What Does Celery Taste Like? Tips To Remove Celery Smell

What Does Celery Taste Like

Celery is used in various dishes in the kitchen. For example, you have often seen celery used in soups for lunch. It is a cheap way to add flavor and nutrition to your diet.

Its taste is different from all other herbs, and therefore, everyone likes it. Therefore, many questions may circulate in your mind about celery, such as, ‘What does celery taste like, or for what purposes celery can be used.

Some people wonder what is the special reason for the taste of celery that attracts different people. Because celery is often used in the preparation of smoothies, soups, and sauces.

In this article, we will try our best to answer your questions about celery.

What Does Celery Taste Like?

Celery has both mild and intense flavors at the same time and sometimes has a bold flavor. It tastes similar to raw or green onions.

Some people don’t like its taste while some people like it very much. As, it tastes different from other herbs. That’s why most people appreciate its flavor.

Some people think that it tastes like spicy, unsweetened beetroot. And, their stalks contain a lot of water, so you will find watery and green flavors to taste. However, the fact that celery has its own distinct flavor is widely accepted.

Therefore, it is popular in various dishes to enhance the flavor of food dishes. Moreover, celery is famous as a crunchy snack, which is why people love it so much. And, you get a strange relief after eating celery.

How Does Celery Taste and Smell?

The smell of celery is reminiscent of parsley. Fresh celery leaves can taste like coriander. And, the greens of this vegetable are firm, slightly bitter. The sharp, spicy taste of celery is due to its high essential oil content.

How Do Different Types of Celery Taste?

There are three types of celery : petiole, leaf, and root. A root vegetable grows a large, round root vegetable used for cooking. Grown for leafy greens; people eat the stems and leaves of the petiole.

Differences Between Different Types Of Celery

  1. Petiole (stem) varieties are thick, juicy stems with a pleasant mild taste and aroma.
  2. Unlike the petiole, it does not have prominent stems. The main part of the plant is lush, fragrant greens with a slight bitterness and spicy, sour taste with a characteristic aroma.
  3. Root vegetables have their own distinctive taste, that is, sweet-bitter, slightly pungent with a rich aroma.

The taste of celery resembles parsley but is more aromatic and slightly bitter. While, the taste of vegetable petioles is more neutral, softening after heat treatment.

On the other hand, the raw root vegetable is the island, vaguely like a radish. It contains a large number of essential oils, which makes the taste spicy and bittersweet.

What Determines The Taste And Smell of Celery?

After drying, the greens of the vegetable lose their spice and bitterness. And, it tastes a little sweet.

While, petioles and root crops change during cooking, their taste becomes more neutral. Moreover, their characteristic smell disappears, and thus, it becomes less sharp.

How Does Celery Taste When Cooked?

After boiling, celery stalks taste like zucchini. However, when root vegetables are boiled or fried or when they are heat-treated, their taste becomes less pronounced, similar to potatoes.

How To Remove Celery Smell?

Usually, people don’t like the smell of celery. And, if you also dislike its smell, then you can remove it easily. Here, we will tell you the ways of suppressing its smell.

Lemon and vinegar, which are common in every kitchen, are useful in this regard. Apart from these, sauerkraut is also the best option to suppress the celery smell.

To eat healthy, it is necessary to consume all foods. But, while cooking some foods such as celery, a bad odor occurs in the kitchen. To prevent this, you can apply the following methods to remove the celery smell.


If you have sauerkraut in your kitchen, then you can use it to suppress the smell of celery. While cooking celery, you can put 1 tablespoon of sauerkraut in it. After that, you can cook the food with peace of mind as it will eliminate the smell of pickled celery.

And, if you use too much pickle while cooking, then its taste will deteriorate. Or, if you don’t have sauerkraut, you can take a look at other options.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice in the bowl.
What Does Celery Taste Like

Before cooking celery, you can soak it in lemon juice to prevent it from emitting a foul smell while cooking. For this, all you have to do is squeeze the juice of 1 lemon and put it in a deep bowl, and add some water to it.

After cleaning the celery, you can keep it in water with lemon for 20 minutes, and then you can cook the dish.


Vinegar, which gives flavor to salads, is also helpful to suppress the celery smell. When you use vinegar, you can both prevent celery from smelling bad and ensure that the vegetable is cleaned better.

So, put half a glass of vinegar and some water in a deep bowl. After washing the celery, leave it in the vinegar-water mixture for 20 minutes. Then you can cook the celery by running it through the water.