Do Raccoons Eat Deer? What Do Raccoons Kill and Eat?

Deer in Jungle

Raccoons are omnivores animals and can eat both plants matter and animals matter. However, in plants matter, they can eat almost all types of vegetation. And in animal’s base matter they can eat a variety of animals depending on the availability. Not only this, but they can swim and can eat whatever they get from a water body. As they are the predators of animals smaller than them. But ever you think that what about large animals like deer. Do raccoons eat deer? Let’s have a look.

However, raccoons are wild animals and can hunt whenever they want and when there is a matter of survival. But the chances of hunting and attacking a deer is less for raccoons.


Moreover, it is a matter of chance, for example, if a raccoon gets a hunted deer, then they will undoubtedly want to have a meal on them. But if they have to hunt them, then the game might have another side.

Moreover, let’s have a detailed look at the fact that when and how raccoons try to eat deer. So if you are curious to know about it, then navigate this article. Then, as in this article will look through it.

Do Raccoons Eat Deer?

Raccoons are not only omnivores animals, but they are scavengers as well. As they can eat food from your trash bin, your dog and cat’s food, flowers from your yard, and any other available food.

Not only this, they are famous due to their opportunistic nature in getting food. For example, they are always looking for food that is readily available to them. And because of it, they can eat any available vegetation.

However, the same goes when they have to hunt other animals. As, they prey on animals that are smaller than a raccoon. Not only this, but they prefer to track when they seem that their prey is easily accessible.

Moreover, the chances of a raccoon hunting a deer are almost negligible because of certain reasons. Firstly, deer are large in size than raccoons, and due to it, raccoons avoid looking for deer as prey. As large animals are able to defend themselves.

And not only this but greater in size mean’s predator, not a prey. Secondly, deer can run faster than raccoons, as raccoons are obese in size than deer, that’s why they cannot catch a deer.

Thirdly, deer have antlers to defend themselves from their predators. And, these antlers can cause serious harm to raccoons if they try to fight with deer.

Fourthly, raccoons are wild animals, but they are not active fighters as they avoid fighting as much as they can.

These are the reasons due to which raccoons don’t look at deer as their prey, and the chances of their hunting a deer are negligible.

However, raccoons would like to eat the meat of a deer if it is already hunted by the other animals. Not only this, but the raccoons hunt a fawn if they get a chance. As the deer offspring are unable to protect themselves as they are ill-equipped against raccoons.

But it is a reality that raccoons always go for free and readily available food rather than to hunt an animal, either it is smaller in size or bigger.

What Do Raccoons Kill and Eat?

However, as we already discussed that raccoons always look towards freely available food. And because of it, they avoid hunting other animals. But, raccoons need meat to fulfil their body needs.

As plants are also the source of good nutrients and minerals for raccoons but they cannot fulfil all the body needs of raccoons. And for it, raccoons have to eat meat. So let’s have a look at which animals do raccoons kill and eat.

Sea Life:

As I already discussed that raccoons are good swimmers. Not only this but they are used to eating marine life as well. For example, they can eat fish, frogs, crayfish, clams, etc. However, marine life is a source of good nutrients for raccoons that’s why they prefer to live around the water bodies.

Snails, Slugs, And Earthworms:

As raccoons can eat whatever they get, and insects are not an exception. More than this, insects make a large part of their food. As raccoons like to eat insects and worms, not only this, but they want to forage for them.


However, reptiles make a large part of raccoons to get proteins, which is necessary for them. Moreover, reptiles as smaller animals than raccoons and pose no threat to raccoons that’s why it is easy to hunt them if they get a chance to do so.

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A Final Thought:

As raccoons can eat whatever they get, but ever you think that do raccoons eat deer? However, raccoons would like to eat deer if they are readily available to them for eating. For example, they like to have a meal on deer meat if the deer is already dead or hunted by other animals.

But, for raccoons to hunt a deer is a difficult task, and the chances for it are low. As deer are giant than raccoons, and also they are a fast runner.

However, they can hunt fawns if they get a chance to do so. Moreover, to fulfil their proteins need, raccoons eat the meat of animals smaller than them.