Is Shrimp A Fish ? Can We Eat Raw Shrimp ?

is shrimp a fish

Shrimp are famous worldwide because of their taste and nutrients in them. One more thing which makes them preferable is less cooking time. According to the perspective of taste and texture shrimp have a slight salty and mild sweet fleshy taste with crispy texture after cooking. Moreover, shrimp across the world not only use in a wide range of foods but also use in the presentation of food dishes. So, let’s have a look on an interesting fact that is shrimp a fish. As the use of shrimp in food increases day by day so, it will be interesting to see is shrimp a fish and in how many ways they are related to fish.

Is Shrimp a Fish

Now a day’s shrimp are consumed on a large scale across the world as a beloved crustacean of any age group. But shrimp does not categorize as a fish, which mean being living in water like fish, shrimp are not fish. For this, there are a number of reasons that shrimp are not like fish. For example,

The exoskeleton of shrimp is divided into two parts and name as abdomen and cephalothorax. Unlike fishes, shrimp do not have gills to breathe and fins to swim. Rather than this shrimp have legs to swim. Moreover, shrimp have antennae on the cephalothorax part of their body to feel the surrounding things and stuff like that. Rather than this, shrimp are invertebrates while fishes are vertebrates.

  • Internal Skeleton

The internal skeleton of shrimp is also far away different from fishes. As, fishes have bones but shrimp do not. Instead of this shrimp just have one long tube as their digestive system long from head to tail.

So in short, shrimp have very few things in common with fishes as like fishes they live in water and like fishes they are coldblooded. That’s why with such few similarities we can categorize shrimp with fishes.

Are Shrimp Shell Fish

are shrimp shellfish
are shrimp shellfish

Okay, as we already know that shrimp are not categorize with fishes, then in which category of sea creatures shrimp will fall. So, the answer of this question is shellfish.

Yes, shrimp are shellfish. Not only shrimp but crabs and lobsters also fall in the category of shellfish.

Are Shrimp Meat

According to several people, the definition of meat is the flesh of animals. According to this fact, shrimp are meat. But researchers include shrimp as a protein food rather than meat.

As protein has a wide range of foods according to USDA, which includes all poultry, meat, seafood, beans, peas, eggs, processed soy products, nuts, and seeds. Thus we can conclude that shrimp is not meat but a protein enriched food.

Are shrimp Seafood

As shrimp fall in the category of shellfish but now here we will discuss that shrimp are considered as a type of seafood.

Actually, seafood is a term that contains all animals of sea that are used in several types of dishes to eat like fishes, crabs, lobsters, shrimp, octopus, and many more.

Are shrimp Cause Any Allergy

If you wonder that shrimp can cause any kind of allergy in your body or not, then the answer is YES. Actually, shrimp can cause allergy in the human body but this allergy not fairly because of shrimp.

Yes, this is also true that shrimp might not cause allergies but the protein in the shrimp may cause allergy. If your body or your immune system sensitive to protein, then this might happen.

Usually, this happens when your body and shrimp proteins cause the release of histamine, which produces inflammatory effects. And hence causes the symptoms of allergy in the body.

Moreover, the allergy symptoms usually include vomiting, stomach pain, shortness of breath, chest pain, swelling of different body parts, etc.

After eating shrimp or any other protein enrich food like meat. If you face any of above mention symptoms, then to cure this allergy you have to visit your doctor in the first go.

But if you want to take care of your allergy at your home then it will cost you the skipping of shrimp as well as protein enrich foods.

Can We Eat Raw Shrimp?

Shrimp are just like other seafood that can also contain bacteria even parasites in them. And both these will cause serious health issues to anyone’s health.

As, they eating raw shrimp may cause food poisoning with stomach cramps. But the parasites in shrimp may cause serious infections in our body.

Not only shrimp but also other raw meat can cause serious trouble for us. That’s why pregnant women and children should avoid eating raw meat including shrimp.

As due to the weak immune system of children bacteria of raw meat or shrimp. The same goes for pregnant women as they should have to be more careful according to their diet.

So its batter that you should eat shrimp after cooking to enjoy their full taste and nutrients without the fear of any other disease. But if you want to eat raw shrimp then make sure to buy them from that market and restaurant.

Nutritional Facts of Shrimp

Shrimps now a day’s favorite of numerous people across the world. Not only this, a number of dishes remain incomplete due to the absence of shrimp.

Therefore, I am going to discuss the nutritional facts of shrimp so that you will remain confident about the ingredients in your dish.

Let’s discuss the following nutrients of shrimp


Shrimp are usually having enough amount of proteins in it that you don’t have to take another extra food for your daily need of proteins. As protein is necessary for our body to keep it on the healthy track. And shrimp can easily fulfill your daily need of protein.


Instead of enriching in protein, shrimp have few amounts of fats in it. This fact of shrimp encourages people to keep shrimp in their diet without any fear of weight gaining.

Not only low in fats, shrimps also have a low amount of calories. Because of low in fats, shrimp are favorite to everyone. And you also eat them without the fear of weight gaining with them.


Actually, shrimp are themselves low in carbohydrates naturally. So you don’t have to worry about this fact also because people with diabetes can easily eat them without any issue.

But the carbohydrates amount can be increasing in shrimp depends upon the way to cook them. For example, if you fry them with bread crumbs on it then the carbohydrates amount in shrimps will increase.

Health Benefits of Shrimp

Being enrich in nutritional way shrimp are very helpful and beneficial for our body in the following way

what is a shrimp

Shrimp Beneficial In Eye Health

Shrimp are very useful for eye health in today’s life in which a number of people fight against eye problems including myself. But if we consume shrimp on daily basis then it will be beneficial for our eye health because shrimp contain Astaxanthin.

As Astaxanthin provides betterment in eyes health by being an efficient antioxidant. Not only this but shrimp as a source of Astaxanthin prevent several eye diseases that occur with age.

Cataracts is that a disease in which cloudy areas develop in front of eyes lens and thus produce trouble in our vision. Shrimp daily use helps us to avoid from cataracts production due to containing Astaxanthin in it. Not only this consuming shrimp on daily basis keep strong and healthy our retina.

For Bones Strengthen

Shrimp contain a good amount of phosphorus and vitamin D which are very useful to strengthen our bones. Not only this phosphorus and vitamin D with calcium becomes more effective for bone health.

Protection Against Cancer

Shrimps are a good source of Astaxanthin and Omega 3 antioxidants. And both of them will be a good source in the prevention of our body against cancer and also help to reduce the cancerous cells.

Beneficial Against Heart Diseases

Being enrich in proteins shrimp are also enrich in cholesterol, which may cause an increment in our body’s cholesterol.

But thanks to the antioxidants present in shrimp, which make them the least harmful for our body’s cholesterol. And thus according to research, it is proven that shrimp consumption will cause no trigger against heart disease. Rather than that, shrimp are beneficial for any health disease.

For Women’s Health

Nutrients in shrimp are very helpful for women’s health. As antioxidants in shrimps help to reduce joints pain in the body.

Not only this Omega-3 fatty acids help to prevent from a premenstrual syndrome which includes the symptoms of mood swings, food cravings, fatigue, and depression.

Final Remarks

No doubt shrimp are highly recommended seafood to make your dishes yummy. And of course, shrimp not only favorite to adults but they also favorite to young ones. But one thing which I want to say that of course you can consume shrimp but in a safe mode.

Mean after proper cooking and if you want to eat raw shrimp then make your health safety should be your priority. Happy cooking and Eating.