Can Raccoons Eat Chocolate? Is It Healthy for Raccoons?

Can Raccoons Eat Chocolate

Raccoons are wild omnivorous animals that can eat both plant and animals flesh. But what about chocolates? Can raccoons eat chocolates? Are chocolates healthy for raccoons? This article will explore these questions.

As chocolates are the favorite snacks of humans. And we not only eat them, but also we use chocolates in a number of recipes to make them delicious. However, chocolates are a part of our daily routines, as they are also healthy for us.

Because, moderate use of chocolates can give us several healthy nutrients, antioxidants to lower the risk of cancer, reduce the risk of heart diseases, and most importantly, chocolates can improve our memory by enhancing brain functions.

But, at the same time if we talk about feeding chocolate to raccoons then we have to think about it firstly that is chocolates healthy for them. So then, a precise answer to this question is no. As chocolates are not healthy for raccoons.

However, not only raccoons but chocolates are not safe for the rest of the animals. Moreover, not only animals but chocolates in excessive amount is not safe for humans also.

So, let’s have a detailed look on that why chocolates are not healthy for raccoons. Not only chocolates but which other foods which are not healthy for them as well. If you are interested to know about it, then navigate this article. As in this article, I’m going to explore these questions.

Can Raccoons Eat Chocolates?

A precise answer to this question is that raccoons shouldn’t have to eat chocolates. As raccoons are omnivorous and can eat both plant and animals base food. Moreover, they are good eaters and climbers as well. So that they can eat almost every food with their paws on.

Not only this, but they can eat food after scavenging it from the trash. And there are many videos and evidence available on the internet that shows that raccoons can eat fast foods. However, they will never hesitate to eat chocolates also.

But, they should not have to eat chocolates. Because chocolates contain chemicals that are not suitable for their health. As chocolates contains caffeine and theobromine, which can become deadly for them. Because theobromine is almost a poison for not only raccoons but also for all other animals like cats, dogs, squirrels, etc.

Eating chocolates can cause severe health problems in raccoons. For example, it can cause digestion problems, vomiting, diarrhea, hyperactivity, seizures, and if they eat a large amount, it can cause their death.

As, according to experts, even one ounce of chocolate can be harmful to raccoons. So, from this, you can get an idea of how much these chocolates are detrimental to raccoons. Not only raccoons but the same rules for other animals also.

Can Raccoons Eat the Cocoa Plant?


Chocolate is the processed form of cocoa beans that you can get from a plant known as a cocoa plant. As chocolates are not healthy for raccoons and other animals, there is a question: can raccoons eat cocoa beans and cocoa plants? Let’s explore it.

However, like chocolates, raccoons can eat cocoa beans and cocoa plants as well. But they have a bitter taste that no one would like to eat. However, many animals like monkeys and raccoons can eat them.

And the reason behind it is that raccoons or omnivorous and can eat almost everything. But they don’t prefer to eat it because of its bitter taste. Moreover, cocoa beans are also not that beneficial for them as they can give them indigestion.

However, an interesting fact is that cocoa beans and the cocoa plant don’t contain theobromine compounds. As it only exists in chocolates that are processed from cocoa beans. That’s why cocoa beans and cocoa plants are not that harmful to raccoons as chocolates.

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What Does Raccoons Typically Eat?

Herbivores are those animals that only eat plant-based food, and carnivorous animals are those who only eat meat base food. But omnivorous are those animals who can eat both plant and animal-based food. And raccoons fall in the category of omnivorous animals.

And thus, they can eat both plant and animals base food. Not only this, but raccoons can eat food from the trash as well. As they are good eaters and good climbers, but they are not good hunters. So eat animals base flesh they don’t hunt for large animals. Rather than that, they hunt small animals like fishes, rats, frogs, birds, etc.

Moreover, in fruits, raccoons can eat berries, grapes, apples, watermelon, and all other kinds of fruits as well. Not only this, but they can also eat nuts, including corn, walnuts, etc.

Moreover, raccoons develop themselves to eat human’s like food also. As they can eat fast food as well like bread, pizza, etc.

What Foods Are Poisonous to Raccoons?

Raccoons are omnivorous and can eat almost everything in their way. But there are certain foods that raccoons cannot eat. Not only for raccoons, but the following foods shouldn’t be given to any other animal. As wild animals are not used to eating human food, they cannot digest humans processed food. For example,

Chocolates, Cocoa, And Coffee:

As we already discussed, chocolates, cocoa, and coffee are humans’ favorite foods, should not be given to raccoons. These foods contain caffeine and theobromine, which are toxic not only for raccoons but also for other animals.

However, the reason is that caffeine and theobromine cause hyperactivity and hypertension in raccoons. Not only this, but after eating these foods, the other severe reactions can occur like diarrhea, vomiting, seizure, etc.

Moreover, a quantity more than normal of these foods can cause the death of raccoons, cats, dogs, squirrels, etc. So, if you have these animals as pets or around you, avoid offering them these foods. And also, avoid throwing these foods outside, as animals can pick and eat these foods.

Spices Like Onions and Garlic:


Like chocolates, cocoa, and coffee, raccoons have to avoid onions, garlic, and other spices as well. However, not only raccoons but other wild animals have to prevent these spices.

Because these spices can cause heartburn in animals. Moreover, these spices contain disulfides and sulfoxide that can ulcer and also destroy their red blood cells. And ultimately, it can cause anemia in raccoons.

So we have to avoid offering these spices and the foods which have these spices to animals. As they are not healthy for animals.



Fruits are healthy for humans and animals also. They contain essential nutrients and minerals that we require for our good health and to complete our daily tasks. But, avocado is a fruit that is not healthy for raccoons. Not only for raccoons, but other animals have to avoid it.

Because avocadoes plant and leaves produce a chemical called persin to kill pests. So that they cannot harm the avocado fruit. But this chemical is harmful to animals also. As it can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and other digestive issues in raccoons.

So that’s why raccoons have to avoid this fruit as well. However, it’s our responsibility that we shouldn’t have to offer avocadoes to animals like raccoons, dogs, cats, squirrels, etc.

Candies And Chips:


However, candies and chips are both the favorite snacks of humans around the world. But these tasty snacks are not healthy for raccoons. However, not only for raccoons but also for other animals as well.

Because both candies and chips contain artificial preservation chemicals which can harm raccoons. As, naturally, their digestive system is not developing to digest such chemicals. So we have to avoid offering such foods to raccoons.

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Which Animals Can Eat Chocolates?

However, it’s a reality that if you offer chocolate to any rodent or other animals, they can eat it with full enjoyment. Even birds can also eat chocolates if you provide them or they find them by their selves.

But the point is that chocolate is not healthy for any of the animals. Even there is a case of chocolate poisoning in horses. As horses are also not able to eat chocolates.

And the reason for it is the presence of caffeine and theobromine in chocolates which are toxic to animals, including raccoons. So, if you ask for animals, then the answer is that they shouldn’t consume chocolate. And we also avoid providing them.

Now let’s talk about cocoa beans. As chocolate is the processed form of cocoa beans, are cocoa beans healthy and edible to wildlife? However, animals can eat cocoa beans, but they don’t like them due to their bitter taste. Moreover, cocoa beans are not toxic to raccoons and other wildlife. Because they don’t contain theobromine in them.

Final Thoughts:

Can raccoons eat chocolates? This article is all about this question as raccoons don’t have to eat chocolates. Because chocolates contain toxic compounds for raccoons like caffeine and theobromine. And both these chemicals are harmful to raccoons as well as to other animals.

However, raccoons don’t have to eat coffee, avocadoes, chips, spices, onions, garlic, candies, also. As, all these foods harmful for them.

However, there are many other foods that they can eat and also healthy for them. For example, they can eat all other fruits except avocados; they can eat nuts, including walnuts, corns, etc. And in the meat, they can eat birds, fish, frogs, etc.