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How To Relocate a Birds Nest with Eggs

Birds have been living with us for millennia. However, many people also like to keep them as their pets. As birds used to live in the wild but they also adapt their selves to live in cities as well. And that’s why in cities, birds commonly make their nests on trees or at some empty places. But sometimes, they make their nest at places where the landowners don’t want a nest there. However, as birds make nests in the breeding season to lay eggs and grow a family. That’s why it’s challenging to relocate a bird’s nest. But, if you want the solution of how to relocate a bird’s nest with eggs? Then this article is for you.

However, according to experts’ suggestions, don’t try to relocate the bird’s nest if there are eggs inside. As it is possible that birds become unable to find their nest after your relocation. Moreover, in many countries locating or displacing a bird’s nest with eggs is considered illegal.

So if you relocate a bird’s nest with eggs, then it is possible that you will pay a healthy amount of fine for that. That’s why it is best not to relocate a bird’s nest with eggs.

However, if it is compulsory to relocate the bird’s nest, then the following measures you can follow.

How To Relocate a Birds Nest With Eggs?

However, commonly birds are afraid to humans and never want to build their nest near them. But sometimes birds accidentally do this because they think that if a place is close, it will remain close for life. And sometimes birds build their nest where they feel that no one will visit that place.

And because of it, an uncomfortable situation arises for both the place owners and the birds. As, some times birds build their nests in the rooms, attics, yard, etc. That’s why relocating a bird’s nest under certain conditions become necessary.

Not only this, but sometimes to relocate their nest becomes compulsory for their safety sake. Because, when birds build a nest in rooms, then the chances to hit with moving fans become higher. And most of the time, they hurt their selves after hitting with ceiling fans.

As the same thing happens with me when a couple of bird’s build their nest in my classroom because school was close due to Covid-19. And one day, one of the birds killed itself after hitting with a fan. So, of course, it was a bad experience for both of us. That’s why sometimes relocating a bird’s nest is necessary for their safety.

That’s why I’ll provide you with some ways to relocate a bird’s nest. So let’s start.

Ensure That the Nest Is Inactive:

It is essential to check that the nest is active or not before relocating it. However, an inactive nest means that make sure that there are no eggs inside the nest. And if there are no eggs, then it’s okay to relocate a bird’s nest.

And there are specific reasons behind it. Firstly, relocating a bird’s nest with eggs is illegal, and a healthy fine will charge you. Secondly, it is possible that birds abandon the nest if you relocate it with nests. Thirdly, if you relocate a nest far from the original place, birds will not find it.

That’s why don’t try to touch or relocate a bird’s nest with eggs. However, experts also suggest not to touch or relocate a bird’s nest with eggs.

Ask Help from Professionals:

If a bird’s nest has eggs, then it is necessary to ask for help from professionals. Because they know how to do this better than you. Moreover, by doing this, you can save yourself from any legal issues.

Not Place It Too Far:

However, birds are cleverer than we think, and they have a clear idea about each and every spot in their area. So if you try to relocate a nest, then do it in a closer site from the original one. As it helps birds to find their nest easily. And for that, the formula is 100 meters. So it means that relocate a nest within the area of 100 meters.

Relocate It After the Breeding Season:

It is the best method to relocate a bird’s nest. As most of the birds have breeding season only one time in a year, they nest for one time per year. And after that, most of the birds abandon their nests. So, you can relocate them quickly after the breeding season.

However, not all birds show the same behaviour, so the best way to relocate a bird’s nest is to ask the professionals.

Use Proper Precautions:

However, some precautions are necessary during the relocation of a bird’s nest. Because birds are also carriers of few parasites which they can transfer to humans.

Not only this but birds nest or its surrounding contains their droppings which can also spread several diseases. So to avoid this, you have to use gloves and a mask to relocate the bird’s nest.

Do Birds Abandon Their Nest If You Touch It?

However, it is just a myth that birds abandon their nests if humans touch them. As birds don’t have that strong sense of smell, that’s why they don’t leave their nests if we touch them.

But if a bird sees a human coming close their nest, it can abandon its nests for its own safety. Not only this, but birds can abandon their nestlings to save their selves. So try not to come close to a bird’s nest.

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Should You Remove Old Birds Nest?

A precise answer to this question is that you can remove old and empty bird’s nests. Moreover, there is no legal restriction to not removing a bird’s nest.

So, if you ever find an old nest with no one inside it, you can remove it. However, removing an old and empty nest is necessary as it can be the host of many parasites.

A Final Word:

This article will serve you with all the methods to relocate a bird’s nest. As relocating a bird’s nest might be tricky if there are eggs or nestlings inside. Moreover, in many countries, disturbing a bird’s territory is illegal.

But you can easily relocate a bird’s nest that is empty and when the breeding season will end. Moreover, if relocation of a nest becomes compulsory, make sure that you locate the nest within 100 meters. So birds can easily find them.