How to Unsubscribe Zong Facebook Monthly Package

Zong Facebook Monthly Package

Dial *250# and reply with 2 to unsubscribe

Hello Friends! What’s up? I hope so you are all fine. Today I am here to solve your query about the zong monthly package. Since your question is How to unsubscribe Zong Facebook monthly package?

Zong monthly package is the most useful package by the users. Moreover, it gives 6GB in minimum amount as from 108 to 150 Pakistani rupees. But because of some other issues, most users disturb about its self-interference. Let’s see below about your solution and how we can handle it?

How To Unsubscribe Zong Facebook Monthly Package?

Dial *250# and reply with 2 to unsubscribe

Zong monthly package is very useful as it gives us good GB in minimum amount. But the main problem with it is that if we don’t want to subscribe it again. It subscribed to the package itself or does auto work. That’s the big problem of zong sim. If we have some balance in our sim it makes it use even, we want or not. Because of this, it makes the user unhappy.

Here we see about its points that how we can make zong Facebook monthly package unsubscribe?

  • Firstly, go in your simple message board and type UNSUB (in capital letters) with mfb (in small letters) on code
  • Secondly, go to your My zong app ad open its front page. Then you will see the packages that are already activated on your Zong sim. Then make your subscribed package unsubscribed as you want.
  • As another tip about its solution is to make your balance confirm firstly and did not remain in sim after subscribing to your package. In this way, your balance would not be wasted.

A Fast Method to Unsubscribe Zong Facebook Monthly Package

In our above discussion, we see the two methods to unsubscribe the package of our zong sim. But here we see the fastest method for our query. This great method is to contact the helpline. Let see the method of how we can contact it.

  • Firstly, go on your contact dial paid
  • Type Code 310
  • Call on it and get your help on this helpline

Final Thought

Damn sure you get your answer from this post. I try my best to give you a solution to your problem that how to unsubscribe Zong Facebook monthly package? If you like it read another post also. Like these questions, we try our best to solve your problems.