Why Do Pigeons Coo Constantly? What Other Sounds They Make?

Why Do Pigeons Coo Constantly

Pigeons are the only birds who have great importance in the history of humankind. As in history, pigeons were used as a messenger to send messages from one place to the other. And even during wars, pigeons used to send messages from one place to others, and they never disappoint humans for their message delivering the job. But there is one habit pigeons have which might surprise to many people but at the same time disappoint many people. And this is their constantly cooing habit. So ever you think that why do pigeons coo constantly?

However, the answer is that cooing is the communication way for pigeons with each other. As they coo to communicate their message to other pigeons. And this communication can be of any type. However, pigeons always don’t use coo to deliver all kinds of messages.

As they used different sounds rather than cooing for different situations. Now let’s see why do pigeons coo so much? Moreover, we light up the fact that which type of other sounds pigeons make and under which kinds of circumstances.

So if you are interested to know about it, then navigate this article. As in this article, I’m going to explain about all the curiosities of pigeons sounds. So, let’s start.

Why Do Pigeons Coo Constantly?

Pigeons living with humans for millennia, and they are on the list of those birds which still live with humans both in cities and villages. As they adapt to city and village environments to live with humans. And you can see them in your everyday lives.

Not only this, but pigeons can also eat human food like bread, pizza, pasta, etc. Moreover, many people used to have pigeons as their pet birds.

But one thing you might notice in your life if you ever encountered them is that pigeons keep coo constantly. So if you ever wondered about this act of pigeons that why are they doing so? So let me tell you that this is their way of communicating with other pigeons.

And this communication can be about attracting a mate, claiming their territory, and expressing other situations as well. As we humans use words to communicate with each other. Similarly, pigeons coo to communicate their message to others.

What Other Sounds do Pigeons Make and Why?

However, coo is the sound that pigeons commonly make if they have to communicate with each other in their daily lives. But it might be surprising for you that they make different sounds under intensive circumstances. So let’s explain all kinds of pigeon sounds in detail.

Grunting Sound:

Pigeons make grunting sounds when they feel themselves in great trouble. For example, pigeons make this sound when they are attacked by a predator or in severe pain. Under such circumstances, they make grunting sounds rather than coo.

However, pigeons make grunting sounds when humans try to approach them and touch them. However, grunting sound is a way of representing their stress, fear, and pain. Moreover, pigeons used this grunting sound to show their stress and pain to others.

As this sound is not used to alert others about the situation. And for that, pigeons use another kind of sound which I explain below.

Whistle Sounds:

However, pigeons make whistle sounds for two purposes. Firstly, they make whistle sounds when they take off. Not only this, but they also flap their wings before taking off. But pigeons make whistle sounds at low speed when they make it before taking off.

Secondly, pigeons make this sound when they have to alarm everyone in the area about the upcoming danger means the presence of predators. But this time, they used to make whistle sounds with great speed and loudly as well.

However, it is experimentally proved that pigeons make whistle sounds of different amplitude and tempo when they have to take a flight or when they have to alarm others about incoming danger. As the whistle which they make during their flights of fear has more tempo than the whistle for a regular flight.

What Sounds Do Baby Pigeons Make?

However, it is obvious that baby pigeon’s sounds will be different from the adult pigeons. As they make squeaking and hissing. Moreover, like adult pigeon’s baby pigeons make different sounds in different circumstances.

For example, their sound when hungry is different from the sound they make in fear. As they make squeaking sounds when they get hungry and start hissing when feared by anyone.

Do Female Pigeons Coo?

However, coo is not related to only male pigeons. As female pigeons also coo. Moreover, their coo contains all kinds of daily communication with other pigeons. Furthermore, whether there are female pigeons or male pigeons, pigeons make similar sounds for a specific circumstance.

Why Do Pigeons Coo in The Morning?

As pigeons are diurnal birds, they are active in the daytime and are not functioning at night. However, pigeons are not used to fly or search for any food at night. So, if you have pigeons around your house or in the place as a pet, then you might listen to them cooing constantly.

The reason is that they coo in the morning to communicate with each other, share their thoughts, and wake up other pigeons as well. However, not only pigeons but we all used to listen to other birds chirping sounds in the morning.

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How Do You Stop Pigeons Cooing?

As cooing is a way of communication for pigeons that they use to convey their message to other pigeons. However, as pigeons cooing constantly, that’s why it might be possible that you don’t like their presence around your house.

So with the use of the following methods, you can stop pigeons coo.

Do Not Feed Them:

However, it is a common reaction that if you feed birds, any bird can come to eat as pigeons are no exception. So, it is a simple method to keep pigeons away from your territory that doesn’t feed them.

As not only pigeons but almost all birds keep visiting your place if they find any food source there. That’s why if you want to avoid the pigeon’s coo, then make sure that they cannot find any food source around your place.

Disturb Them:

If pigeons are used to gather on your roof or yard, you can also use disturbing methods to get rid of them. And in disturbing them, you can use mirror reflection to distract them. By using a mirror, you can throw sunlight in their eyes, which makes them highly uncomfortable.

Secondly, to scatter pigeons or any other bird, you can use sudden loud sounds. As birds are afraid of such sounds and they avoid coming back to such places.

Use Predators Statute:

This is another method to keep pigeons away from your yard. As if you place the statue of pigeon’s predator, then they indeed keep avoiding your yard. And for that, you can use the statue of the owl as well.

But one thing you have to do with placing a statute is to keep changing that statute’s direction after a few days regularly. As it shows to pigeons that the statue is an actual owl predator.

A Final Word:

If you ever notice the constantly cooing behavior of pigeons, then it might be possible that you ask yourself why they coo so much? However, cooing is the way of communication for pigeons. So as humans communicate with words, similarly, pigeons communicate with cooing.

And their cooing can deliver any message to other pigeons under normal circumstances. But they use different sounds to show their fear or stress about anything. And similarly, pigeons use whistles with a solid tempo for alarm other pigeons about the presence of any predator in the area.