What Is a Stalk of Celery? Interesting Facts About Stalk of Celery

what is a stalk of celery

What Is a Stalk of Celery?

Celery is the most important factor in everyone’s kitchen. And of course, it should be as it contains a lot of nutrition’s with numerous health benefits.

For example, Celery contains many vitamins like vitamin-A, C, K, Potassium, and phosphorus. Moreover, Celery has a lot of antioxidants and flavonoids. And all these nutrients are healthy for our body.

As Celery is helpful for smooth digestion in our body. And also prevent inflammation in our body, providing strength to our bones. Moreover, Celery helpful in preventing heart diseases.

With such kind food for us, let’s dig something more about the stalk of Celery. Mean, what is a stalk of Celery? And all other interesting facts about the stalk of Celery.

Actually, in the world cultivation of Celery for stalks is separate and for roots and seed are separate. As celery stalk is a bunch of crispy sticks with small leaves on it.

The single sticks of celery stalk known a rib. And they all are connected from the base. And then, all the ribs grow separately from the base with a little curve from its edges.

Celery Stalk Types

Celery stalk is of two types one is green Celery, and the other is yellow Celery. Green Celery is the most commonly used type of Celery in the kitchen.

While yellow Celery is of pale color and not that much use in cooking. Moreover, yellow Celery is milder in taste as compared to green Celery.

Moreover, the harvesting period for the stalks of Celery is 4 to 5 months. But don’t worry about that you have to wait for so long you can pluck outer ribs when they are 6 to 8 inches long.

But keep in mind that don’t pluck the inner ribs. Moreover, if you want celery stalk, then harvest them before growing the seed stalks.