Is everything done? 11 points to increase TikTok followers


TikTok is extremely popular among people in their teens and twenties.

Recently, not only young people but also a wide range of age groups have come to use it.

As it spreads as a popular SNS, it is also used for promotion.

As is the case with any SNS, there are many benefits to gaining followers and having your posts seen by many people.

So this time, I will explain how to increase followers on TikTok.

I want to increase my followers, but I don’t know what to do! If you are interested, please use it for future TikTok account management.

What is TikTok

First, let’s briefly review TikTok.

TikTok is a video platform and SNS where you can mainly post and watch short movies.

It is gaining popularity mainly among young people in their teens and twenties, but recently it has been used by a wide range of people in their thirties and older.

The feature of TikTok is that anyone can easily post high-quality videos.

From shooting to selecting BGM, editing images and videos, and posting, all necessary work can be completed within the TikTok app.

In addition, it is possible to view and discover many high-quality videos from “Recommendation”, and it is also attractive that it is easy to find interesting and excellent content that you do not know yet.

Such ease and fun are the reasons why it is gaining popularity among many people, especially among the younger generation.

why you need more followers

First of all, I will explain the need to increase the number of followers.

When you open the TikTok app, the first thing you see is the “recommendations” section that introduces recommended videos.

Videos of contributors who are not followed by users are also displayed in the recommendations, so if they can be displayed in the recommendations, an unspecified number of users can watch the videos.

However, the video displayed in the recommendation is determined by TikTok’s own judgment criteria (algorithm), so if it is not introduced in the recommendation and the number of followers is small, the opportunity for users to see the post will be extremely reduced..

If you can gain fans by posting and have them follow your account, the post will be displayed in the user’s “Following” tab list separately from the recommendations, so you can enjoy videos of other posters. You can get your post seen without being buried in.

Having more followers means more opportunities for users to watch your videos, so it’s important to have more followers, especially if you’re trying to promote your products.

Tips for increasing followers

Here are some tips on how to increase your followers.

Create a worldview for your TikTok account

First of all, let’s work out in advance what kind of world view TikTok account you want to make.

As with any SNS , users are less likely to follow you if the information and content you send out is inconsistent.

Unify the type of information and atmosphere of the content so that users can clearly see what kind of content the TikTok account is posting, such as “fashion,” “animal,” or “daily life.”

It is easy for users to feel the benefits if the information to be transmitted is not shaken.

Clarify The Target

It is also important to clarify what kind of users you want to deliver information to (= target).

This point is similar to the world view of TikTok accounts, but it is necessary to have a more concrete image of the target image.

For example, instead of setting the target group vaguely as “women in their 20s”, specify specific targets such as “25-year-old women”, “living alone in the 23 wards of Tokyo”, “work at a manufacturer”, “running is a hobby”, and “having a boyfriend”. Let’s set it up.

By doing so, for example, even with the same fashion-related information transmission account, the atmosphere and content of the brand to be introduced will change.

In addition to unifying the type of information and content in this way, by making the target more specific, it is possible to operate an account that is more sympathetic and effective.

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Focus On Starting Dash

Focus on posting videos, especially when you first start your TikTok account.

This is because it is said that videos tend to grow for a certain period of time after opening a TikTok account. (*Experienced by an influencer)

Even when posting regular videos, new videos tend to be picked up.

Similarly, for a certain period of time after creating a new TikTok account, there is a high chance that your video will be featured for TikTok enjoyment.

This period is a chance for everyone who creates a TikTok account, so try to post high-quality videos regularly during this period.

That way, more people will find your account and you’re more likely to follow them.

Be aware of being introduced in TikTok recommendations

If a video is introduced in TikTok recommendations (recommendations), more and more unspecified users will be able to watch the content, so creating a video that will be introduced in the recommendation is the most important point. One.

In order to be introduced in recommendations, it is necessary to acquire engagement such as many views, likes, and comments.

To effectively achieve these elements

  • Incorporate popular content
  • Use popular hashtags

becomes important.

When watching videos that flow in TikTok recommendations (recommended), mainly

  • Music/Dance
  • material
  • Information transmission system that becomes a waste

You can see that it is divided into

Watch some of the videos that are actually on the recommendation to see what kind of videos are trending on TikTok right now.

For example, popular items in the past include “photograph challenge” and “graduation father”.

Like these, actively incorporate popular content on TikTok into your own posts.

Also, it is recommended to watch the videos of the posters introduced in the recommendation first in the genre of the video you want to post, and to understand the trend of popular videos.

In addition to that, posting with popular hashtags is also very important.

By adding hashtags that are gaining popularity on TikTok and explaining the relevance of the video, you can improve searchability and explain the content of the video to the TikTok algorithm.

You can check popular hashtags from the “Trends” tab, so be sure to check them out.

Also, hashtags used by influential TikTokers and celebrities are likely to be trending, so be sure to always check the latest posts from popular TikTokers.

Use trendy background music

I told you that it is important to incorporate the TikTok trend in order to introduce videos in recommendations.

BGM is the easiest way to incorporate that trend.

Trending BGM can be easily checked by tapping the “Select Music” button on the video posting screen.

You can increase the attention by simply using the songs introduced as “trends” here as background music for your videos.

Trending BGM song titles are often popular hashtags, so when using trending BGM, be sure to post with “#song title”.

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Crafting Captivating Content: The Bedrock of Insta Likes Success

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Beware of Inauthentic Likes: Safeguarding Your Instagram Integrity

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Add A Hashtag

I explained that it is important to use popular hashtags, but at the same time, it is also important to use hashtags that differentiate your video from other videos.

Many contributors post with trending hashtags on TikTok, so if you only post with trending hashtags, it is more likely that your posts will be lost in other posts with the same hashtags.

So, let’s post not only trending hashtags but also hashtags related to specific themes at the same time.

For example, if “#recommended spot” is a trending hashtag at the time, add a hashtag such as “#place name + gourmet” at the same time. let’s do it.

This makes it easier for people searching for a particular topic to find you.

Split Or Series Videos

In order not only to watch the video but also to follow the account, it is necessary to make the user think, “I want to follow this poster’s video posts! I don’t want to miss them!”

As one of the ways to get users to follow your posts, it is also effective to divide the video into parts or make it into a series and make posts that you want to check continuously.

Even if your videos are of high quality and entertaining users, if it is all in one video, users may be satisfied and not follow your account.

Even if you create high-quality content, it’s a waste if users don’t follow you.

Instead of posting the content in one piece, if you divide the video and post it, the user will come to the account like “I want to see the continuation” and “I don’t want to miss it, let’s follow it”. It makes it easier to connect with followers.

Update Regularly

As with other SNS management, regular updates are also a point that cannot be overlooked.

As we have said repeatedly, embracing trends is especially important on TikTok.

So, keep in mind to regularly update posts that incorporate trends along with the quality of your content.

Also, in most cases, you can’t get fans with one post. It is important to continue posting with a certain quality while maintaining a high update frequency.

Furthermore, if you post regularly, you should be able to see the posts and content that were particularly popular among them.

Find out which content is most popular and use it in future posts.

communicate with users

Communication is also important to increase user engagement.

for example,

  • reply to comments
  • Post videos that incorporate requests from users
  • Answer questions in video

By communicating firmly with users, you can shorten the distance with users.

In addition, it is also a healthy community to see spontaneous interaction between users , such as another user answering a user’s question in the comment section.

If you can acquire enthusiastic fans, you can be sure that your posts will be seen, and it is also very effective for product promotion.

Improve Your Posting Time

So far, we have explained the content and frequency of content, but it is also necessary to devise the posting time.

In order to get more people to see your content, it is effective to post when more people and your target users are using TikTok.

There are three main effective time zones to get more people to see TikTok.

  • 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM on weekdays (commuting to work or school)
  • 0:00 PM to 1:00 PM on weekdays (especially during lunch breaks for working adults)
  • Weekdays from 6:00 PM to midnight (end of school/work)
  • Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

Many people watch TikTok during commuting hours, after work, and on holidays, so if you post during the above times, you are more likely to be seen.

In addition, 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM, which is the lunch break of general companies, and 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM, which is the end of school for junior and senior high school students, are also effective times for posting.

Be aware of the lifestyle patterns of your target users and try to devise a posting time.

Notification Of Updates On Other SNS

The last point is to announce the update on other SNS.

If you have already gained a certain amount of followers on SNS such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc., let us notify you of TikTok updates there or post a URL link to guide you.

If fans who have already supported you watch your TikTok videos, they are more likely to like and comment on those videos.

Acquiring likes and comments is a necessary factor for a video to appear in the recommendation column, so if you have an SNS account other than TikTok, be sure to proactively notify us of TikTok updates there as well.


What did you think. In this article, I will show you how to increase your TikTok followers.

In TikTok, it is important to incorporate trends anyway.

There are many points that can be devised, such as content, management method tips, posting time, etc. Please use this article as a reference for future TikTok account management.