Do Raccoons Eat Kittens? How To Keep Raccoons Away from Kittens?

Kittens on Grass

As numerous people around the world like to have kittens and cats as their pets. No doubt, having pet cats and kittens is a lovely thing, but protecting them from predators is also a huge task. However, cats can protect themselves against several predators, but kittens are unable to do. That’s why they are in primary danger against predators. But what about raccoons? Do raccoons eat kittens?

As raccoons are omnivores, that’s why they can eat kittens. Not only this, kittens are unable to defend themselves as they are weak, so for raccoons to hunt kittens are easy.

And as raccoons are always looking for a meal with less effort, that’s why a kitten can be a good source of readily available food for chickens.

However, let’s dig into this topic more about how we can keep raccoons away from kittens. And if you are curious to know about it, then navigate this article.

Do Raccoons Eat Kittens?


Raccoons are not only omnivores animals, but they are opportunistic eaters. It means that they can eat both plant and animals base flesh, and also they are always looking for readily available food, and they prefer to eat which they can get with a little effort.

And because of it, their food consists of a wide variety, for example, they can eat fruits, nuts, seeds, insects, worms, snails, fish, frogs, vegetables, poultry, small rodents, reptiles, birds, eggs, pet’s food, human’s base food, etc.

As they can eat that variety of food, they always look for free or readily available food instead. And if there is a kitten in front of raccoons, then raccoons would surely like to eat it. However, there are certain reasons due to which raccoons prefer to eat kittens. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Firstly, kittens are feeble and unable to protect themselves against predators like raccoons. As for protection, they are dependent on their parents or us. And because of it, kittens are not only the prey of raccoons, but many other animals can also prey on them.

Secondly, raccoons are opportunistic animals means that they look for readily available food. And as kittens offer them a meal with little effort, that’s why raccoons prefer to prey on kittens.

Not only this, kittens offer no resistance to raccoons for hunting them that’s why they are the easiest prey and tasty meal for raccoons.

Thirdly, raccoons can eat plant base matter as well, but they need proteins for their good health. And as we know that meat is the best source of proteins for raccoons. That’s why to fulfill their protein need, and raccoons have to eat animals’ base flesh, which means meat.

And if they are getting a good freely available food in the shape of a kitten, they would like to avail that opportunity.

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How To Keep Raccoons Away from Kittens?

However, not only for your pets but raccoons can be a complete nuisance for your territory as well. That’s why keeping them away from your place and your kittens are necessary. But how can we do this? Let’s explore it.

Keep Your Kitten Inside:

Kittens in a room

However, from saving raccoons and other animals, the best thing we can do is to keep our kittens inside. As kittens are unable to defend themselves, that’s why it is the best choice not to leave them alone outside.

Moreover, you have to keep them inside during times because raccoons are nocturnal animals, and they come out from their dens during the night for food. And during night hours, we have to keep a special eye on our kittens.

Close Windows and Doors:

As raccoons are good climbers and raiders as well. That’s why they can raid your place from any open place like windows and doors if they see any kind of food source inside your house.

So if you have kittens around your area, make sure that you are not leaving open doors and windows, especially at night. And it is also a better way to protect your pets, including kittens.

No Food and Water Source in Your Yard:

However, it is the best way to keep raccoons away from your house. As raccoons always look for a portion of the free meal, that’s why they will surely raid your yard if they get any food source or water source.

That’s why make sure that your yard is not offering them any food source or water source. However, make sure that your trash bins are secure enough that raccoons are unable to open them.

Because they can also open the lid of your trash bin and scavenge the food from it. And raccoons are intelligent enough to have a clear idea of how to open the trash bin’s lid.


Keeping raccoons away from your place can be done easily if you have raccoons-proof fencing around your place. And a good fence not only keeps raccoons away from your place and also helps to keep your kittens safe as well.

Do Raccoons Eat Cats?

As raccoons are larger animals than cats, that’s why they can hunt and eat a cat whenever they get a chance to do so. However, cats are able to defend themselves as they have sharp teeth and claws, but raccoons are wilder than cats.

However, raccoons do not prey on cats if they have another food source, even raccoons can get along with cats very well if they are not starving or have another food source.

A Final Thought:

If you have kittens inside your house and raccoons in your area, then ever you think that do raccoons eat kittens? However, a precise answer to this query is yes. As raccoons can eat kittens, they can also prefer to eat them as kittens are free food with lots of proteins.

However, you can keep raccoons away from your place by placing a good fence, removing food and water sources, etc.