Can Chickens Eat Pomegranate Seeds?

Pomegranate Seeds

Chickens are natural foragers and fall on the list of omnivores birds. As they can eat both plant based and animal base matter. However, they are unable to eat the meat of big animals, but they can eat insects, worms, slugs, etc. But in plant base matter, they can eat fruits, vegetables, and seeds as well. However, as they can eat seeds but can chicken eat pomegranate seeds? Let’s dig into it.

As birds, some people think that seeds will be enough for them, but this is not true. However, not only for chickens but only seeds are not enough for any bird in the world. But, ever you think about offering pomegranate seeds to your chickens, then you can.

As, chickens can eat pomegranate seeds without any problem, they offer them healthy nutrients and minerals, but their rind is also edible to chickens. But how? Let’s discuss it in detail. And if you are curious to know about it, then navigate this article.

Can Chickens Eat Pomegranate Seeds?

Pomegranate falls on the list of shrubs and is widely edible around the world due to its health benefits. As, for us, this fruit is a rich source of fiber, vitamins, nutrients, minerals, antioxidants, etc. Not only this, but this fruit is helpful for us in several diseases.


For example, pomegranate seeds are helpful in antiparasitic, hypolipidemic, hypoglycaemic, antitumor activities, etc. Furthermore, these seeds are a rich source of anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial nutrients, and minerals, etc.

But, ever you think that your chickens eat these seeds and will these seeds be healthy for them? Then a precise answer to these questions is that yes. As, not only they can eat pomegranate seeds, but these seeds are also beneficial for them.

As, pomegranate seeds are healthy for us, similarly, these seeds are offer several nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants to chickens.

However, pomegranate seeds are a good source of fiber that helps chicken indigestion. And the calcium in pomegranate seeds is helpful for chickens for egg making.

Moreover, not only pomegranate seeds but their rind and the inner white layer are also edible to chickens. But we have to offer them fine pieces so that they cannot stick into their throat or cause crop impaction.

However, the rind and the inner white thin layer of pomegranate are not edible for us due to their hard and bitter taste, respectively. But chickens can eat both these parts, and for them, these pomegranate parts can be the source of some nutrients and minerals.

How To Feed Pomegranates To Chickens?

As we know that whole pomegranate fruit is safe and healthy for chickens that’s why you can offer any part of it to chickens. For example, you can offer them a rind of pomegranates, seeds, and the pithy white part of this fruit.

But the question is that how and in many ways we can offer them this fruit, let’s have a detailed look at it.

However, you can scatter the seeds on the ground so that they can pick and eat. And you can scatter them in their coop as well as where they are used to roam. As this method enhance their foraging abilities as well.

Moreover, you can chop up the whole fruit and then offer them. As, chopping makes it easy to eat and digest the food. And it also avoids crop impaction in chickens.

Furthermore, you can hang the fruit in the coop of chickens, where they can peck on it. However, you can do this with other fruits as well.

Foods That Chickens Shouldn’t Eat:

As chickens can eat a variety of foods, but there are several foods that they shouldn’t eat. Let’s have a look at all such foods in detail.



For us, avocado is a healthy fruit and a source of several beneficial nutrients and minerals. But for chickens, the scenario might be different. As the leaves, skin, and flesh of avocados contain a compound named person.

This persin compound is toxic to chickens and can be fatal for them if they eat it in a pretty large amount. As, only 5% of avocado can kill a small bird within 24 hours. So, you don’t have to offer avocado and its leaves to chickens.

Leaves Of Potatoes And Tomatoes:


However, the leaves of both tomatoes and potatoes are harmful to chickens. As they can cause diarrhea, heart failure, etc., in chickens.

Moreover, not only leaves of potatoes but the green potatoes shouldn’t be offered to chickens. Because green potatoes also contain the same toxic compound called solanine as their leaves.

Apple Seeds:

Apple Seeds

As we know that apple seeds contain the toxic compound cyanide, which is not only harmful for chickens but it is toxic to everyone on the earth.

That’s why we have to avoid offering apple seeds to chickens. However, not only to chickens but to every bird, we shouldn’t provide them.

Raw Dried Beans:


However, not only chickens but we also don’t have to eat raw dried beans. Because the raw dried beans contain a natural insecticide that can be harmful to chickens as well as for humans also.

But you can offer them cooked beans as the phytohemagglutinin broke down with heat. And after cooking, the dried beans remain no more harmful, not for chickens and not for humans.

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A Final Thought:

This article is all about can chickens eat pomegranates seeds? As not only chickens can eat pomegranates seeds, but these seeds are also healthy for us. However, these seeds are beneficial for chickens but make sure that you offer them in moderation.

Because all the nutrients and minerals needed cannot be fulfilled by chickens with only these seeds. That’s why try to give them other foods as well.

However, chickens shouldn’t eat avocado, raw dried beans, tomato and potato leaves, green potatoes, chocolates, coffee, etc.