Is Celery High In Sodium ?  Amount Of Sodium In Celery

is celery high in sodium

Is Celery High In Sodium ?

Celery is also known as celery root with edible leaves. It is also known as celeriac root with, most commonly edible in European countries as raw or after cooking.

However, its popularity is justifying due to containing a lot of nutrients. And that nutrients can full fill our daily needs of vitamins and dietary fibers.

Even, rather than vitamins and dietary fibers, celery contain antioxidants. All these nutrients and minerals are healthy for our health.

But, with all these advantages, celery contains a high amount of sodium. So if you wonder that is celery high in sodium? Then the answer is Yes.

As high in sodium, celery may cause concern to those who are sensitive to salt. Because according to a survey, celery contains 88milligram sodium per cup.

And this amount is fairly high. But you don’t have to concern about it because according to a study, salt in celery does not affect that much to our body and also high amount of sodium in celery doesn’t make it a high salty food. And thus, the people who are sensitive to salt don’t need to worry that much about it.

But, this doesn’t mean that you have to consume this celery a lot in your routine. Because consuming more celery may cause other issues in our body.

For example, eating more celery may cause malnutrition. The reason is that; celery contains a low amount of calories. The second thing is that celery contains a beneficent amount of dietary fibers.

Dietary fibers are very beneficial for smooth digestion. But consuming a lot of amount of dietary fibers may cause bloating in your gut.

Moreover, avoid eating too much raw celery, as raw celery may cause goiters. So, as celery is not that much-concerned able being high in sodium but that does not mean that you have to start it consuming a lot in daily routines.