Do Raccoons Eat Peaches? How Can I Keep Them Away?

Do Raccoons Eat Peaches

Peach is a delicious fruit that is native to Northwest China, with lots of vitamins and antioxidants. And because of it, peaches are healthy to our body in several ways. For example, peaches are helpful to boost our immunity against several infections and diseases. However, in the wild, birds are used to eat peaches as they prefer to eat fruits. But do raccoons eat peaches? However, I’m going to discuss raccoons because they are omnivores can eat both plant and animal base matter.

However, raccoons can eat peaches, and peaches are healthy for them as well. Because this fruit is a bundle of several healthy nutrients not for us but other animals and birds.

As they are the source of several vitamins and healthy antioxidants that help to boost the immunity.

Now let’s dig into this topic more to find the beneficial effects of eating peaches for raccoons. And if you are interested to know about it, then navigate this article.

Do Raccoons Eat Peaches?

Raccoons are wild animals that fall on the list of omnivores animals. As they can eat both plant and animal-based matter. However, the specialty of raccoons is that they are not only limited to plant and animal based matter because they can eat food after scavenging from the trash.

Furthermore, they can also eat human based food like bread, pasta, etc. In short, they can eat almost every food on which they get their paws.

That’s why eating peaches is not the exception for raccoons. However, raccoons not only eat peaches when they get them but also can forage for peaches if they get the idea that there are peaches around their territory.

But, peaches offer several healthy nutrients and minerals to raccoons, for example, peaches are a good source of vitamin C, K, A, E, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, niacin, and fiber.

And these vitamins and minerals are not healthy for us, but they develop strong immunity in our body against different infections and diseases.

Not only this, peaches are a good source of several antioxidants that help to avoid different kinds of cancer in the body.

However, raccoons are determined to eat peaches if they know that they have a peach tree in their surroundings. And they even can jump to the tree to eat peaches.

That’s why if you have a peach tree in your yard or garden and also raccoons in your area, then they will surely make their way towards your garden. Because of this, take proper safety measures for your peach tree.

So now, let’s discuss that how we can keep raccoons away from our peach tree.

How Can I Keep Raccoons Away from My Peach Tree?

As raccoons can eat almost everything they get, if there is your peach tree, they will surely like to steal peaches from it. However, raccoons would like to eat peaches as they don’t have to chase them like the other prey.

So if you have a peach tree or a peach garden, you can make the following safety measures to keep raccoons away from it.

Proper Cleaning of Your Garden:

However, proper cleaning of your garden is necessary not to attract raccoons in your territory.

Because raccoons are opportunistic animals, they will surely come to eat the freely available peaches in your garden. That’s why make sure that you are properly clean your yard and garden as well.

Prune Your Trees:

As raccoons are good climbers, that’s why they can easily climb your peach trees with a little help. And this help they will get from the long-hanging branches.

Because of it, you have to prune the branches of your trees so that they cannot access peach fruit easily.

Bird Netting:

This is a method with which you can scare off raccoons from your peach trees. For that, try this bird netting on the peach tree.

However, raccoons avoid bird netting and don’t want to go to such a place. Moreover, not only raccoons but other birds will also remain away from birds netting.

Use of Lighting:

As we know that raccoons are nocturnal birds and they come out from their den in the evening. As they don’t like lighting, if you use lighting sources in your yard, it will also help you keep them away from your garden and yard.


Like lighting, raccoons are not the fan of irritating loud sounds. That’s why if you use such sounds in your garden or yard, then it will also be useful to keep raccoons away from your territory.


However, raccoons can climb fences, and they are not a big deal for them. Because their toes help them to hold the thing strongly. But still, a good fence can keep them away from entering your yard or garden.

That’s why keep a raccoon’s repellent fence almost 2 feet wide and 4 feet high. Furthermore, make sure that there is nothing in the fence with which they can support their selves in climbing that fence.

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A Final Thought:

As raccoons are omnivores and can eat what they get, this article is all about how raccoons eat peaches?

However, they can eat peaches as there is nothing bad about eating such a healthy fruit. Because peaches are healthy for not only us, but they are also healthy for animals and birds.

However, not only raccoons but several other animals can also eat peaches. For example, squirrels, opossums, rats, deer, birds, bats, rabbits, etc.

As peaches are favorite to many animals, that’s why if you have a peach tree or garden, then surely their proper safety from such animals.

And for that, you can use different methods, but the effective one is birds netting because it keeps raccoons away from peaches and helps to keep other animals and birds away from that tree.