Is Celery Leaves Edible ? Facts About Celery Leaves

is celery leaves edible

Is Celery Leaves Edible ?

Across the world, the cultivation of celery has three parts for three different celery products. One of them is for celery seeds, the second type is for celery root, also known as celeriac and the third one is just for celery stalk. As celery consists of a bunch of ribs with leaves on them.

However, the leaves of celery are not bigger in size. As they are much similar to the leaves of coriander. So as we all know that the leaves of coriander are edible then there is a question that is celery leaves edible?

Importance Of Celery Leaves:

It is a fact that celery itself an underrated food. So many people use to throw their leaves without knowing their importance. Actually, celery leaves are also filled with nutrients with the most important strong celery flavor.

Moreover, you can use celery leaves in soups, fries, to decorate your dishes. You can also use them in sauces as well as in stocks.

How To Use Celery Leaves:

As we already discuss the importance of celery leaves and also we discussed in which foods we can use them. However, now I would like to discuss that how we can use them. I want to discuss all the ways that can make these leaves beneficial for our health.

Firstly, you can use them just as herbs in a different types of dishes. Even these leaves can use as a decoration of various dishes. Secondly, you can use them in salads, in which they will provide you a strong flavor of celery with diligent fragrance.

Thirdly we can make the juice of celery stalks with celery leaves and also use them in other morning shakes.

As growing naturally, celery leaves are beneficial to our health. And with this, we can use them for a lot of purposes.