Best Substitutes For Maple Extract | What You Can Use Instead of Maple Extract

maple extract substitute

You will definitely hear about maple extract or observe it as an ingredient in several recipes. It is a staple to American kitchens. And, if you are in love with pancakes or cookies, then you will surely know the importance of maple extract in your home kitchen. But what if there’s no maple extract available for any reason. Luckily, you can still get a similar maple taste in your sweet creations. Here’s, I have got some Best maple extract substitute for you that will add deliciousness to your food.

maple extract substitute
maple extract substitute

Although, all the substitute for maple extract cannot fully replace the dynamic and robust flavor of maple extract.

However, one can use these great alternatives in place of maple extract. Amazingly, all these maple extract alternatives will provide almost the same sweet mapley taste to your food recipes, just like a maple extract.

Maple Extract and Its Types

It is a concentrated flavoring typically made from maple trees. Maple extract is widely used in North America and other regions across the world.

Typically, maple extract is used in sweet as well as savory foods to enhance their flavor. As a significant ingredient of several recipes, maple extract adds a dynamic sweet maple flavor to them. Also, it makes the recipes extra special and memorable.

There are several different types of maple extract, from which four are more common. These four types of maple extract are natural, pure, artificial, and imitation.

The pure and natural maple extracts are made naturally from the different species of maple trees. In contrast, the artificial or imitation extracts are a mixture of artificial maple flavors.

Substitute For Maple Extract In Cooking

The usage of maple extract replacement in your daily cooked recipes will not only enhance the flavor but also make them extra special.

There are a variety of maple extract alternatives that you can use smartly instead of maple extract. Molasses, brown sugar syrup, honey, cotton candy, rum extract, and citrus zest are the best substitutes to replace maple extract in food dishes.

Use Molasses for the Replacement of Maple Extract

substitute for maple extract
substitute for maple extract

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The molasses are available in different forms depending upon their taste. Their taste varies from milder sweet with robust flavor to very sweet and sugary taste.

The molasses of sweetest fruits is the best substitute for maple extract in your recipes. Moreover, molasses go great with sweet as well as savory foods like muffin, barbecue, chicken, and many more.

Brown Sugar Syrup as Alternative

maple extract substitute
brown sugar for replacement

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This sugary syrup simply contains brown sugar and water as the main ingredients. And, there’s no usage of white sugar granules in it.

Its sweet taste in savory food dishes replaces maple extract entirely. Usually, ¼ cup of brown sugar syrup replaces ¾ cup of maple extract. Thus, you can use this syrup as a substitution for maple extract in savory as well as sweet recipes.

Honey is Best Substitution for Maple Extract

substitution for maple extract
substitution for maple extract

As we know that, honey is a sweet liquid substance having high viscosity. It gives your food a strong flavor. However, its taste slightly differs from maple, but it could be a great option instead of maple extract.

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One cup of raw honey easily replaces one cup of maple extract. Thus, you can make your meals memorable by giving them a different taste than usual. Interestingly, honey is an excellent substitute for maple extract in baked salmon, pork, and cocktail.

Rum Extract

This extract is a food ingredient having a high concentration. It is made from rum with a strong and dynamic flavor. If rum extract is available in your kitchen, then it could be a great substitution for maple extract.

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There are two common types of rum extract mostly available in the market. One type is natural, and the other one is imitation.

The natural type had a real rum with a strong concentrated flavor. While the imitation is made from artificial ingredients also having mild flavor.

As a substitute for maple extract, a natural rum extract is a perfect option. Because it provides almost similar flavor to maple and doesn’t disturb the concentration of your recipes.

Citrus zest

A zest is a food ingredient that gives a flavor and aroma to several dishes. Usually, citrus zest is a scrapping peel of citrus fruits like lemon, lime, or orange.

And, you may wonder how a citrus zest could be a maple extract alternative. But really, you can use it in your routine recipes, and it will go great.

Substitute For Maple Extract In Baking

Undoubtedly, maple extract gives a new life to baked goods. And, maple extract, either in the form of glazing or icing, adds a unique flavor to sweet creations.

But, here I have got some wonderful substitution for maple extract that you can use while doing baking.

Maple syrup, vanilla extract, maple candy, almond extract, maple butter, and corn syrup are widely used in place of maple extract in baking.

Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup

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Undoubtedly, maple syrup is the closest alternative that you can use instead of maple syrup. It goes great with pies, desserts, muffins, and cookies.

One cup of maple syrup successfully replaces one cup of maple extract. So, there’s no need to make a compromise on mapley flavor in your recipes.

Now, try maple syrup instead of maple extract, and you will achieve a similar taste.

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Extract

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Instead of using mapley flavor, you also have an option to try vanilla flavor in your recipes. It enhances the overall flavor of goods, just like the maple extract.

Try vanilla extract as a replacement of maple extract in cupcakes, cookies, and cheesecakes. One tbsp. of vanilla extract is enough to replace one tbsp. of maple extract.

Now, try the new combinations of ingredients in baking and take your skill to another level.

Maple Candy

Maple Candy

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Another sweet alternative to maple extract is maple candy. Maple candy has a pure mapley flavor with a creamy taste. Furthermore, it gives a fluffy texture to your baked goods.

From now, use this maple candy in a soft form as glazing of cupcakes or muffins. And, its consistency and strong creamy flavor replace maple extract fully. Also, it gives the same mapley flavor to your sweet treats.

Almond Extract

maple extract substitute
almond extract as alternative

It is a sweet viscous liquid that gives a sweetish taste to food dishes. Typically, there are two types of almond extract. One is natural, and the other one is artificial. And, both of these are available in the market.

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As a maple extract substitute, use almond extract which is made of natural ingredients. Almond extract replaces maple extract in bread baking. Besides this, it gives a soft texture to bread also with a sweetish taste.

Maple Butter

Another alternative to maple extract in baking is maple butter or maple cream. Usually, maple butter is a concentrated form of maple syrup with a creamy texture.

Interestingly, maple butter is a great substitute for maple extract in cookies and biscuits. It gives not only a buttery taste but also a mapley flavor to cookies. So, try maple butter instead of maple extract in baking.

Corn syrup

maple extract substitute
use corn syrup for replacement

It is a food syrup having corn starch and high amount of sugars in it. Corn syrup is a confection with great consistency.

It is the best alternative of maple extract, and you can serve pancakes, pies, and tarts with this corn syrup. One cup of corn syrup replaces one cup of maple extract per serving.

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Substitute For Maple Extract In Salads

Maple extract is a major ingredient of several fruit salads. And, it gives a perfect sweetness and enhances the overall flavor of the salad.

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But, there are also some great maple extract substitutes that you can try in your salad. Additionally, you can also use these substitutes in the vegetable salad.

Cider syrup, agave nectar, fruit syrup, and palm extract are typically used to replace maple extract in salads.

Cider Syrup

Usually known as apple molasses, this cider vinegar is a best substitution for maple flavor in salads. It is a concentrated dark brown fruity syrup that gives a sweet tart flavor to food salads.

Cider syrup as a salad dressing perfectly replaces the maple extract. And, it is a great way to utilize this fruity syrup in your diet. So, if there’s no maple extract available, then utilize it and enjoy your meal.

Agave Nectar

It is a sweet confection having a consistency like honey. Agave nectar, commonly known as agave syrup, adds a sweet hint to your salads.

It is a best maple extract substitute in fruit salads as well as in vegetable salads. Also, it provides enough sweetness and flavor to salad, just like maple. Certainly, it would be a unique addition to your diet.

Fruit syrup

substitution for maple extract
substitution for maple extract

Now, try more options to obtain natural sweetness in your salads with fruit syrups. Fruit syrups or fruit molasses are viscous juices that are used as sweetening agents.

There are several different fruit syrups available in the market. But, the syrups of grapes, cherries, and apples are mostly used as substitutes for maple extract.

Besides this, these fruit syrups not only give a natural sweetness but also a better taste than usual.

Palm extract

Another maple extract replacement in salads is palm extract. Palm extract with its sweet, nutty taste delights you.

Instead of palm extract, you can also use palm oil as a salad dressing. I know its taste is quite different from maple extract, but one can try it in fruit salads.

Ways To Enjoy Maple Extract Substitutes

After elaborating on all those maple extract substitutes, here I have some ideas to use these alternatives in your diet.

All the substitution for maple extract go great with:

  • Savory foods like pork, grilled meat, and waffles
  • Baked vegetables, fries, and fish
  • Baked goods like pancakes, muffins, and pies
  • Tarts, cupcakes, cheesecakes, and desserts
  • Fruit salads
  • And, vegetable salads

What Does Maple Extract Taste Like?

Maple extract has a substantial sweet taste and adds a vibrant mapley flavor to your sweet treats. It goes great in several sauces, fillings, and maple ice creams.

In addition, the usage of maple extract as frosting, icing, or glazing to your cakes provides you with a sweet maple flavor.

You also have an option to use it in cookies and bread doughs. And, it will simply delight you a lot with its exceptional sweet taste.

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