Do Raccoons Eat Petunias? What Is Eating My Petunias at Night?

Do Raccoons Eat Petunias

Petunias consist of a variety of flowers with different colors. And because of it, several people prefer to grow them in their houses and gardens as they can enhance the beauty of your place. Not only this, but it is easy to grow petunias. Interestingly, these flowers have several animals as their predators. It means that many animals used to eat them. But what about raccoons? Do raccoons eat petunias? Let’s dig into it.

However, raccoons can eat these flowers as well. As they are omnivores and can eat plants and animals based on matter, but they can eat flowers too. And in such flowers, petunias are included. However, raccoons not only prefer them to eat when there is nothing else to eat, but they like their taste as well and prefer to eat whenever these flowers are available to them.

Now let’s have a look at that is it healthy for raccoons to eat these petunias flowers or not? So if you are interested to know about it, then navigate this article. As this article looks into it.

Do Raccoons Eat Petunias?

Raccoons are wild animals and fall in the category of omnivores animals. As being omnivores animals, they can eat both plants and animals based matter. But they are famous due to their eating habits. Because they can eat from your trash bin as well.

Not only this, they can eat human’s like food as well. As they can eat everything on which they get their paws. And then a flower is no exception for raccoons. That’s why petunias are also an edible item for raccoons. Moreover, raccoons like to eat petunias due to their slightly spicy and sweet taste.

However, petunias for raccoons are not like their other prey that they have to chase and catch. And, if these flowers are available, then they don’t have to waste their energy chasing the other foods. That’s why to eat these flowers they can even raid your garden.

However, if you have these flowers in your garden, then make sure that you have their proper safety from raccoons.

And, if you have raccoons in your area, then make sure that they are staying away from your yard. Because if you don’t have petunias in your garden even then they can cause a mess in your garden. As they are used to dig up your garden to find insects and worms.

What Is Eating My Petunias At Night?

However, petunias are not the easy and healthy food for raccoons, but they offer the same facilities to many other animals as well. That’s why there are many other animals that can also eat your petunias from your garden. So let’s dig into all such animals that can eat petunias rather than raccoons.


However, rabbits are also on the list of all those animals that can eat and even used to eat petunias flowers. Moreover, rabbits eat these flowers whenever they get the opportunity to do so. That’s why if you have petunias at your place, then make sure that rabbits are staying away from them.

And if you are wondering about eating your petunias at night, then it might be rabbits because they stay active from dawn to dusk. That’s why they are known as crepuscular animals, as they are not diurnal and nocturnal. And because of it, there is might possible that they will raid your garden at night.


Moreover, deer are also one of those animals that can devour your petunias as soon as they find them. However, these flowers are not only useful as their food, but they also fulfill their water needs. Furthermore, they can attack your plants in the dawn as well as they are also crepuscular animals like rabbits.

However, not only these flowers but deer can also eat your other plants. That’s why if you have plants and deer in your area, then make sure the safety of your garden. Because they can cause serious damage to your garden.


However, these are the worms that are also on the list of eating petunias flowers. And they are used to attack these flowers in the night. However, you can judge that budworms are eating your flowers from their jagged edges and holes in them. Moreover, to keep them away from your flowers, you have to do commercials sprays on them, which are easily available in the supermarkets.

Variegated Cutworms:

Just like budworms, they are also used to eat petunias flowers. Moreover, they eat these flowers in the same way as budworms. As the jagged their leaves and make holes in them. And to keep them away from your flowers, you also have to use commercial sprays.


Like the other worms’ caterpillars are also fed on petunias, and they can even cause serious damage to your plants. Because when they start eating these plants, the plant stops growing. And they not only eat leaves and flowers, but they also eat buds.

And to remove caterpillars and to keep them away from the plants you have to apple non-toxic solution which you can get easily from the supermarkets.

Squirrels And Mice:

Moreover, like the raccoons’ squirrels and mice are also attracted towards the petunias flowers due to their slight spicy and sweet texture. However, they are not on the list of those animals that prefer to eat petunias flowers rather than the other food.

But still, they can harm your flowers during the hours of need. However, you can easily repel them with the use of castor oil, as these rodents hate it.


However, chickens do not frequently eat your petunias, but they can peck your petunias’ flowers while eating insects and worms from them. Moreover, as we know that in the garden and on trees, chickens have a lot of insects to eat that’s why during this they can harm your petunias.

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A Final Thought:

As raccoons are opportunistic omnivores animals that it is interesting to know that do raccoons eat petunias? But, as they can eat both plant and animal’s based food, that’s why they can eat petunias as well. However, they like their taste and not only this as it is that food to which they don’t have to chase and waste their energy.

However, petunias make food for many other animals as well. For example, chickens, mice, squirrels, rabbits, deer, etc.