Why Do People Put Rice In Salt Shakers ?

People Put Rice In Salt Shakers

The salt shaker is a thing that you notice every time on your dining table. By the way, ever you notice rice grains in a salt shaker? Or, ever you think why do people put rice in salt shakers?

Well, salt shakers on restaurant tables also have rice grains in them. However, these grains are large enough and don’t come out from a shaker. Then, what is the purpose of using them?

Today, I am here to answer all these questions. So, let’s read on.

Why Do People Put Rice In Salt Shakers?

Salt is an important ingredient as well as a seasoning that is pretty common in every kitchen. It enhances the overall flavor of savory food recipes. Interestingly, it also rounds off the flavor and taste of several sweet treats.

But there’s a problem with it. Salt forms clumps when it comes in contact with a little bit moisture.

Because, the salt crystals absorb moisture from surrounding environment and are clumped up. This usually happens in the monsoon season when the humidity level is high.

However, there is a trick to get rid of this problem. And, that trick is the usage of few rice grains in salt container or a shaker.

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As, rice grains are hygroscopic in nature and absorb moisture quickly as compared to salt. Therefore, rice prevents the clumping of salt even in humid surrounding.

Clumped salt is difficult to come out from shaker. And, it can also block the pores of shaker. Therefore, you can’t take the exact measurement of salt that calls for a particular recipe.

As we all know, too much salt ruins the overall taste of the recipe. Similarly, too little salt in a dish doesn’t go well. Thus, people use rice grains in salt shakers and other containers to avoid clumping of salt.

The additional advantage of using rice in salt shaker is that rice grains do not alter the flavor of salt crystals.

You can also use other substances in a salt shaker instead of rice grains. For instance, you can put dry leaves of parsley with salt crystals to avoid clumping. Moreover, beans or soda crackers are also best for this purpose.

In short, people put rice grains in salt shakers to avoid the clumping of salt.