Why Do Baby Birds Die in The Nest ? | 7 Reasons to Their Death In Nest

why do baby birds die in the nest

Baby birds are the most fragile, cute, as well as hard to deal with them. However, it doesn’t mean that we cannot take care of them but, of course, not correctly without any proper knowledge.

And being fragile death of baby birds is common even inside the nest. So in this article, I’m going to discuss why baby birds die in the nest? If you are interested in knowing all the reasons for their death inside the nest with many other exciting things, this article is for you.

There are several reasons for baby birds to die in the nest. As a baby bird can die due to disease, attack of predators, hydration, starvation, loss of parents, sibling rivalry, abandonment, overheating, and as well as from cold also.

Why Do Baby Birds Die in the Nest?

Following is the list of reasons that can cause death for baby birds:

Attack of Predators:

Baby birds being fragile, can’t cope from predators. And this thing attracts more predators around baby birds.

Therefore, the death of baby birds inside the nest because of predators is a common thing. That’s why baby birds need protection and safety more than adult birds.


There is the possibility that from all baby birds, one or two carry disease with their birth. However, baby birds can have many viral, bacterial, fungal, and protozoan diseases. In this case, there are two possibilities related to the death of baby birds.

Firstly, due to disease, baby birds could die in the nest. Secondly, parent birds might kill or throw such baby birds out of their nest to save other nestlings. It’s a harsh reality, but that is how nature works.



Not getting enough water causes the death of baby birds in the nest. As baby birds get their required amount of water from insects etc. (the food providing them by their parents).

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So, if they are not getting enough water from their food, it will lead to their death.


Starvation is also one of the reasons baby birds die inside the nest. However, there are many reasons behind their starvation.

Firstly, it is possible that there are several nestlings to feed. So, it becomes a hard task for parents to feed all the nestlings equally and properly.

Secondly, starvation may happen if parent birds do not get enough food due to weather conditions. As in scorching and cold weather, getting enough food for baby birds is a challenge for parents.

Loss of Parents:

Loss of Parents
Loss of Parents

As loss of parents can cause the death of baby birds, as no one will be there for them. However, in many cases, if one of the parents dies, then the other parent might abandon or throw the nestlings searching for a new mate.

Moreover, according to a study, in many cases, if one of the parent birds dies, then the other can not feed all the nestlings equally.

For example, according to a survey, in the case of pigeons, if one of the parents dies, then the other parent just feeds the male baby bird. It’s harsh, but it is how nature works.

Siblings Rivalry:

It’s strange, but baby birds also bully weaker baby birds until they die of it in the nest. However, the reason for this is that the healthy baby bird tries to get all the food from parent birds as well as their attention and love. So, during this, they bully the weaker baby bird and causes its death.


However, it’s cruel to abandon their babies, but parent birds do this in some cases. Not only this but they can kill the baby bird with any disease or weaker baby bird.

Do Mother Birds Push Babies out of Nests?

Yes, it’s cruel to say, but mother birds can push babies out of their nests. However, there are several reasons behind it, as baby birds carry any disease then it’s a scarifies to save other baby birds.

Secondly, in case to teach them flight, some mother birds push mature baby birds out of nests, so that they can learn how to take flight. But in this activity also causes death to some baby birds.

What Baby Birds Do If a Baby Bird Dies in The Nest?

It’s challenging for a mother bird to cope with such a situation in which a baby bird dies in the nest. However, there are two ways to handle this situation.

Firstly, mother birds can push them out of their nest to make a living for others. Secondly, in many cases, mother birds try to bury it inside the nest with the droppings of other nestlings.

Do Mother Birds Abandon Their Babies If Human Touch Them?

However, this is a myth that mother birds can abandon their nestlings if humans touch them. And this is that myth about birds that debated for a long time. But it is just a myth because mother birds don’t abandon their nestlings if humans touch them.

However, this myth came into existence with the idea that the odor of human hands might irritate mother birds. But this is not the case, and this idea is debunked when humans rescue baby birds and put them into their nests again.

Do Baby Birds Die Easily?

Sadly, but the answer to this question is yes. Yes, baby birds can die quickly, as they are fragile, just as a human baby. However, after their birth, they are totally dependent on their parents. Even, many baby birds have just bared fragile skin after their birth.

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And it takes time to become healthy and mature. That’s why a slight negligence of parents or any other human activity, as well as any other weather condition, cause their death.

Wrap Up:

Why do baby birds die in the nest? There can be numerous reasons behind this. As baby birds are fragile and attract more predators around them.

Thus, attack of predators is a common cause of nestlings’ death. Secondly, nestlings can die because of dehydration, starvation due to the bullying of siblings.

However, weather conditions have a significant impact on the lives of baby birds. As they are unable to cope with scorching weather, as well as with frigid weather.

And also, sometimes, if the baby bird has any disease, then the bird’s parents can kill him to save the others.

In this case, the bird’s parent can push it out of the nest. Or the bird parents try to bury it in the nest with the droppings of other nestlings.