When Do Raccoons Mate? | Raccoons Mating Habits

When Do Raccoons Mate

Mating is one of the acts which is essential for every species to reproduce. And for that, every species has different periods for mating. Not only this, but different animals have different mating rituals as well. But when do raccoons mate? And how do raccoons mate? So let’s explore these questions.

However, like each living species, raccoons also mate to reproduce and have a mating season for it. It means that they mate during a specific period of the year, not through the whole year. And their mating season starts from late December and lasts in early June.

But, according to many experts, the mating season of raccoons start from January and end in March. As it depends upon the different raccoon’s species. Different raccoon species mate in different periods, but the average mating period is between December to June.

However, raccoons belong to the family of Procyonidae, and they are omnivorous. They have grey to blackish fur on their body, and one noticeable thing is the large black spot around their eyes. As all the raccoons have this mark since their birth.

As raccoons are omnivorous thus, they can eat plant and animal base flesh. Not only this, but they are also known as opportunistic omnivorous, as they prefer to eat animal’s meat when it is easily available.

Similarly, raccoons have some interesting mating facts also. That’s why this article is exploring that when and how raccoons mate. So if you are interested to know about it, then navigate this article. As this article will serve you like a book about all these topics.

When Do Raccoons Mate?

Like other animal’s raccoons also have a mating period once a year. And their mating period starts in the winter season. As, raccoons prefer to mate in the winter seasons. And they don’t have any mating season in the summer.

The mating period for raccoons start at the end of December and ends with the start of June. However, this is the typical mating season for raccoons, and they mate only in this season. But the time span among these months can be varied for different species of raccoons across the world.

As for some species, the mating season starts in January and ends in March. But the one common thing among all species is that raccoons mate during the winter season.

Moreover, another interesting fact about raccoons mating is that the male raccoon can mate with a number of females, depending upon the availability. And this behaviour of male raccoons makes them polygamous.

But the female raccoons are opposite to male raccoons when they have to mate. As, a female raccoon mate, only a single male raccoon. And this behaviour of female raccoons makes them monogamous.

Moreover, after mating, the responsibility to give birth and raise babies is only for mother raccoons. And that’s why you will never see a family of raccoons with a mother, father and babies.

As they come together for mating, and after that, they become separate. And males don’t take any part to raise the children.

How Do Raccoons Mate?

Raccoons mating season start in late winters. And during this time, to mate and breed, raccoons also have to perform some mating rituals. As with the start of mating season, raccoons wandering around to get a female. However, physically strong males are winners to mate firstly than weaker males.

As, a male raccoon can mate with a number of females in succession but not all of them. So the weaker males get a chance to breed.

However, the raccoons mate after they become sexually mature. And for that, a female raccoon requires almost one year while the male raccoons need a time of two years to become sexually mature.

And after maturing, the mating depends upon the mating season and the chance to get a female. As in raccoon’s more muscular males get mating opportunities first.

Where Do Raccoons Have Their Babies?

After mating and conception, it took almost 63 days for mothers to give birth to their babies. And normally, a female raccoon can give birth to 1 to 7 kits. But the averagely they give birth to 3-4 kits.

During pregnancy, female raccoons want to live alone, and for that, she separates herself from other family members. Moreover, to live and give birth, female raccoons have dens. And sometimes, a raccoon can have more than one den.

Because of this, they can move freely from one den to another during times of need. And these dens are also the birthplace of newborn babies. Not only this but raccoons can live in the holes of trees, your attic will also be the best place for them, any abandoned burrows, etc.

And their newborns will also live there with their mother. As newborn babies or cubs live with their mothers for almost 14 months. And during that time, all the raising responsibility is of mother raccoon.

Moreover, one kit born will be deaf and blind, and with the passage of time, they develop their hearing and eyesight. And during this time, they have only their mother to care for them.

However, mother raccoons are susceptible to their babies. And become destructive for you if you want to approach their babies.

Do Raccoons Mate for Life?

However, a precise answer to this question is no. As raccoons have a breeding season every winter. So they mate during this time in a year. And above all, they don’t have a mating partner for life. As male raccoons used to breed with several female raccoons.

While the female raccoon mate with a single raccoon at a time. And the females stay monogamous until the next season and have babies alone after mating. But they also change their partner in the next mating season.

So, both the male and female raccoons don’t mate for life. As they mate during their every mating season.

How Dangerous Is a Raccoon?

Usually, raccoons are quiet and calm animals, and they typically don’t cause any harm to others. And when it comes to eating, raccoons are opportunistic animals. As they can eat almost everything which they can get quickly to eat.

But the most harmful thing is that raccoons carry parasites of severe diseases. And they can transfer these diseases to us via their urine, feces, and the things they come into contact with.

The diseases which they can transfer to us are rabies, roundworm, and leptospirosis. And we can also affect the people who come in contact with them.

Final Thoughts:

When do raccoons mate and how do raccoons mate, this article is exploring about all these two questions. As, raccoons mate during their mating season, which starts during the late winter and lasts until June.

However, the time span of mating in the mating season might be different for different species of raccoons. Moreover, during their mating season, the raccoons start looking for females, and a male raccoon can mate with other females in a mating season.

While a female will mate a single male during the mating season. However, after mating, males and females live separately. And the responsibility of giving birth and raising cubs is of female.