What Is Domain Authority? Explains How to Do Research and Tips to Improve Your Score

What Is Domain Authority

“I want to improve the reliability of my website in order to improve my search ranking.” “ I
recently learned about “domain authority,” but I don’t know
how to deal with it.” “I want to know the outline of domain authority and how to use it.”

If there is, “Domain authority” that you have heard once. Even if you know the word itself, there must be many people who have questions like the above without knowing the specific content.

Therefore, in this article, we will explain in detail the meaning of domain authority, how to check it, and tips for raising your score.

What is Domain Authority

Domain authority is a search engine ranking score independently developed by Moz (an American company that provides SEO tools).In English, it is written as “Domain Authority (DA)” and predicts how much the target website will be evaluated by search engines.

Literally domain authority is an alternative indicator of domain power. The score is set from 1 to 100, and the higher the score, the higher the rank.

However, there is no need to be so conscious of the absolute value of 1 to 100, and rather than the numerical value, it can be said that it should be confirmed in terms of relativeness to competing sites.

Similarly to Domain Authority, Domain Rating[DA] is often treated as a proxy for Domain Power. This is a dedicated tool advocated by Afrefs (SEO analysis tool) that allows you to score the “authority” of your website.

How to check domain authority

You can check your domain authority with Moz’s Link Explorer . The procedure for checking is as follows.

  1. show link explorer
  2. Enter the URL of the website you want to investigate
  3. Press the “Search” button and wait for the results (displayed in a few seconds)

First, search for “Link Explorer” from the search engine and display the official page. There is an input box in the middle of the screen, so enter the URL of the website you want to investigate there.

Just enter the URL and the result will appear in a few seconds. Everything is written in English, so let’s deal with it by using the translation extension function.

f you have not created an account, a screen with the content “Please create an account” will be displayed immediately after searching the URL. An account can be created in seconds.

Two Tricks to Boost Your Domain Authority Score

I’ve given you an overview of domain authority and how to check it, but how do you raise the important “score”? Here are two tips for improving your Domain Authority score.

  1. Create content that matches user search intent
  2. Get quality backlinks

1. Creating content that matches the user’s search intent

The first is to create content that matches the user’s search intent. Find out what your users are worried about and what they want, and create articles accordingly.

At that time, it will be easier to create content by focusing on the following points.

  • Rethink your personas (intended readers)
  • Review suggestions and related keywords
  • Analyze Competitive Articles
  • Be conscious of specialization and comprehensiveness

Let’s delve into the user’s search intention, such as the age and gender of the reader, and what kind of “background” they used to search for the keyword.

It is also important to review suggestions and related keywords, and analyze needs from competing articles.

Also, in order to gain the trust of users and search engines, be aware of the expertise and comprehensiveness of your content.

2. Acquisition of quality backlinks

The second is to get good backlinks.

A backlink is a link from an external site to your own site, and it is said to be an important existence that affects the search ranking of content.

Acquisition of backlinks is directly linked to evaluation from search engines such as Google and Yahoo!. The more backlinks, the stronger the domain authority and the higher the domain authority score.

In order to collect high-quality backlinks, don’t just post an article, but actively share and advertise using SNS. Expanding awareness will increase traffic and have a positive impact on domain authority.

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The relationship between domain authority and SEO

Domain authority is only an indicator of domain power and does not affect SERPs. SERP stands for “Search Engine Result Page” and refers to the page that displays search results.By increasing your domain authority score, you can see how much trust your site is gaining. The higher your ranking, the higher your chances of appearing higher in search engines.

However, domain authority scores are only for predicting the future.

Therefore, increasing domain authority is not a goal, and should not be a goal in the first place. A higher score doesn’t necessarily mean higher rankings, so don’t trust too much and use it for comparison with your competitors.

Domain authority doesn’t work directly for SEO either. It is important not to be swayed by short-term scores and to steadily carry out correct SEO such as internal and external measures.


In this article, we focused on the following points about domain authority.

  • Domain authority is Moz’s proprietary search engine ranking score.
  • Domain authority can be checked from Link Explorer
  • In order to raise the domain authority score, it is important to create content that meets user needs
  • You can expect a higher domain authority score by collecting high-quality backlinks.

Domain authority is a very useful tool for knowing the current state of your site.

However, it’s just an “indicator”, so let’s not be bound by the score alone. Don’t forget that creating “content that meets user needs” is the most important thing.

Don’t overlook the essence, think about what you really need for your site, and what you really need to do. Please use the contents of this article to manage your own website.