Is Marzipan and Fondant the Same Thing

Marzipan and Fondant Same

Is Marzipan and Fondant same thing? Marzipan is a combination of sugar and almonds. It has a sweet and nutty taste. Marzipan use for covering the cake and decorating. It’s most usage is in Europe. It is easy to use. It contains rich flavor than fondant. But sometimes peoples are allergic to nuts as almonds so they prefer fondant.

Fondant is another thing but it is used as icing. It gives the cake a smooth look. Moreover, it contains a better texture and color. If we want to give a smooth and finish look then it is better to use fondant rather than marzipan.

Mostly people confuse that for what purpose these both are used. So, here I clear it both use for icing of the cake to make it beautiful, attractive.

Is Marzipan Is a Better Than Fondant in Smooth Look?

Marzipan recipe is very simple and easy to make. It contains some fresh almonds then we grind it in a mixing machine with sugar. It depends upon us which flavor we like either fruity or chocolaty. And when we add different things for flavor its colors change.

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Moreover, marzipan also gives a vanilla taste if we want to add it. But marzipan does not give a smooth look because in it we use crushed nuts. So we can say marzipan look like a crunchy texture.

In the case of fondant, it is also made of sugar with some flavors and gums. But fondant gives a smooth texture because it does not contain any nuts. As to which color we want to get mix in it.

Is Marzipan and Fondant Same Thing?

No, there is a bit of difference between both of them. Fondant is expensive because when we purchase it from the market pre-made. Marzipan is preferable because we can easily have made it in a home with ingredients that are available in every grocery shop.

Marzipan use for decorating and flavors but Fondant use for designing and a pretty look.