Do Pet Birds Poop Everywhere? | How Can You Train Them?

Do Birds Poop Everywhere

Birds are cute and charming creatures around us, which amuse us with their actions and their different living facts. However, one annoying fact about wild birds for us is that they keep pooping everywhere. As in the wild, this is a helpful act to spread seeds from one place to another. But, when we get a bird to keep as a pet bird, a question arises: Do pet birds poop everywhere? Do pet birds behave as they do in the wild?

A number of such questions arise when you think about having a pet bird. That’s why I’m writing this article to explain all these questions. And if you are interested to know about it, then navigate this article.

However, pet birds can poop and keep pooping everywhere until you don’t teach them where to do their business. And if you think to have a bird as a pet, you first have to get proper knowledge about their pooping training.

So that you can teach them where to poop and save your place to become a mess due to their poop everywhere.

However, when you get a bird as a pet, then pooping everywhere is a natural phenomenon that you also get. As in the wild, it is helpful but not in domestic areas. So you have to teach them where they have to do their business.

Do Pet Birds Poop Everywhere?

A precise answer to this question is yes. As pet birds behave as wild birds until we don’t teach them where to get your food and where to poop. However, teach this to pet birds and animals is necessary as their poop can spread and transfer many diseases.

So you have to teach them where to do their business, and I’ll discuss later in this article how you can train your birds for pooping.

However, pooping everywhere is natural for birds as well as for animals. And this is also beneficial for soil to get several nutrients from it. However, birds and animals pooping everywhere are healthy to spread seeds.

But when it comes to home, then both these reasons become invalid. As in sour homes and even in cities, we don’t need to spread seeds. Moreover, in homes and cities, pooping everywhere is just spreading diseases.

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How Can You Train a Bird to Poop in One Place?

However, not only to pet birds, but we also have to teach pet animals where to poop. As, we can’t suppose live with poop everywhere. So it becomes our prior responsibility to teach our pets where to poop.

And for that, you have to understand their pooping habits first. Pooping habits means that how many times they poop and usually where and when they poop. However, to understand these habits are necessary to teach them where they have to do their business.

As, some birds used to poop close to where they eat, as after eating, it is the natural digestive system’s response. And many birds start ruffling their feathers, and many start shifting their foot etc. These are few habits that birds do before pooping.

And when you examine such habits of your bird before pooping, then the next step is to teach them where to do their business.

However, for this, you have to move your bird to that place where you want to poop it. And you have to repeat it until your bird learn that this is the specific place where it has to poop.

And, you can also give them a treat when they poop at that place. As this will teach them that they are doing well after pooping at that place.

Moreover, it’s up to you which place you want to reserve as your pet poop. However, making a place reserve for birds pooping should be near to their eating spot. As many birds have to poop after their meal.

Why Do Birds Poop in Their Water Bowl?


Defecation in their water bowl is sometimes a bird’s habit, and sometimes they drink it again. So let’s talk about both these cases.

However, sometimes the water color and waving in water trigger birds to poop there. But many times, birds do this to drink their poop again. However, it’s not common, but birds do this when they lack some nutrients in their food.

However, it’s harmful to birds to drink their poop again as their poop contain acidic elements. And drink it back can cause illness in birds. So, if you find such activity of birds then try to change their food and drinking place. And also try to change their drinking pot. As many times this trick is helpful to stop birds from pooping into their water bowl.

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Do Birds Poop While Flying?

However, a precise answer to this is-yes. This is because birds are also used to poop while flying, which is not a rare phenomenon. As all wild birds used to do this. And even in your daily routine, you might see birds pooping on different things which become contaminated by the flying birds.

And thus, similarly, pet birds also can poop while flying until you teach them where they have to do their business.

Can Bird Poop Be Dangerous to Humans?

Not only birds poop, but animals poop is also dangerous to us. However, birds and animals poop are healthy for soil to give it extra nutrients but not for humans. As their poop does not contain many harmful diseases but birds poop is also acidic.

However, birds poop on something can damage it quickly because of its acidic nature. As bird’s urine is also with their poop which makes it more acidic. So avoid using things that are contaminated with bird’s poop.

Final Thoughts:

This article is all about that do pet birds poop everywhere? As birds are wild creatures, they behave as wild until you teach them where they have to do their business. And you can do this by knowing that when they have to poop.

When you get a proper idea about the pooping habits of your pet, then place them to poop on that place when they have to poop. Repeat it until your bird get a clear idea that this is the place for their pooping business.