Missing Dead Father Quotes in Urdu | Here’s Top Sayings 2022

Dead Father Quotes in Urdu

Here is the best compilation of old sayings comprising missing dead father quotes in Urdu or missing father sayings that you can read whenever you miss your dead father.

The father’s love for his children is indispensable and irreplaceable. Father is the best friend, best character, guide, protector, and superhero for his children. He sacrifices his pleasures and comforts to fulfil the dreams and ambitions of his children, and thus losing a father is an indescribable and unbearable loss for anyone. So, if you have your father living a healthy and happy life, you are the luckiest person because many people lose their father and miss them a lot. For all those people, here’s we have a great compilation of missing father quotes in Urdu.

Missing Dead Father Quotes in Urdu

میں اپنے والد کی پیار بھری مسکراھٹ کو ھر روز یاد کرتا ھوں

Main Apny Walid ki Pyar Bhari Muskrahatt Ko Har Roz Yaad Krta Hun

میرے بابا جو زندہ ھوتے تو زندگی مجھ سے تلخ لھجے میں بات کیوں کرتی

Mery Baba Jo Zinda Hoty to Zindagi Mujh se Talakh Lehjy Main Baat Keyon Karti

میرے کندھوں پہ جب بوجھ بڑھ جاتا ھے تو میرے بابا مجھے شدت سے یاد آتے ھیں

Mery Kandhanon Py Jab Bojh Barrh Jata Hai Tu Mery Baba Mujhy Shidat Se Yaad Aaty Hain

مجھ کو قبروں سے ڈر نہیں لگتا کیونکہ میرے بابا وہیں پر رہتے ہیں

Mujh Ko Qabron se Darr Nahin Lagta Keyon K Mery Baba Wahin Par Rehty Hain

جو باپ کی ٹھنڈی چھاوٗں میں گزرے تھے زندگی کے وہی پل انمول تھے

Jo Baap ki Thandi Chaaon Main Guzry Thy Zindagi k Wohi Pal Anmool Thy

باپ چاھے کتنا بھی بوڑھا ہو مگر گھر کا سب سے مظبوط ستون ہوتا ہے

Baap Chaahy Kitna B Borrha ho Magar Ghar ka Sab se Mazboot Satoon Hota Hai

مجھ سے مانگو مثال حادثوں کی، میں نے باپ کو جاتے دیکھا ہے

Mujh se Maango Misaal Hadsoon Ki, Main Ny Baap ko Jaaty Deekha Hai

پیارے ابا جان آپ ہمیشہ میرے دل میں رہیں گے کیوںکہ وہاں آپ آج بھی زندہ ہیں

Pyary Aba Jaan Aap Hamesha Mery Dil Main Rahin Gain Keyon K Waha Aap Aaj B Zinda Hain

آپ صرف میرے والد نہیں تھے بلکہ بہترین دوست بھی تھے اور میں نے ایک ساتھ دونوں کو کھو دیا

Aap Siraf Mery Walid Nahin Thay Bal K Bahtreen Doost B Thay aor Main Ny Aik Sath Doono Ko Khoo Dia

پیارے ابا جان میرے لیے آج بھی یقین کرنا مشکل ہے کہ آپ جا چکے ہیں

Pyary Abaa Jaan Mery Liy Aaj B Yakeen Krna Mushkil Hai K Aap Jaa Chuky Hain

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So, if you are missing your dead father or remembering memories or happy moments with your father, you can go through these missing dead father sayings in Urdu that may relieve your soul. Moreover, you can also read these missing father quotes on his death anniversary refreshing all the past happy moments with your dearest father. So, keep him alive in your heart and sweet memories with the following missing quotes in Urdu.

The father is the first hero, model, supporter, and guide for his children. Losing a father means a great loss and it is always painful to bear this reality. The sorrow of losing a father is worse and remains persistent no matter how much time had gone by. And expressing this grieve and emptiness is probably impossible but sometimes reading some missing dead father quotes in Urdu would be the best way of relieving your pain. It is a kind of great acknowledgement that how much you are missing him. Therefore, we are giving you the best way of expressing your feelings and loneliness in the form of quotes and popular sad sayings. Hopefully, these missing father sayings in Urdu help you to cover up your sad emotions and heal your soul.

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