Is Celery Acidic ? Celery As an Alkaline Food

is celery acidic

Is Celery Acidic ?

Celery is that food which is famous due to its high nutritional profile. As celery contains essential nutrients like folates, different types of vitamins like A, C, K.

Moreover, celery contains a sufficient amount of potassium, phosphorus, antioxidants, and flavonoids. Therefore, with such great nutrients, celery is beneficial for our body in many ways.

Like celery contain a sufficient amount of dietary fibers, which help in smooth digestion. Moreover, it prevents constipation in our bodies.

At the same time, celery has unsaturated fats with low calories. And this thing keeps our body away from heart diseases.

But as celery is such an important part of our cooking, then there might be a question that is celery acidic. Because, it is very important to know all about that thing which are we using in our eating.

Neutralizing Stomach Acid:

However, fortunately, with such a great nutritional profile, celery is not acidic. Instead of that, celery is alkaline in nature, and as alkaline in nature, celery is very helpful for our stomach acid.

As it can neutralize stomach acid and keep away stomach burning. Even nutritionists suggest that you have to drink celery juice in the morning with empty stomach. This thing surely leads the neutralization of stomach acid.

Prevent Heartburn:

However, not for stomach acid, celery and celery juice is very healthy for heartburn. As heartburn causes when acid starts alleviating through the esophagus.

Therefore, avoiding heartburn it is necessary to take alkaline foods that can control excessive amounts of stomach acid.

Final Thoughts:

All these facts about the alkaline nature of celery prove that celery is not acidic in nature. But keep in mind that an excessive amount of each and everything is not healthy.

So do not overuse of celery in your routine. As excessive celery use can cause uneasiness in your gut.