Why Do Pigeons Attack Humans ? Different Situations in Which Pigeons Can Attack Humans

pigeon attacks

Pigeons are very calm, gentle, and humble creatures. And also, many of us have them as pets. However, this doesn’t mean that they are not wild or can’t attack a human. Not only this, but in their aggressive mood, they can attack animals. So let’s have a look that why do pigeons attack humans?

Pigeons belong to the family of Columbidae, and this family contains birds with short necks and also feed on seeds, fruits, and plants.

However, pigeons are very calm naturally and also used to behave gently. Moreover, pigeons are loving to most people around the world. Therefore, pigeons enjoy feeding from humans, and also, humans believe that feeding birds bring luck to them.

But in this article, I’m going to explain a rare fact about pigeons attacking. Yes, like you, I also never see a case of pigeons attacking humans. So let’s see that why pigeons attack humans?

Pigeons attacking humans may cause due to many reasons. If they sense your approach towards their territory, they will attack you as they are sensitive towards their territory.

However, hungry pigeons may attack you to snatch food from you. Moreover, pigeons attack you if previously someone misbehaved with them.

Why Do Pigeons Attack Humans?

pigeons attacking
pigeons attacking

By nature, pigeons are not aggressive and also pigeon’s attacks are not common. Despite it, pigeon attacks are rare as pigeons naturally are not predators.

Moreover, if pigeon attacks on you, their attacks are not vicious, as just they peck you, are slapped with their wings. Following are the reasons for which pigeons might attack you.

If You Try To Approach Their Young Ones/ Territory/Nests,

However, it is expected behaviour of any bird or animal, that if someone tries to approach their young ones, they for sure try to stop you. So if pigeons sense your approach near their young ones, they will attack you.

And it is enough reason for pigeons to attack someone. However, their attacks are not severe, but they might give you some scratches during their attack.

Another possible reason for pigeons attacking is that pigeons are territory sensitive. So it means that they are protective towards their nests, cages, and bird feeders.

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That’s why if pigeons sense approaching of someone’s towards their territory, they will attack.

To Snatch Food From You:

If pigeons are hungry and not getting enough food from you, they will attack you to snatch food.

As, many people around the world feed pigeons and consider that this act brings them good luck. So if you feed a number of pigeons, then there is a possibility that they might attack you to get food in case of hunger.

Past Abuse Or Mistreatment:

Pigeons are used to remember people by their faces and that they did right or wrong with them. So mistreatment with pigeons makes them afraid from humans.

As well as make them aggressive towards humans, and because of this, pigeons may attack you in fear and aggression.

Adolescence Period:

Like any other living thing, the adolescence period of pigeons brings several hormonal changes in pigeons.

And a number of cases seen in which pigeons become more aggressive in this period and start attacking humans. But it is also true that after their adolescence period they become a gentle baby again.

Again I want to emphasize the fact that pigeons are not used to attack ferociously.

Do Pigeons Carry Diseases?

Pigeons are very shy, gentle, and humble birds. And with this, they are favourite to many and many people around the world like to have them as a pet.

But there is a piece of the sad news that pigeons and their droppings can carry different diseases for us. And few of them may be fatal for humans.

So there is a question that either we have to keep them with us as pets or not. Then according to me, it is not bad to have them as it depends on how you keep them. As clean surroundings and healthy food can give you wonderful results.

Can A Pigeon Bite Your Finger Off?

As pigeons can attack humans in different situations, their attacks are not that wild, and their attacks are not common. So if you feed them and they attack you, even then, they can’t bite off or break your finger. However, certain reasons behind it.

Firstly, during the attack, pigeons may peck you, slap you with wings, or scratch you with their claws.

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Secondly, pigeons are not on the list of those animals with sharp, curved beaks like birds of prey. So that’s why pigeons will never bite or break your finger.


Why do pigeons attack humans? At first, being a humble, calm, and gentle creature, sometimes pigeons become wild and attack you.

However, it has specific reasons, such as if someone try to approach their babies, their nests, or their other territory.

Secondly, they will attack during their adolescence period as hormonal change can bring mood change. But they will calm again after this period. Thirdly, they might attack humans if they previously mistreat by someone.

However, there might be many reasons for their attack, but pigeons rarely attack someone. And moreover, they do not attack ferociously. As they might peck you or give you a slap with their wings.