Can Mosquitos See in The Dark? How They Find Us in The Dark?


Mosquitoes are on the list of annoying pests for humans. As not only they disturb humans and animals by biting them, but also they spread diseases with their biting. But a strange factor is that they are nocturnal pests, and thus they have to attack at night. But a question arises that can mosquitoes see in the dark? As even in the dark, they don’t hesitate to find their target. So let’s find that what are the reasons that a mosquito can see its target in the dark.

However, as mosquitoes biting is harmful to humans and animals, so in this article, we will also discuss that how we can keep ourselves safe from mosquitoes.

So if you are interested to know about it then navigate this article, as in this article I’m going to discuss it.

However, mosquito’s vision is also responsible for finding their target in the dark, but many other factors help them in this case. As mosquitoes use human bodies’ heat, body odor, and the most important, their exhaling CO2. These are all factors that mosquito’s minds process to find an exact target.

However, due to all these factors, mosquitos never miss their target. And because of it, mosquitos can find their prey even in the dark without any difficulty. Moreover, mosquitos don’t need their vision to find their target in the dark.

Can Mosquitos See in The Dark?

However, many people say that mosquitos cannot see in the dark, and it is somewhat true. As they cannot see in the dark, if only they use their vision to find their target. However, according to a study, they can detect their prey in the range of 15-32 feet by using their vision.

However, mosquitos have two eyes on either side of their head, but their eyes are the compounds of several hundred tiny lenses. Which makes their vision less focused, but they are good in the detection of motions. Moreover, because of these compounds of lenses, mosquitos are able to see in all directions at a time.

However, in the dark, mosquitos don’t use their eyesight to find their target and directions. So we can say that they are not able to see in the dark. But mosquitos are suitable detectors in the dark to find their prey as well as directions.

And for that, they use their detecting sense to find their way towards their prey, not their vision. But, moreover, it is their vision that also depends upon their sensing and detecting powers to achieve their target.

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How do Mosquitos see In the Dark?

As mosquitos are nocturnal pets and they only come and fly outside in the dark. Moreover, we already discussed that their vision is not helpful for them to find their prey in the dark. So then how do mosquitos become able to see you in the dark?

Mosquitos have their ways of finding you in the dark. And for that, they use their detecting powers instead of their vision. Moreover, mosquitos detecting power includes the heat from the living body, body odor, and exhaling CO2.

Now let’s discuss in detail that how mosquitos can find you in the dark. And why never they missed their target in the dark even they cannot see in the dark.

Your Exhaling CO2:

All humans exhale carbon dioxide after inhaling oxygen. And this is the prime method for mosquitos to find you even in the dark. As their minds process to detect and find the direction of incoming carbon dioxide.

Not only this, but they can detect carbon dioxide from their host from 30-160 feet away. And they make it possible by detecting carbon dioxide, and there is no vision involved in this detection.

However, an experiment was done by scientists, which also shows that mosquitos primary power to find their host is the detection of carbon dioxide coming out from it. And for that, they put two dark objects on the floor, with one object releasing carbon dioxide.

And mosquitos gather around the object which was releasing carbon dioxide and wholly ignored the object which not released carbon dioxide.

Body Odor:

Detecting body odor is the second primary way for mosquitos to see their target. As studies show, that can sense chemicals in our sweating. And for that, mosquitos have special olfactory receptors in their antennae.

And as I earlier said, detecting human odor is the most significant way to track their host after sensing carbon dioxide. And as several chemicals release with our sweat, mosquitoes detect these chemicals and process their way towards the incoming smell.

Body Heat:

Thermal attractors or body heat is the next method of mosquitos before using their vision to find their host. And they start using their body heat-detecting power when they are almost three feet away from the target.

As, we all humans have specific body heat which new keep releasing at room temperature. And this is what mosquitoes choose to get close to us for biting.

An experiment was done to prove that mosquitos attract towards heated objects rather than other objects. In which scientists prepare two objects and allow them to heat. And when mosquitos expose to that area, they are more attracted to the warmer object.

Mosquitos Biting You:

However, only female mosquitos require the blood of any other animal to reproduce. As the protein in the animal’s blood gives them the necessary proteins for the production of their eggs. So, you may say that biting you for mosquitos is something essential and compulsory.

So in the next step, they have to find a host to bite, and this host can be an animal or a human. As they only need blood for their reproduction. And how mosquitos find their host, we already discussed their tracking ways.

So now, let’s move towards how they bite you? And how can you save your selves as mosquitos spread a lot of diseases during their bite.

To bite your female mosquitos, use their straw-like long mouth tip to make a hole in your skin. And to suck your blood, at first, they release their saliva into our bloodstream so that they can suck blood without any difficulty.

However, their saliva causes many diseases in our body like malaria, dengue, yellow fever, etc. As mosquitos are the host of all these diseases.

After their biting and releasing saliva into the bloodstream, a reaction occurs as our immune system reacts to the saliva of mosquitos. And due to this, we get swelling and itching at that place.

Because of this itching, many people used to respond to it after scratching that place. However, we have to avoid scratching as it can lead to severe infection and also break the skin.

How Can We Prevent Mosquitos Biting?

Mosquitos biting are painful and itchy, but they also spread several diseases with their biting. Because, during biting, they release their saliva into the bloodstream, which causes malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, etc. So, avoiding mosquito biting is necessary for our health safety.

And for that, we can use the following preventions so that we save our lives and the lives around us.

  • To avoid mosquitos bite you can stay home from dawn to dusk because mosquitos are nocturnal and come out in the dark.
  • Secondly, you can wear full-body covering dresses to avoid mosquito bites. Moreover, try not to wear tight clothes as mosquitos can bite through stiff fabric also.
  • Thirdly, mosquitos live on the water’s surface, and their larvae are in the water. So the next you can do is to cover the water bodies around you. And also, don’t let water to without covering outside your place.
  • Fourthly, you can use mosquito repellent sprays to keep mosquitos away. As these sprays affect their detecting powers, so they become unable to find you. However, several mosquito’s repellents are available in the market.

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As after mosquitos biting swelling and itching start at that place. So for that, you can place ice there to reduce swelling and itching. Moreover, several lotions are available in the market, which you can apply to that area to reduce swelling and itching.

Final Words:

Can mosquitos see in the dark? This article is all about exploring this question. As mosquitos have two eyes on either side of their head, their eyes are the compound of several hundred lenses. But still, they are unable to see in the dark.

However, mosquitos can find you with your exhaling carbon dioxide, body odor, and body heat. So they don’t need the vision to track their host. As without using their vision, they not only find you but also bite you.