Do Raccoons Eat Dead Animals? Will Raccoons Eat Dead Raccoons?

Dead Animal

Raccoons are famous due to their unique looks and eating habits. As they have black fur in circles around their eyes. And they are on the list of opportunistic omnivores animals. Because they can eat a variety of foods, including insects, marine life, animals smaller than them, nuts, plants, vegetables, fruits, etc. But ever you think that do raccoons eat dead animals? Let’s dig into it.

As raccoons can eat various things, that’s why eating dead animals is not a big deal for raccoons. As a dead animal serve several nutrients and minerals to raccoons as well. But at the same time, a dead animal is a portion of food without any effort for raccoons.


However, let’s explore this topic in detail that which dead animals can raccoons eat and why? So if you are curious to know about it, then navigate this article.

Do Raccoons Eat Dead Animals?

Raccoons are animals with lots of interesting living facts. And the most exciting fact is that they can eat a variety of foods. For example, they can eat fruits of all kinds, nuts, vegetables, insects, worms, slugs, fishes, frogs, toads, rodents like squirrels, rabbits, birds and their eggs, poultry, etc.

Not only this, but they can eat junk foods as well whenever they get them. And they can eat food from your trash bin as well. Furthermore, they can eat your pet’s food as well.

As they can eat such a variety of foods so they can also eat dead animals as well. However, there are several reasons because of it raccoons can eat dead animals.

For example, raccoons prefer to eat dead animals as a dead animal is also a source of nutrients and minerals for raccoons. As I already discussed that raccoons are opportunistic foragers, which means that they prefer to eat readily available foods.

Not only this, raccoons always prefer to get a portion of food without effort or food with little effort. And a dead animal will be an excellent free treat for raccoons.

Moreover, a dead animal can serve one more important thing to raccoon, which is protein. As protein is essential for the excellent health of raccoons, and for it, they have to eat other animals. And if an animal is readily available as a good protein source, then of course, it will be a good treat for raccoons.

Now let’s talk about how the stomach of raccoons can digest a dead animal’s meat without any health risk. However, the reason is that the stomach acid of raccoons is strong enough to kill off any bacteria and digest the raw meat.

Not only this, but the saliva of raccoons is also an antiseptic that can kill off several bacteria of raw meat and also save the animal from getting ill.

However, the dead animals that a raccoon used to eat are rats, squirrels, mice, birds, insects, and other dead animals. But raccoons don’t prefer to eat dead raccoons, but why? Let’s discuss it.

Will Raccoons Eat Dead Raccoons?

As raccoons are good eaters and can eat a vast variety of foods, even dead animals also. But they don’t eat a dead raccoon. Not only this, but several other animal’s raccoons mourn the death of the other raccoons.

But raccoons can eat other dead animals like road killers. As they are a good source of proteins for them. Not only this, but raccoons are lazy animals and prefer freely available food that’s why they prefer to eat other dead animals.

Do Raccoons Eat Rotten Meat?

Rotten Meat

Raccoons have really acidic stomach acid that can kill off the bacteria for raccoons if they eat a dead animal. Not only this, but the saliva of raccoons is also an antiseptic that saves a raccoon from getting sick.

However, raccoons are those animals that know which food is good and which is bad for raccoons. That’s why they avoid eating rotten meat, as a slice of rotten meat can make them sick.

What Attracts Raccoons To Your Yard?

If you have raccoons in your surroundings, then you have to be very careful because a number of things in your yard can attract raccoons. However, raccoons can be a complete nuisance for your territory. That’s why to keep them away from your yard, notice that isn’t the following things are present in your yard.


Raccoons are opportunistic animals it means they are always looking for free and readily available food. And if they found it in your garden, then your yard would be a favorite spot for raccoons.

Moreover, raccoons have a keen sense of smell that’s why they can smell food in your yard from a distance. Not only this, they can open your trash bin’s lid, throw out all the trash and scavenge food from it.

Water Source:

However, raccoons love to live near any water source and they also eat fishes, frogs, etc. from water. Not only this, but raccoons habitual to wash their foods if they have water around them.

So, if you have water source in your yard then raccoons will surely raid your yard if they live in your surrounding.


Raccoons will not only attract to your place if they find some food, but your gardens are also the source of attraction for raccoons. Because raccoons can also eat plants from your garden. Moreover, insects on plants attract raccoons because insects are a significant part of the raccoon’s diet.

Dark Open Space:

However, dark and open spaces are raccoons favorite as they are used to living in dens. Not only this, but such places are favorite to raccoons, and they will surely attract your site if they find any dark and open space.

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A Final Thought:

In the end, as raccoons can eat a variety of foods that’s why this article is all about exploring that do raccoons eat dead animals? However, a precise answer to this question is yes. They can eat dead animals as such animals are a good source of proteins and other minerals for raccoons.

However, raccoons can eat dead animals, but they avoid eating rotten meat. As bacteria in rotten meats can cause serious health issues in raccoons.