Can Pigs Eat Chicken? Can Pigs Eat Chicken Feed?

Chicken on a green meadow

Pigs are omnivores animals and can eat both plant and animal base matter. However, not only this, their eating habits depend upon the fact that either the available thing is edible or not. And because of it, pigs have wide edible foods variety. But under normal circumstances, pigs prefer to eat small animals and plants. However, if you have chickens and pigs on your farm, then can pig eat chickens?

And ever you think that can you raise pigs and chickens together? Let’s dig into it. So if you are curious to know about it, then navigate this article.

However, as pigs can eat both plant and animal base matter and chickens are also smaller than pigs, that’s why they can eat chickens whenever they get. Moreover, chickens can be easy prey for pigs and also a tasty treat.

Can Pigs Eat Chickens?


As pigs are omnivores and can eat a variety of things but they are famous due to their eating habits of every available thing. Not only this, but their teeth help them in eating hard objects, for example, the trees.

Moreover, they prefer to eat small animals and plants, but a hungry pig can cause a mess at your place or fields. Because they can eat crops, pets, and even small children.

And if you think about chickens, then chickens would be their favorite food because of certain reasons.

Sometimes, chickens don’t consider pigs as their predators and don’t avoid them. This act of chickens gives the perfect opportunity to pigs to prey on chickens.

Moreover, chickens are unable to protect themselves if a pig starts chasing them as they don’t have sufficient protection mechanisms against their predators.

However, pigs can eat plants, animals, trees, rocks (sometimes), human based food, they can scavenge through your place, they can raid your place for food and any other available food.

Can Pigs Eat Chicken Feed?

A precise answer to this question is that yes, pigs can eat chicken’s feed. However, pigs can eat whatever they get as their food consists of a wide variety, like raccoons. That’s why eating chicken’s food is not a big deal for them.

Not only but they would like to eat chicken’s feed. But chickens feed will not be enough for pigs as they need more nutrients and minerals rather than chickens. As the health needs of both the chickens and the pugs are different.

That’s why chickens feed wouldn’t be enough for pigs, but they can eat it whenever they get a chance to it.

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Can Pigs Eat Chicken Bones?

The answer to this question is that pigs can eat chicken bones, but we don’t have to offer them raw chickens bones. Rather than that, we have to feed them cooked chicken bones.

However, the reason is that chicken bones are scrap food for pigs, and they are also born with quite a strong stomach juice. But the raw bone can stick into the pig’s throat and cause their death.

And as we know that uncooked bones can contain a large number of bacteria and other diseases that can affect your hogs. That’s why it’s better not to feed bones to pigs.

Can You Raise Pigs and Chickens Together?

As pigs can eat a variety of things, even including chickens, that’s why ever you think that can we raise pigs and chickens together? And the precise answer to this question is yes but with proper precautions.

It means that we can definitely raise them together, but we have to make proper space so that both these cannot approach them.

And for that, the first thing you can do is to make their food separate. As pigs can consider chickens as their food when they get hungry and try to prey on them.

Secondly, make their coops out of bounds because pigs not only can eat chickens, but they can also eat their eggs and tear their space apart.

As pigs are the main offenders and chickens are unable to defend themselves. That’s why pigs can cause a mess at the chicken’s place. So try to make their sleeping places out of bound.

But for a mini pig, it would be hard to hurt a chicken. As they are the micro version of the actual pigs and are special breeds. However, micro pigs pose no threat to chickens if you raise them with chickens.

Rather than that, a healthy and aggressive rooster can terrorize the micro pig.

Does Pig Eat Humans?

Let’s argue about it with different aspects. Because pigs can eat humans as they are omnivores and can eat both plant and animal base flesh. And as humans contain meat, that’s why pigs can eat them.

But pigs are not likely to attack humans commonly, but they can do this under specific circumstances. For example, the chances of a pig attacking humans increase when they are starved and when they are frightened.

However, pigs can eat human bones, and also they can break the large bones into small edible pieces if they get them to eat.

A Final Thought:

If you ever think that can pigs eat chickens, then a precise answer to this question is yes. They can eat a huge variety of food, and their sharp teeth help them eat whatever they get.

Furthermore, eating chickens can be a tasty treat for pigs, and they try to get them repeatedly. Not only this, they can eat chickens feed as well. However, you can raise both chickens and pigs along but with a proper protection mechanism.