Do Raccoons Eat Ducks? What Other Animals Can Eat Ducks?


Raccoons are omnivores animals and can eat both plant and animal based matter. However, because of it, they can be a complete nuisance for the people around them. As they are wild animals and can eat everything with their paws on. And they even like to hunt chickens, cats, and dogs as well. But many people might get curious that do raccoons eat ducks?

As several people around the world like to keep ducks like the hens. But what about their security if there are raccoons in your area. So let’s din into it. And if you are interested to know about it, then navigate this article.

However, raccoons can eat ducks as they are unable to protect their selves. Moreover, raccoons are wild animals and have strong jaws and sharp teeth to attack and hunt ducks. And they would like to eat them because of their meat.


As the duck meat would be great source of proteins for them, which they are required to fulfil their body needs. But at the same time, the raccoons are attracted to the taste of duck’s meat.

Do Raccoons Eat Ducks?

Raccoons are not only omnivores animals, but they are quite famous due to their eating habits. Because they can eat almost everything, they get. Their food list consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat, insects, worms, rodents, snails, slugs, fishes, frogs, etc.

That’s why eating ducks for raccoons is not an exception. As they like to eat duck meat, they are used to eating their eggs as well. However, raccoons like to eat the meat of ducks due to their flavor and texture.

Not only this, raccoons prefer to hunt ducks because ducks are easy prey for raccoons. Because naturally, ducks have no defense mechanism from raccoons. For example, they can do defend themselves via flying, running, or attacking back to raccoons.

Because they are not able to run faster than raccoons, they cannot fly from raccoons, and similarly, they are not able to attack raccoons as they don’t have any sharp teeth or beaks.

That’s why raccoons prefer them, as they are on the list of easiest prey for raccoons. And because of it, they are known as opportunistic animals. Because they look always for a free meal or a meal with a little effort.

And because of it, they only prey on animals that cannot defend themselves or the animals that are not aware of their presence.

Moreover, raccoons like to eat duck meat due to its meaty enriched flavor, and also duck’s meat is enriching in proteins. And protein-rich food is the favorite of raccoons because they need proteins to perform daily tasks nicely.

Not only this, but raccoons can get a good amount of fats from duck’s meat, and fat is necessary for raccoons to sustain in the winter season. As they are not on the list of those animals who hibernate in winters.

What Other Animals Can Eat Ducks?

There are many animals who know that ducks are unable to protect their selves. That’s why several animals used to prey on ducks. So let’s discuss the duck’s predators in detail.



However, hawks or chicken hawks are the deadly predators of ducks. As they can kill and shred apart a duck with their sharp talons and hooked beak. However, they are unable to carry big ducks, but the ducklings, young ducks, etc., are the vulnerable prey for them.

And they will never miss a chance to hunt and feed on ducks as ducks can be a good source of meat for them.


Like other predators, coyotes can also kill and eat ducks whenever they get a chance. However, they usually attack ducks from dawn to dusk. But they can also do this during the daytime when there is nothing to eat or when they are rabid.

However, as they are healthy and strong animals compared to ducks, that’s why they can not only attack ducks, but they can carry them off. And they can enjoy them whenever they want.


These are also on the list of deadliest duck predators, as they are sharp and skilled in hunting. Not only this, but they are able to kill multiple ducks in a single night. However, as they are not big body animals that’s why they are not able to eat all of them.

And because of it, they are on the list of the deadliest duck’s predators. However, ducks are also unable to protect themselves from minks, which makes them their easiest prey.


However, foxes are also used to attack chickens and ducks from the beginning of time, but they are habitual to do this in day hours. Moreover, it is quite impossible for a duck to pull off itself from them because a fox is a quite sharp and quick animal with hunting skills.

Other Predators:

However, there are several other duck predators that can sneak on them when they get a chance of it. For example, owls, bobcats, etc. Moreover, these animals also like to have a meal on ducks as they know that ducks are unable to protect themselves.

How Do Ducks Defend Themselves?

As we know that ducks are unable to protect themselves from predators including raccoons. That’s why they need our help to give them protection. And we can do this in a number of ways.

For example, building a duck’s coop with strong material that the predators are unable to break will be enough for ducks. However, it will be an essential thing to keep them safe from predators like raccoons.

However, to keep predators away from your place, you can use different traps for them. Not only this, but you can use different statues of animals or birds that can scare off the duck’s predators.

For example, if you use the statue of an eagle in your yard, you will be able to keep hawks and owls from your territory.

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A Final Thought:

However, if you wonder that do raccoons eat ducks, then a precise answer to this question is that raccoons would like to have a meal on ducks. And because of it, they can follow ducks in your yard as well until they get them to eat.

That’s why you have to make strong duck coops and place them in a suitable place so that predators cannot chase them. Unfortunately, however, not only raccoons but there are several other animals that can prey on ducks.

As ducks are unable to protect themselves from the predators and thus fall on the list of easiest prey for raccoons as well as for several other animals.