What Is Celery Root ? All About Celery Root You Want to Know

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What Is Celery Root ?

Are you curious about that what is celery root? If yes, then this is for you in which I discuss each and every thing about celery root. Celeriac root is a type of vegetable having different names like celery root, knob celery, and turnip-rooted celery.

This root is famous across the world because of different reasons. Firstly, due to its nutritional benefits. Secondly, due to its edible stem and bulbous hypocotyl.

Therefore, this celery root has a wide variety of dishes with which we can cook it. For example, we can cook it in soups, casseroles, and many other savory dishes.

Moreover, you can eat it as stewed, or even after roasted. However, we can use celery root as a substitute for potatoes because its flesh is similar to the potatoes.

Not only this, even we can eat it raw, that’s why we can easily use it in salads. As a raw dish, it gives you mild sweet and crunchy flavor.

According to the looks of celery roots, it has a stem similar to the stem of carrot and also a bulbous hypocotyl which is grown under the soil. This bulbous hypocotyl has many small roots on it.

That’s why it is a little bit hard to cut the celery root. So it will be useful if you use a sharp knife to cut the celery root. The stem of celery root is not too long or also too thick, which means you can easily grow celery root in your own place.

After harvesting celery root can easily store for six to eight months. However, if it is stored poorly then it started rotten. Celery root when start rotten then it became hollow from the center.

So before using it in any dish make sure that it is not hollow from the center. But if you want to grow this in your garden then the peak season to grow them is from September to April.