Do Possums Kill Cats? All you need to know


Opossums, also known as possums, have several varieties around the world. But all their types are pretty calm and of shy nature. As, they are much into fights or attacking with other animals even being wild animals. However, this is not always true, as they can fight and attack when necessary. So what if you have a pet cat in your home and also possums in your area. Do you feel think that it is a matter of concern? Do possums kill cats? Can possums harm you and your pet cat?

If you are interested in all these questions, then navigate this article. As in this article, I’m going to explain all these facts about possums. However, this article will serve you as a book about all these facts about possums.

However, possums can kill cats but under certain circumstances. Like they can when they feel threatened, or if they get a chance to do so or under the effects of some viral disease.

But, usually, possums don’t attack and also don’t like to fight. That’s why the chance of their attacking and killing a cat is much rare.

Do Possums Kill Cats?

If you have a pet cat and also possums in your area, then it is apparent that you might worry about your cat. As, will a possum attack a cat?

However, the answer to this question is a bit diplomat. Because possums can attack cats and also cannot. Let me explain it to you.

Possums can attack cats when they feel threatened by cats. Moreover, they can attack cats when there is a good chance to attack them and also, they can attack if need food. Furthermore, if a possum is patient of some severe disease, then it can attack.

However, an interesting fact about possums is that they don’t attack cats frequently. Not only this, but they would like to prefer to eat small rodents like mice, etc.

Moreover, possums like to play dead if they seem that any predator around them. So that’s why instead of attacking and fighting under normal circumstance possums would like to play dead.

Possum VS Cats:


However, above, we discuss that a possum can attack and kill a cat. But here, I’m going to discuss vice versa. It means that a cat can also attack and kill a possum. Yes, you read it right, a wild cat can attack and kill a possum. But usually, the chance of killing and attacking both cat and possum is rare.

As, both animals are pretty pacific until it comes to their food. This means if cats or possums think that one of them has stolen their food, they surely come for a fight. But to kill anyone during the fight is quite out of the box.

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However, possums can attack and eat kittens, while at the same time, a cat can also eat young possums. As getting food is one of the most important goal for any animal.

What Do Possums Eat?

Possums are furry wild animals with large jaws and can eat almost available things like raccoons. However, their food consists of dead animals, plants, fruits, seeds, grains, etc.

Not only this, but they can eat eggs, but to get their tummy to fill, they can eat rodents, cockroaches, snails, slugs, etc. However, eating all these pests is that possums have poor eyesight but a good sense of smell and hearing. Both these senses help them to get their food.

However, as possums can eat arrogant pests, that’s why having possums in your area also means disappearing such pests.

Can Possums Spread Diseases To Cats:

However, possums do not commonly kill cats via attacking and fighting, but they can transfer several fatal diseases to your cats.

For example, Coccidiosis is a condition transmitted from possums to cats. This condition not only affects cats but can affect other domestic animals.

However, this condition causes diarrhea, respiratory problems, ulcers, etc., in the animal’s body. And this condition is transmitted to other animals when they contact possums, which are carriers of this disease.

If your cat comes in contact with infected urine of possums, then another disease is called Toxoplasmosis.

And this disease is transmitted through the possum’s urine. Not only this, but if your cat comes in contact with contaminated water and soil, this condition can transfer.

Do Possums Dangerous to Humans?


Usually, possums don’t recommend fighting, as they use to do several tricks to avoid a fight. As, they play dead to not to get involved in the fighting. Moreover, they hiss, growl, and show their teeth to scare their opponent.

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Similarly, possums are not dangerous to humans as well. They don’t attack humans potentially. But they can attack humans when threatened by them or when they feel insecure from humans. Not only this, but they can bite humans to keep them away from their nests and young ones.

Do Possums Carry Fatal Diseases to Humans?

A precise answer to this question is-yes. Yes, possums can carry several diseases that can be even fatal to humans. As, they can transmit TB, leptospirosis, coccidiosis, etc.

And all these diseases transmit from possums to humans via their urine, feces, or contact with any contaminated place and water. Moreover, possums can spread several harmful bacteria to humans.

Is It Bad to Have Possums Around You?

Yes, it might be dangerous to have possums around you. Not only this, but possums can harm your territory to make their nests. However, as possums are hosts of several diseases and can transmit to humans, that’s why their presence is harmful around humans.

Not only this, but possums can attack and bite you when you feel threatened. So, if you have possums in your area, then try to keep them away from your house. Following safety measures, you can use to keep possums away from your home.

How To Get Rid of Possums?

However, to keep possums away you have to be cautious about several things. Let’s discuss them one by one,

Firstly, try not to leave any food and water source in your yard. These animals use to scavenge food, and if they get to your place, they will surely try to come back with other possums.

However, sometimes they scavenge places to get a safe place for living. So you also have to close your windows, doors, etc., at night.

Moreover, possums are good tree climbers and can move quickly from one branch to the other. So, if any tree branches lead to your roof, they will surely try to come there. That’s why you cut such tree branches and don’t have any food source in your attic.

However, there are some other methods that you can use to keep possums away from your territory.

Helium Balloons:

It is a trick to which you can use to keep possums away. As helium balloons sway in the wind and are always in motion, this thing keeps possums away from your yard.

Loud Sounds:

However, loud noises are also unbearable to humans, but these sounds can keep possums away from your yard. As they don’t like loud sounds.

However, this method works perfectly if you are not in your home and want to keep possums away during your absence.

Motion-Activated Lights:

However, to keep possums away from your yard, you can install motion-activated lights. Moreover, keeping any other moving object like an oscillating fan or motion-activated sprinklers in your yard keeps possums away.

Final Thoughts:

Do possums kill cats? This article is all about it. As, this article clarify you that a possum can kill a cat or not. As, possums are wild animals and can attack a cat.

But any cat rarely kills during this fight. However, possums surely kill and eat kittens. As they are not able to defend themselves. However, this is not the case always as cats can also attack and fight with possums.

So if you want a comparison for opossum vs cat, then both sides will be equal in fighting and attacking. But, it will be dangerous to have possums around you.

As they can carry several diseases and transmitted to humans. Not only this, but possums can harm your territory to get a nest there. However, in the article several numbers of keeping possums away are discussed.