What Type of Vegetable Is Celery ?

what type of vegetable is celery

Celery stalk is already very famous across the world due to its advantages for our health. That’s might be the reason that why there are three different plants are cultivated of celery. Yes, you read it correctly. Let me tell you all these three types of celery plants.

One is the celery root, the second is the celery stalk, and the third one is the celery seeds. Then there is a question that might be arising that actually what type of vegetable is celery.

Actually, celery is classified as a vegetable due to a lot of reasons. For example, firstly its stems and roots are edible. Even its leaves are also edible. Secondly, it is classified as a vegetable due to its crispy and crunchy texture. Moreover, its stems which are also known as stalk together and a single one called a rib is also of crunchy taste.

However, this vegetable belongs to the family of Apiaceae family. Parsley and carrot are also belonging to the same family. And like carrot and parsley you can eat it raw as well as after cooking. Even you can eat celery leaves raw and also after cooking.

Moreover, you can make celery juice after pressing it. Which is also refreshing for our body. However, the nutritional facts of celery contain a lot of water, dietary fibers with vitamins.

You can also grow this vegetable in your home or in your garden. But at first, you have to do some research and practice about it.

Because correct seeds and also correct type which you want for your dishes matters. And all of the above you have to provide the right weather conditions for the growth of celery.

Celery is one of those vegetables that are on the list of most ancient veggies. And from this, you can count the importance of eating celery in your daily life.