

Snakes make a meal of several animals in the ecosystem but the area and size of a snake will decide which animal will go for them.

As, raccoons can pray on small and medium size snakes but a large snake can prey on them.

Moreover, a big snake can defend itself better than small snakes, and the techniques of a raccoon for snake hunting couldn’t be enough to hunt a big snake.


Raccoons can eat a huge variety of food, including plant, animal, and human based foods. So, if you wonder that do raccoons eat snakes? Then yes, they can.

A snake can be a good source of proteins for raccoons which is essential for raccoon’s good health. Because of it, the raccoon’s stomach can digest the snake’s meat.

But baby raccoons are unable to eat the snakes, as they are dependent on their mother’s milk for up to six weeks. After that, they start eating solid foods including small snakes.

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