What To Do With Expired Eggs ? Here’s Some Creative Ideas To Try

What To Do With Expired Eggs

We all wanted to cook an egg dish before realizing that the eggs we have left have expired. I know, this situation then causes a great moment of incomprehension and doubt, what to do with expired eggs?

This question surely bothers you sometimes. Therefore, today we will discuss various aspects of this question. In this article, we cover all the questions related to expired eggs like, can you eat expired eggs? Also, we mention numerous creative ways to utilize your expired eggs.

So, this article will answer these questions precisely, thus giving you more information and inspiration to use your expired eggs.

When Is My Egg Expired?

After the date of laying, your eggs theoretically remain good for one month. However, during this month, it will vary leaving room for appearance and texture varying over time. The eggs will therefore be more or less suitable depending on the weather.

Thus, in the first 8 days, the eggs are extra fresh and will therefore be a good candidate for making soft-boiled eggs. From eight days to 3 weeks, they are great for making hard-boiled eggs because they will flake well.

Finally, when they are more than 28 days old, then it is wise to use them in recipes where they require heat for a long time. For instance, these eggs go well in baking products like cupcakes, pastries, muffins, etc.

Despite everything, the freshness of eggs greatly depends on their storage conditions. And, to ensure that the eggs remain edible or not, you must perform the tips that we will tell you in the next paragraphs.

What To Do with Expired Eggs?

What To Do With Expired Eggs
What To Do With Expired Eggs

After ensuring that eggs are still edible, you have an option to utilize them in various cooking recipes.

Besides cooking, you can also use them in beauty masks or even in a painting workshop to occupy your children.

Here, we mention different ways to use expired eggs in detail.

Use Them in Beauty Tips

There are a lot of beauty treatments that are egg-based. So, you can use all expired eggs to make beauty products.

Indeed, it is the best method to utilize eggs that are not fresh or edible. In addition, we share with you a remedy to treat face impurities with eggs.

As Catherine Fructus explains in her video, it is possible to use your eggs to heal your face. Thanks to your eggs, you can simply treat your impurities by cooking them as if to make a hard-boiled egg.

After that, peel it and apply it to your face. It will thus suck all your impurities from the skin.

Hair Mask

Nowadays, several beauty products contain eggs in them. So, you can prepare these products by using eggs that are not so fresh.

Simply, you can prepare a hair mask using these expired eggs. And, you also have an option to use only egg yolk. Then, add some olive oil to it and stir it. After that, apply this mask to your hair fully.

Use It for Decoration

If you really don’t want to take any chance and absolutely don’t want to throw your eggs away, there is still a solution.

Use your expired eggs to occupy the little ones or to decorate them by painting. With a little paint and imagination, there are ways to make really pretty little pieces that you will use to decorate once or at least to occupy an afternoon.

But, be careful with the eggs that break because if they are rotten, good luck with the smell and the cleaning!

Recycle The Shell

Shells are a real sink in the recycling methods. But, most of us do not suspect their usefulness. Here are some ways to reuse the shells of your expired eggs and even your edible eggs.

Make A Mosaic

Eggshell is a great material for mosaics as it splits into a variety of interesting shapes. You can paint your eggshell in different colors and use it for various crafts.

And, decorating crafts including photo frames on which you can glue your small pieces of shells until you completely filled the available space. What once again to occupy the little ones for a good afternoon!

Compost Them or Use Them in Gardening

You can also put eggshells in the compost. Therefore, it is not necessary to throw expired eggshells in the trash or even those of edible eggs for that matter!

They can also be crushed and used as a slug and snail repellant in organic gardens. Unlike the disgusting, artificial chemical slug pellets, the broken shell will add nutrients to your soil while keeping pests at bay.

Feeding The Hens with Crushed Shell

For all garden chicken coop owners, this tip is for you! Your hens will eat cracked eggshells, which is an excellent source of calcium for them.

Just cook your eggshells, crush them and start feeding your poultry with them. However, be careful about this method because some side effects could unfortunately happen to you. We will write an article on this subject in the days which follow, so stay tuned!

How Do You Know If Your Egg Is Expired or Not?

We agree that it is difficult to tell through the shell if an egg is expired or not. In any case, it is difficult to feel it and see it, so whatever happens. Here, we have various tips and tricks to see if an egg is expired or not.

The Trick of The Saucepan Filled with Cold Water.

Well known, this technique will require a large container filled with cold water (and not hot or lukewarm). Now, dip your egg in it. It will sink straight to the bottom if it is edible.

But, if it rises to the surface, then it is not edible. Concretely, the more the egg floats, the less fresh it is.

Listen To Your Egg

Listen to your egg, it can help you! Indeed, it may seem silly but you can retrieve information by listening to your egg because the latter accumulates air (in particular CO2) over time in the famous pocket of air inside the shell.

In addition, it will lose its moisture which will cause the yolk to dry out, facilitating the enlargement of the air pocket.

So by sticking the egg to your ear while gently shaking it, you will be able to see whether an egg spoils or not.

If you hear a movement inside your egg, it means that it is not edible. Be careful with this test, the sound is might very subtle, so good hearing is required here.

Trust The Smell of The Egg

Everyone knows that expired egg smells extremely bad. So as a last resort, smelling the egg is an unstoppable way to see if your egg is expired or not.

The smell is such that you cannot miss it. So, if you have any doubt whether your eggs are edible or not, break them one by one into a bowl.

In this way, you can smell them and have a final idea of ​​whether they are out of date or not.

Check The Appearance of The Egg

By breaking the egg into a bowl, you can also see how it looks. The latter can give you some information about the state of the egg.

If when you puncture the yolk, and it is all flat or not bulging at all, this is not a very good sign. And, if on top of that your egg white is very clear and very runny, then that is yet another negative sign.

Finally, it must have a well-rounded yolk with a cloudy white that surrounds it for your egg to be edible.

Is It Possible To Cook Expired Eggs?

Indeed, when the eggs are slightly past the expiration date, you can still use them in cooking. But, make sure you use them in those recipes that require high temperatures.

For instance, you can use such types of eggs in your baking items like pastries, cakes, cookies, and many others. As, all the baking goods require high temperature for a long time, so these eggs go great in them.

So, in this way, you can smartly use slightly expired eggs in your food recipes.

What Are the Risks of Consuming an Expired Egg?

Here’s, an answer to your question, Can you eat expired eggs? As you can imagine, it is not a good thing to eat expired eggs because they contain disturbing bacteria like salmonellosis.

By consuming expired eggs, you run the risk of a significant food-borne bacterial infection, which can become very serious for immunocompromised people.

For such people, take no chance and only use fresh eggs. That’s all, now you know everything about recycling your expired eggs as much as possible!

To recap, your eggs can be used in many ways and don’t have to be thrown away. Face masks, shell recycling or even some of them can be baked, it would be a shame to throw them away.

Despite all these methods, it is important to remain vigilant in order to avoid any inconvenience related to expiration.

How To Preserve Eggs For A Long Time

Now, you don’t have to deal with expired eggs in the first place, here we will tell you how to store your eggs correctly. Eggs have to be in the refrigerator to prevent them from draining is just a myth.

You can keep the eggs unrefrigerated for the first 18 to 20 days. During this period, the eggs can protect themselves against germs and pathogens using natural antibodies.

However, the storage location should be dark and of course, safe. An egg like that breaks quickly. I feel like one falls off the counter every weekend. The egg carton is perfect as a storage location.

The temperature should also be constant. Excessive fluctuations reduce the natural protection against pathogens and reduce the shelf life. The eggs would then drain faster.

By the end of the second or third week, you should store eggs as cold as possible. If you put them in your fridge, you can extend the shelf life by two to four weeks beyond the best before date.

In the refrigerator, you should make sure that the eggs do not come into contact with foreign smells or tastes. They absorb it very easily through the pores of the shell. I always store my eggs in a box in the refrigerator.

There are egg compartments in the door, but most of the time, the egg carton doesn’t fit in there. In addition, the eggs are always exposed to a temperature difference when you open the refrigerator door.

During the hot season, you should put eggs in the refrigerator right after shopping so that they don’t runoff.

Final Words About What To Do With Expired Eggs

As, I cover all the questions related to expired eggs like can you eat expired eggs? And, what you can do different with expired eggs? So now, don’t waste outdated eggs and use them differently, as I discuss above. Besides the above-given ideas, you can also use them according to your creativity and current needs.

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