Best Jam Making Gifts

Jam Making Gifts

Presenting gifts to our loved ones is an act of great happiness. We exchange gifts at festivals to celebrate and make unforgettable memories. Here are some unique jam making products in a reasonable price.

Surprise your loved ones who are jam lovers with our fine collection consisting not only jam making products but also with all the essentials of preserving delicious jams.

1. Modern Jam Pot and Spoon

It is a wonderful addition to your dining table and present fine look. It is useful to serve jams, sweets or chutneys in a stylish way.

Modern Jam Pot And Spoon
Modern Jam Pot And Spoon

About this item:

  • Jam pot with fine spoon
  • Redwood collection
  • Blackberry design
  • Height of pot is 12cm, Diameter is 7.5cm and length of spoon is 10cm

2. Jam Thermometer Spoon

Jam thermometer spoon is very useful for the recipes that require exact temperature and one can measure the exact temperature of jam with comfort. It displays readings of temperature while you stir the jam. It is helpful while making syrups, sweets, sauces and delicious fruit jams.

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Jam Thermometer Spoon
Jam Thermometer Spoon

-Features of this item

  • Silicon spatula which is heat resistant and can measure temperature from 20°C to 220°C .
  • Detachable probe which is helpful to take readings of temperature accurately
  • Clear LCD screen
  • Stainless steel thermometer
  • Powered by 1XLR44 battery
  • With 12 month guarantee

3. Tala Jam Straining Set

This straining kit is used to remove seeds, pulp and fibers from your fruit jam to give smooth jelly delightful look. One can strain fruit jam by using this fantastic tala set with ease and comfort.

Tala Jam Straining Set
Tala Jam Straining Set

Features of this item:

Tala kit contains;

  • Sturdy wire stand to hold the nylon bag on it
  • Nylon bag to strain jam. This bag is reusable and washable.
  • A mixing bowl to catch smooth tasty jam
  • Have a capacity to strain heavy amount of jam at a time

4. Classic Jam Pot and Spoon

Classic jam pot and spoon is helpful in preserving the delightful jam for long time.

Classic Jam Pot and Spoon
Classic Jam Pot and Spoon

-About this item:

  • Glass jam pot with beautiful look
  • Spoon is made from bamboo wood
  • Height of glass jam pot is 12cm, diameter is 9cm and the length of bamboo spoon is 10cm.
  • Transparent jam pot

5. Goose Creek Large Jar

These 24oz jar candles from Goose Creek lighten up the bedrooms, living rooms and kitchen for you. It is available in variety of colors which are so unique and attractive. It is like a wonderful decoration piece.

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Goose Creek Large Jar
Goose Creek Large Jar

About this item:

  • Large jar with 2 led free wicks
  • Available in variety of attractive colors
  • Its height is 18cm
  • Burning time up to 150 hours
  • Having fragrance of flowers

6. Jam Sugar and Confectionery Thermometer

Fantastic tool to assist the making of sweets and fruit jams. One can easily take temperature readings by using this confectionary thermometer while cooking sweets.

Jam Sugar Thermometer

Features of this item:

  • Mercury free thermometer
  • Have a capacity to measure temperature from 40°celsius to 200° Celsius
  • It can also measure temperature in Fahrenheit from 100F to 400F.
  • Made of stainless stain
  • Collection from Tala

7. Jam Pan for Induction

It has its own internal measuring gauge and helps a lot in following ones recipes exactly. It is designated in such a way that heat is evenly distributed from all hobs. It is perfect to cook big batches of jams or chutneys. It works properly, no matter which type of heat source is used.

Goose Creek Large Jar
Goose Creek Large Jar

-Features of this item:

  • Have a capacity of 9 liters
  • Made of stainless steel having encapsulated and protective bottom
  • Having a double riveted handle and poring spout
  • Easy to use and washable

8. Strawberry Fruit Preserve Jar

These beautiful jars are not only used to preserve delightful and tasty jam but also used to serve jam on breakfast table. These jars are available in different and attractive shapes. It’s a stylish way to serve jams or chutneys in jars.

Strawberry Fruit Preserve Jar
Strawberry Fruit Preserve Jar

Features of this item:

  • Have a capacity to store 0.4 liter jam
  • Consisting of screw top lid made up of 2 pieces
  • Sturdy and thick
  • Easily washable

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