What Is an Active User? Explanation of Analysis Methods and Points to Increase

What Is an Active User

If you don’t have a good understanding of active users, you will lose opportunities in running your site.

When considering SEO measures, it is very important to check the trends of active users.
It is no exaggeration to say that the number of accesses and CVs depends on the number of active users.

In this article, we will explain how to find and increase active users.

What is an active user?

Active users are users who visit your site over a period of time.

Unlike the so-called “number of accesses”, even if one user visits the same site many times in a certain period, only “1” is counted as the number of active users.

From here, we will explain in detail the meaning of active users, the difference from unique users, and inactive users.

Meaning of active users

Active users are users who have used your site or app within a certain period of time.

Users who are active on a daily basis are sometimes called “active users”, but in terms of the meaning used in web marketing, it corresponds to the “number” of users who used the site or application within a certain period of time as described above. Numerical value.

Since it only represents “number of people”, even if the same user uses the site or application multiple times within a certain period, it will be counted as “1”.

Difference between active users and unique users

active users The number of users who have visited your site. It is common to set a specific period and aggregate
unique user The number of users who have visited your site. It is often aggregated without setting a specific period

There is not much difference between active users and unique users. Both count the number of users who visit a site.

Therefore, no matter how many times an active user or unique user visits the site in a day, week, etc., the count is “1”.

As a result, the number of active users and unique users will be the same.

If I had to point out the difference, active users are aggregated over a period of time, while unique users are not set up for a specific period.

What are inactive users?

Inactive users are users who are not very active.

Unlike active users who visit your site regularly, inactive users are users who haven’t visited your site in a while and have lost interest.

Also, on SNS, people who follow but do not share new tweets or posts are sometimes called inactive users.

In web marketing, it can be said that the key is how to convert these inactive users into active users.

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The Importance of Understanding Active Users

Knowing the number of active users is very important in web marketing.

You can grasp the degree of interest in the products and services of your company’s site, and you can use it for your marketing strategy.

By investigating and analyzing the number of active users and differences depending on the time of year, you will naturally understand what your site is looking for.

Conversely, in order to think about and implement effective measures, you will find that it is essential to understand active users.

How to check and measure active users

In Google Analytics, you can select the number of active users from the user item. It is also possible to check weekly and monthly data in surveys such as user searches and cohort analysis.

Below, we will explain how to “search from users” and “search from cohort analysis”.

Find out from users

Select an active user from “Users” on the far left.

By checking from active users, you can easily understand how many users are watching at any given time.

By specifying the time period, it is possible to conduct detailed investigations, and the data can be visualized in graphs as shown in the figure.

Find out from cohort analysis

By grouping user behavior with cohort analysis, you can get detailed data.

By quantifying and analyzing, it is possible to find further solutions and take responsibility for the growth of the service.

The word cohort originally meant a group of people with attributes. Therefore, analysis of grouped populations is called cohort analysis.

Another advantage of cohort analysis is that you can check the data by week or month, and you can know the flow of users to the site. Data can be visualized and reconfirmed.

4 points for increasing active users

There are four points to increase active users: “Increase natural search with SEO measures”, “Acquire repeaters with high-quality content”, “Don’t forget to take measures for SNS”, and “Use paid advertisements”. Let’s check how to increase the number of active users by referring to the following.

Focus on SEO and increase organic search

In order to increase the number of active users, focus on SEO measures and increase the number of natural searches to your site.

Many people find your site or service through organic search. Another advantage of using organic search is that you can deliver products and services that match your purpose.

The more organic searches you make, the more your site will thrive, and the better your marketing and product sales will be. By implementing SEO measures and increasing the number of natural searches, it becomes easier for users to find the site and the number of PV increases.

Get repeat customers with quality content

It’s important to create quality content and get repeat customers.

If you use Google Analytics segments to check the repeat visit rate “by month and by week”, it will be possible to measure the growth rate, which is very convenient.

In order to stabilize the number of active users, try to create “fans” of the site by continuously transmitting high-quality content.

Don’t forget to take measures for SNS

If you want to acquire new customers and active users, it is also important to take measures using SNS in addition to aiming to attract customers by organic search with SEO.

It is also possible to acquire new users by inducing links from SNS.

If you take SNS measures, you can stably acquire active users, and by spreading information through the sharing function, you can expect good results in “sales of products and services”.

Take advantage of paid advertising

By using paid advertising, you can easily display sites and LPs at the top of search results without the need for SEO measures.

Paid advertising allows anyone to spread information and content on Google, Facebook, etc.

In the case of Google ads, it is displayed in search results, and from there you can guide users to the site or LP you want them to see.

You can aim to improve your site’s high-ranking display and CV without taking SEO measures.

It’s a great option for marketers who don’t have the time but have the budget.

Also, by using paid advertising on SNS, you can send advertisements to users who are interested in specific keywords, which is convenient. You can choose a period of 1 day or 1 week, and you can add a budget later.


Sites that maintain a high number of active users not only offer a wide range of services and products, but also often have attractive content.

In order to increase active users, it is required to allow new users to reach the site.

The first thing you need to do is to know the trends of your current active users. By using the functions of Google Analytics introduced this time, you can accurately grasp the number and movement of active users.

Based on the analysis results of active users, consider and implement measures necessary for your site and content, such as SEO measures, utilization of SNS, and placement of paid advertisements.

We hope that you will learn how to find out and increase active users, as introduced in this article, and make use of them in your future web marketing strategies.