Is Celery Healthy ? Health Benefits of Celery Root

is celery healthy

Is Celery Healthy ?

Celery root, with the original name celeriac root is a well-known root in European countries. Chefs of France give another direction to the taste of celery root by using it with other vegetables.

You can eat it raw with salad or you can also eat it after cooking. However, this root is known as the most ancient root among all the other roots.

Not only this, celery root is high in nutrients which are very healthy for our body. Are you curious about is celery healthy?

Then I am here to tell you about that not only celery is healthy, but also I will tell you about the health benefits of celery root.

Celery root naturally grows into the soil with their leaves outside the soil. Celery root has a bulbous shape inside the soil, and we can store it at normal temperature for several months.

That’s why celery root has a sufficient amount of dietary fibers. As dietary fibers are very helpful in the digestion process of food. Not only this, celery roots nutrients help us to avoid constipation and its other consequences.

Moreover, celery root is rich in Vitamin-K, which is necessary for our bone health. As this vitamin helps our bones to bind their minerals. And this ultimately leads to the good health of bones.

Above all of this, according to research, celery root helps us lower the risk of colon cancer. And that ultimately proves the healthy nature of celery root.

Not only this, celery root contains unsaturated fats with a low amount of calories. And these unsaturated fats helpful to lower the risk of a heart attack.

Celery root also has a sufficient amount of potassium and copper. These two minerals are helpful to reduce the inflammation effect in the body.

These are just a few nutrients and their benefits to our health which I discuss here. As celery root contains a wide range of several others health benefits with a crispy texture.