What is “direct” in Google Analytics?

What is direct in Google Analytics

Are there many “direct / none” when you check the inflow source in Google Analytics?

“Direct” is categorized when the referrer is unknown = you don’t know where it came from. In other words, the details of the inflow source cannot be analyzed, and no improvement method can be found.

So, in what cases is “direct / none” specifically classified this time? We present six cases.

Cases directly classified by Google Analytics

There are six cases that fall directly into the category. I will introduce each of them.

1. Accessed from a bookmark

If a user bookmarks (favorites) your home page, there is no referrer.

Also, shortcuts on smartphones and PCs are similarly classified as “direct / none”.

2. You entered the URL directly

If you enter the URL directly in the address bar, there is no referrer.

When you enter a part of the URL and click the displayed candidate URL, it will also be classified as “direct / none”.

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3. Read the QR code

Even if you read the QR code with a smartphone and access it, it will be judged that there is no referrer.

  • banner
  • name card
  • Flyer

When the number of “direct / none” suddenly increases, are you using QR codes for advertising and promotion? please make sure.

4. Accessed from the smartphone app

There is no reference source when accessing from a smartphone or tablet application.

  • LINE
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

Inflow from smartphone apps such as SNS cannot be measured.

5. You clicked a file link

Clicking on a link pasted in a file will also be “direct/none”.

  • Google Sheets
  • Excel
  • word
  • PDF

Are you distributing such file data to prospective customers/customers?

6. Accessed from email

Even if you click on the URL in direct mail or mail magazine, there is no referrer.

It is recommended to add parameters to the URL so that the referrer can be clarified .


In what cases is “direct / none” specifically classified this time? We present six cases.

“Direct” is categorized when there is no referrer page or it is unknown where it came from.

Let’s check the cases that apply to “direct / none” and use it to improve access to the homepage.