Why Do Birds Poop on Cars? | Are They Do This on Purpose?

Why Do Birds Poop On Cars

Birds are cute and loving creatures, also with this, humans love birds, their chirping, and love to keep them as pets. Not only this but in city areas even they are very populated, but birds still live with us.

However, as birds live with humans since ages ago, there is a problem, but still, they behave as wild. And thus not care to do their business, even not on cars as well as not on people.

Birds poop on cars or on people is a great mess, especially when you don’t have time to wash your car or when you are with other people. So let’s have a look that why do birds poop on cars?

In reality, birds don’t have any attention to poop on cars or people specifically. However, they roost where they feel convenient.

But if your car is near to them then its high chance that your car will be the target. And it can happen everywhere, even living in any area, birds behave wildly.

However, as we can see, our pet birds are not acting like that when we teach them where they have to do their business.

Why Do Birds Poop On Cars?

There are several reasons that why your car many bird’s droppings than others. However, some of the reasons are listed below:

Wrong Parking Place:

Don’t worry, wrong parking doesn’t mean that you break any parking rule, but this means that you might park your car under a tree, under telephone or electricity wires, etc. If yes, then your’s is on the way to get more birds dropping on it.

Red Color Of Car:

According to a study, that the red color of the car gets more droppings of birds. Not only this but also some people witness such incidents in which red cars get more birds poop than others. But however, it is not always the case, but it will be true in some situations.

To Stop Predators:

As different type of birds has different poop and different smell of poop. So it is possible that some predators follow that smell to reach the bird’s nest and nestlings.

Therefore, it may be a reason that birds don’t poop on the ground and prefer any other near object.

Why Do Birds Poop On Black Cars?

Usually, birds do not target any type of colors to poop on, but some observations and studies show that dark colors of cars get more droppings on them as red, black, blue, etc. However, a study shows that the green color of cars gets the least number of bird’s droppings.

There are some ideas that why birds prefer dark colors to roost on. Firstly, it is a common idea that birds commonly pooped on well-polished cars, as such cars have good reflections and birds can see their reflections in it.

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Secondly, the dark colors have the same reason as the well-polished cars. As dark colors also have good reflection ability.

However, not only black or red but blue cars also suffer a lot in this case. A common observation about this is that blue cars remind them of water, as birds prefer to poop in water not to be followed by predators. However, one thing I want to clear that all these ideas are just scientific proof less, and base on suspicion.

Moreover, birds poop is more noticeable on black cars as well as on dark car colors. As the combination of birds poop and dark colors is more prominent. But there is no scientific evidence that birds specifically target black colors to poop on.

Can Birds Poop Ruin Your Car Paint?

However, birds poop cannot ruin your car paint if you clean it as fast as possible. But if you get late to remove it from your car, then there is a possibility that the bird’s poop leaves a stain on your vehicle.

However, the uric acid in bird poop cannot destroy your car paint easily, but it can leave a mark on the paint if it’s getting dry.

However, never let the birds poop on cars for a long time because uric acid in bird’s poop will be corrosive for paint and can easily damage the car’s paint.

How Do You Keep Birds Away from Pooping on Your Car?

However, to keep birds away from your car is to use some safety precautions. As don’t park your vehicle near trees, especially where birds have their habitat. Also, don.t park your car under electricity and telephone wires. And also, don’t park your car near the edge of any building.

Moreover, use full body cover for your car as it will keep your car safe from bird’s droppings and heat, etc.

How To Clean Birds Poop from Your Car?

If your car gets any birds droppings, then at first try to remove it as soon as possible as it is safe for car paint. And for this, you can use wet tissue, but what if bird’s droppings get dry on cars?

Then at first, don’t try to rub it or don’t use the wiper switch directly. This is because birds poop may contain small stones that will damage your car’s paint.

In this case, try to wipe it off with the pressure of water. After that, you can use a wiper switch.

Do Birds Poop on You on Purpose:

However, there is not any scientific reason behind this to prove that birds specifically target any human. But they just used to behave wildly. But there are some reasons behind this that are why you often get birds dropping.

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Firstly, maybe you live in such area where bird’s habitat is frequent. However, some people believe that birds poop on you bring good luck for you. It means that if you get birds dropping, then it means that you are going to get some exciting news.

Wrap Up:

However, there are many theories, ideas, and observations to explain that why do birds poop on your car? However, rather than that which color your car has, it will get more droppings if your car is near to birds.

But if your car has bird droppings, then try to clean it as soon as possible. Because uric acid in bird’s poop will leave a mark on your car as well as damage your car’s paint. To avoid this, you can use a full-body cover for your car. And also, avoid parking your car under the tree and wires.