How To Make Flour Stick to Chicken Without Eggs ?

make flour stick to chicken without egg

Eggs are the primary ingredients when you talk about the recipe of fried chicken. As, eggs provide enough moisture and also binds the dry coating to chicken. However, what if you run out of eggs in your kitchen for a while?

And in case if you are allergic to eggs for any health issues, then what is the solution. Interestingly, you can still enjoy your favorite fried chicken recipe. Yes, you can use other eggs alternative in your recipe.

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So, here I have some ideas about how to make flour stick to chicken without eggs? Let’s dive into and explore what is important to know.

How To Make Flour Stick to Chicken Without Eggs?

  • The paste of corn flour with water goes well instead of eggs in your favorite recipe. As, you already coat the chicken with flour, so use a little quantity of corn flour with water to make a dry coating stick to the chicken.
  • Secondly, you can use another vegan substitute for eggs. And, that is a mixture of aquafaba and cornstarch. Aquafaba gives a fluffy texture to your final product, just like eggs.
  • Moreover, there’s also a dairy substitute for eggs. Yes, you can still enjoy fried chicken using butter milk or yoghurt milk. So, use butter milk or a mixture of yoghurt milk to make sure that flour stick to chicken. In addition, this substitute will also lock moisture and thus, chicken tends to be juicy.
  • Another best egg substitute is applesauce with corn starch or flour. And, it will go great as it binds the dry coating to chicken perfectly.

So, you can choose any substitute for egg according to your health and taste preferences.

However, there is no perfect substitute that can replace eggs perfectly in a particular recipe. But still, you can try the above given ideas and enjoy your favorite recipe.