Are Plum Tomatoes the Same as Roma Tomatoes?


Tomatoes are fruit which we use widely in cooking. However, there are numerous dishes that are incomplete without tomatoes.

Just look towards the variety of tomato sauces we use in our daily routines. However, several tomato varieties are available across the world.

But the most widely useable variety is plum tomatoes. Not only plum tomatoes but also Roma tomatoes use in numerous recipes also.

However, sometimes people confuse about both Roma and plum tomatoes. As or plum tomatoes the same as Rome tomatoes?

If you are also confusing about both these varieties, then navigate this article as I’m going to differentiate both these tomatoes types.

Are Plum Tomatoes the Same as Roma Tomatoes:

However, a precise answer to this question is-no. Yes, plum and roma tomatoes are not same. But, they are same when we talk about verities.

So, yes, roma tomatoes are one of the varieties of plum tomatoes. As, plum tomatoes have wide range of varieties and Roma tomatoes are one of them.

Plum Tomatoes VS Roma Tomatoes:

As we already know that roma tomatoes are a variety of plum tomatoes. But now let’s have look at both types similarities and differences.

However, there are several tomatoes varieties around the world. And all these varieties differ in shape from each other. Similarly, roma tomatoes are also different in shape from plum tomatoes.

As roma tomatoes have an oblong shape with dense in mass. While the plum tomatoes mostly are oval.

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The other major difference between roma and plum tomatoes is the number of seeds. As, Roma tomatoes tend to have fewer seeds compare to plum tomatoes.

Moreover, roma tomatoes are famous because of their dance texture compared to plum tomatoes. As roma tomatoes are easy to cook and provide more taste to your food.

However, roma tomatoes are the closest to plum tomatoes among all the other tomato varieties. As, roma tomatoes are also plum tomatoes, but plum tomatoes are not roma tomatoes.

San Marzano Plum Tomatoes:

San Marzano is also a variety of plum tomatoes and is also considered an expensive one. However, this variety is used widely for pizza making. These tomatoes are also oblong but having a dot-like bottom tip most of the time.

However, there is one similarity between roma and San Marzano tomatoes: they are both open pollinated. It means that their pollination done naturally via bees, air, etc.

Final Thoughts:

However, plum tomatoes and roma tomatoes are not same. But, roma tomatoes are one of the varieties of plum tomatoes.