Do Possums Eat Kittens ? Do Possums Pose a Threat to Kittens?

Do Possums Eat Kittens

Possums or opossums are the exact names of a single animal. Possums are wild animals, but they are not wild with respect to their behavior. As, they are more pacific and calming in nature. However, possums are famous due to their dead play nature. Dead play means that possums act like dead in front of their predators. However, in this article, I’m going to explain such a fact about possums. As, do possums eat kittens? Do possums harm kittens? As it will be a severe concern for people having pet cats and also possums in their area.

If you are curious to know about such interesting facts about possums, then navigate this article. Then, as in this article, I’ll look into it.

However, possums usually don’t prefer to eat kittens. They typically look for free food, as their food consists of plants, seeds, fruits, animal material, and food from the trash.

Moreover, they use to scavenge food from trash also. That’s why their nature to get free food sometimes makes them less active towards hunting.

And they don’t like to attack weak animals like kittens, rather than they prefer free available food.

Do Possums Eat Kittens?

However, according to the opinions of many people, possums don’t eat kittens. As, they have valid reasons. Because possums don’t like to fight and attack other animals for food.

As they are omnivorous and can eat seeds, fruits, plants, with meat also. However, in meat, they can eat insects, slugs, small rodents, snakes, etc. Not only this, but they can also eat dead meat and eat from the trash.

As their food consist of such a wide variety of ingredients, that’s why they mostly don’t need to hunt for food. Because of these reasons, many people argue that possums cannot eat kittens.

However, the results will change if there is nothing for possums to eat. So yes, if possums are unable to get their food, then any tiny animal other than possums will be their prey. And if kittens are available, then surely possums kill them and enjoy their meal.

Which Animals Can Harm Kittens:

However, possums can eat kittens when they are desperate for food. But still, they are not a threat to kittens if other food sources are available.

However, many other animals can eat kittens. And also, they are a severe threat to kittens as compare to possums. So, let’s have a look at those animals that can eat kittens rather than a possum.

Birds of Prey:

Birds Of Prey
Birds Of Prey

Birds of prey are a serious threat to kittens. However, not only kittens but they can eat other animals like rabbits, etc.

Moreover, birds of prey or dangerous due to their claws and beaks also. As they don’t sway by the kitten’s cute look.

In birds of prey, the more common birds are owls, hawks, eagles, etc. All these birds are more dangerous to kittens rather than possums. So, you have to protect your kittens from them also as well as rom possums.



However, foxes are also on the list of opportunistic animals. And they can indeed at kittens when they get a chance to eat it.

However, a fox rarely eats a kitten. The reason is that; foxes are not common in urban areas. So, they are not a serious threat to your kittens.

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But in the wild, foxes can surely eat kittens to give their appetite a treat. And moreover, kittens are unable to protect themselves, and they are almost free food without any effort.



This human’s friendly animal is common as a pet across the world. However, the chances of a pet dog attacking kittens are not that high. As like the wild dog can attack kittens. Moreover, they can harm kittens with their teeth and claws as well.


Snakes Eat Kittens

Just like birds of prey, snakes also don’t sway with kitten’s cute look. As they only want a target to eat, and if their target is fragile and unable to resist, what more than a snack wants.

Do Possums Kill Cats?

As, possums can eat kittens when there is nothing to eat but kittens. But, do possums kill cats? However, the answer is no. As possums cannot kill a cat during the fighting.

Firstly, possums don’t like to fight, as they prefer to play dead to avoid fighting. And they only fight when it becomes necessary, like if someone tries to approach their young ones.

However, it’s not only possums that can fight and attack cats, but vice versa is also possible. As, cats can also attack possums and fight with them.

However, killing anyone during possums and cats fighting is rare. And even not possible as both animals are not that wild to kill each other. However, size matters in this case, as if cats are bigger in size and wild, they can also kill possums.

What Do Possums Eat?

Possums fall in the category of opportunistic omnivorous. And being omnivorous, they can eat plant-based and meat-based food. However, they can also scavenge food from the trash when there is nothing enough to eat.

In-plant based food, possums can eat seeds, fruits, cabbage, lettuce, etc. However, they can eat rats, mice, and any other kind of rodents in the meat.

However, they can eat insects, like fleas, ticks, spiders, etc. Moreover, possums have a robust immune system as they can eat snakes also. Furthermore, possums can eat fish, crayfish, and slugs also.

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Not only this, but possums can eat from your pet food also. As they can eat food from bird’s feeder also. And for that, they don’t hesitate to jump into someone’s house and attic.

Wrap Up:

Do possums eat kittens? However, possums can eat kittens when there is nothing enough available to eat. But usually, they don’t attack kittens.

As they are more looking forward to freeing food rather than hunting for food. Not only this, but possum’s food consists of various ingredients, and they can also eat fruits, seeds, and even dead meat. Moreover, they can eat from bird’s feeder if available.

However, there are other animals present that can be a threat to your kittens. As birds of prey, foxes, dogs, snakes also.