Difference Between Italian Parsley and Curly Parsley


What is parsley? Parsley is an herb which is juicy and green in color. We can easily get from any grocery shop. In addition, when it fresh it looks beautiful. But when it is not fresh it looks dull and change its taste. We can easily grow in our homes.

Moreover, parsley divides into two branches. One is Italian and other is curly parsley. People are curious to know about difference between Italian and curly parsley. Italian parsley uses in many recipes as it uses with basil seed or with another herb. And it flavor is bit quirky.

On the other hand, curly parsley contains shiny leaves and use in garnishing. Curly parsley leaves mostly flavorless. They are used for decorating the dishes. Moreover, a good point if curly parsley is it contains a great aroma.

Can We Use Curly Parsley Instead of Italian Parsley?

No. The reason is there, Curley parsley week in flavour. If we want to use instead of Italian parsley, we use double amount of it. Moreover, Curley parsley not use in Italian recipes. Italian parsley has its own qualities. It uses for Italian dishes. In addition, it contains a strong flavor.

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Curley parsley has shiny leaves with a cool look. It is mostly use in French dishes. Moreover, the best way to use parsley is to chop it and garnish it on recipe after totally cooked.

Difference Between Italian and Curly Parsley

People are curious to know the difference between the parley types. Here we discuss about their differences. First of all, both are different in look as Italian parley contains no shiny leaves. But curly parsley contains shiny leaves that gives the great look.

Moreover, Italian parsley has a strong flavor but Curly parsley not contain. Italian parsley leaves are little but curly parsley leaves are long and flat. In addition, both are used for garnishing on dishes.